How To Find Print Books

this video is about how to find print
books in the Steelman Library catalog to search write print books go to In the center of the home page there’s a search box that allows
you to search our catalog. You can use a search box to locate books DVDs and some
articles. This search box does not contain all of the journals available in
our databases. However you can click here to search for articles. I’d like to point
out that you can also access databases here under SEU Resources for Students.
Here you will find helpful to the such as information on citation management
styles like APA, MLA and Turabian. You will also find free citation management
software such as Zotero that will collect organize site and share research
for you. For this search we are going to use a search phrase “adult and learn”. You
can also use the advanced search option to search by author, ISBN or keywords. You will see in the search results that it has found over 30,000 sources. You will
need to use the filters on the left to refine your search. Under format select
book. You will now have 371 results in the Steelman Library catalog. This search
includes ebooks and dissertations as well. You have the option of unclicking
options to limit your search to print books only. After selecting print books
only you will see that now we have print titles and some ebooks that are
available in print as well. I am going to limit my search to within the last 10
years. Viewing the results list you will see
the title authors, additions, formats, location and call number. You will also
see if the book is available for checkout. Click on the title. On the left
you will see information about the book including the location. if it is
available in eBook format you will have the option to click “View ebook” to view the
title electronically. On the right you will see the option to cite the book,
retrieve a link for the book, email the book, or save the title. To cite the book,
click on the cite button, click the arrow to select your citation style. Remember
to proofread your citation before attaching to your reference page. Select
link to copy the URL address of the book. if you would like to email this title
click on the email tab. Don’t worry about saving the articles here. You can link or
email the item to yourself for a later date. For more information visit us at Thank you

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