How to Dry Wet Books : How to Dry Partially Wet Books

Once your book has dried a little bit, it
will have gone from saturated to partially wet and partially wet is defined by still
having wet pages but at least the pages can be somewhat separated, you might not be able
to separate every single page yet, but you don’t have the large clump of pages in the
center. For this, instead of having it up on its end we are going to have it down flat
for drying and how this is going to differ from the saturated book is we are going to
start putting some absorbent material in between the pages of the book. You want to have the
pages, approximately every twenty pages or so, so you want to have some paper towel or
other absorbent material. If you have access to a book conservator then they would also
have materials that you could use instead of paper towels but certainly paper towels
are going to work just fine, particularly if you only have a few books that you are
drying. So you want to be careful while you are putting your paper towel between the pages,
you want to make sure that your are not tearing any of the pages, or separating the pages
that don’t want to be separated. So once you have every twenty or so pages with paper towels
in between them then you are just going to let it sit on its side and dry for awhile.
You do have to worry about distortions from it sitting like this, so once again you want
to keep an eye on it and check up on a regular basis.

14 thoughts on “How to Dry Wet Books : How to Dry Partially Wet Books

  1. She is thinking "I can tear off a paper towel with one hand while talking….see….oh screw it, I'll put the book down."

  2. Hi – I have a question. I had a CD that I kept in storage and it somehow got wet and then dried and now the inner book that has song lyrics has pages dried/fused together. Now the small book is hard, stiff, and if I try to peel the pages apart, stuff tears. Any help??

  3. I don't know how this happened, but my Monster Musume Manga Books got partially wet while sitting in my Window sill cabinet.

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