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12 thoughts on “How to enter Books into Mendeley | Design eLearning Tutorials

  1. So Mendeley can't automatically fill in the data for a book you? Free tools on the web can! That is disappointing. I have done it for journals on Mendeley easily, strange books don't work.

  2. How do you give citation for a specific page. For example i already put the book in mendeley. Wrote down all the info about that book. Opened Word. Gave a citation, picked the book from mendeley to call. Inserted it. But can't specify the page of the book ? How do i solve this problem ?
    If i can't give seperate one off page numbers, how will reader will be able to find the citation that i gave unless they read all the book ?

  3. Don't misunderstand I'm a f an of the program, I love the concept, but it'd like getting into a Ferrari and then realizing there is no air conditioning.

  4. How can this POSSIBLY be called easy? Looks like more work than simply citing the reference!! When I can type an ISBN into amazon and get this info why cant the program do this automatically????

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