How to Edit a Novel in Scrivener

15 thoughts on “How to Edit a Novel in Scrivener

  1. For tips on how to outline your novel in Scrivener, check out this video:

  2. 🙁 My Scrivener is missing Revision mode and Linguistic focus. I was super excited about both features even though I just bought pro writing aid. Is it because I'm not using a Mac? I'm on a trial of Scrivener supposedly all features are enabled. Grrr Version: – 03 Oct 2018

  3. Hi Michael,

    Got a few Scrivener based questions for you.

    I notice you use 1 Scrivener file for multiple stories. At this time, I had individual scrivener files for each story. Would love to hear why you use 1 file rather than split them up. I can see some practicality to keeping all stories set within the same universe in 1 file, but I could also see that file getting too large to manage with more than a few full novels.

    I also noticed that, at least for this book, you simply have 1 folder for the book and then 1 file for each chapter. What if you have multiple scenes in a chapter, how do you break that up? I tend to write based on scenes and then organize them into chapters later, but it can get a bit messy in terms of folders and files within Scrivener.

  4. Many thanks for your efforts with the Scrivener videos.
    May I ask you the following question: Is it possible to retain the old wording when editing, e.g. the word "must" is crossed out but still visible after it was replaced with the word "might" in a revision?
    Thank you.

  5. Hey Michael,
    You mentioned creating and leaving comments in the Inspector for your editor to read. I thought that was a good idea, but had begun doing it as footnotes. In my first novel, I wasted a lot of time with my editor going back and forth over vague or unclear points. This time around, I'd like to be able to communicate why I made certain choices from the beginning so my editor better understands my mindset. Is this better served in comments versus footnotes?

  6. I don't even use Scrivener to outline nor edit (I have a similar software) but I do use these same methods manually. I just end up using lots of paper sheets lmao. Yeah, it takes more time but I somehow feel closer to my writing. Thanks for the tips 😉

  7. That was incredibly helpful, as ever, thanks Michael. Like many, I’m so happy you’re making videos again! I have a quick question regarding your chapter summary notes – what’s a 'Reader Cookie'? It sounds interesting 😀

  8. I would love to see formatting tips on footnotes or ways to link glossary definitions to words. Anything to make my paltry epub skills better and get that smooth professional look easier.

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