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hello everyone my name is Megan and today I'm going to be teaching you guys how to install and download custom content into the Sims 4 now I know a lot of people already know how to do this so if you do awesome I am actually making this video because it is going to go in tandem with my 100 baby challenge sins videos I'm not sure out a word that I'm going to start using custom content I wanted to make sure that everybody had the chance to either download my sims play them or just if you see something that you like be able to download it yourself so in the description I have included a zip file of everything that I'm going to be showing you guys in the video near the end of the video that I will be using in the future so if you want to download that go ahead follow along but I'm going to start from the very basics I just wanted to pull this in up to show you guys you know a custom created sim ok so the first thing that you guys are going to want to do is go to well this is where I go anyway I go to the Sims resource calm now you must beware if you are young or if you don't have a lot of experience with downloading things off of websites pay very close attention because there are a lot of ads on this page this is how they pay the bills I don't know you have to be very careful what you click on or else you might get something a little bit spammy so something that I want that I didn't get whenever I was setting up this entire file for you guys was a hat I really wanted to add a hat to my sim but I thought I would wait to show you guys how to do it so first you're going to go to the Sims resource calm that's where I'm going there's plenty of other sites out there but this is just the one I prefer so downloads Sims 4 and you can click show all and as you can see they have a bunch of other options of things that you can pick from and I'm really picky about the content that I add into my game that is why I have done my research and I went into the game and I've checked everything before I decided to just I don't know give this file to you guys I've checked everything made sure that it looked good as something didn't fit a sim right I deleted it it's not there see like this giant ad just popped up so what you can do if you don't want to see the ads is you can either become a VIP member for 3 dollars and 50 cents a month or you can install an ad blocker which I don't recommend doing because overall it doesn't support anybody and it just saves you a little bit of time if you have your ads on at least they're getting some sort of revenue from you using website okay so here's a pretty fun looking at Mario hats and then you can click and see previously that's a little Messier I don't like that but I think I'm just gonna use this for purposes of showing you guys how to get it into the game so as I mentioned before there's a ton of adds a lot so what you're going to want to look for is this download button so once you find this little download button it'll look just like this it'll be located in the same spot every single page that you go to right down here be very careful and then I also pulled up another thing that I wanted to download the swimsuit as you can see the download button is in the same spot so you're going to click download and then we're going to download this I usually do one at a time just because things can get a little bit confusing and there are you know certain restrictions that the website has set up sometimes it will only give me one of them I don't know I guess we'll see which one we get but it'll make you wait ten seconds just so that they can display a bunch of ads and then it'll download see this one didn't download because it was going to download this one this is why I do it one at a time just to be warned so once you see it's all downloaded and stuff at the bottom Mario Cap unisex you are going to come to your downloads page and/or your downloads folder in your Documents sorry I'm not very good at tutorials I just wanted to explain this to you guys um and you're going to see Mario Cap unisex alright then you're going to open up another folder for your documents so now we have downloads and documents both open what you're going to do is you're going to click Electronic Arts The Sims 4 and then mods now your folder is going to be completely empty it might have this resource file I'm not really sure what this is honestly um yours is going to be completely empty so what you're going to do is you're going to click and drag your file that you just downloaded over into this mods file Mario Cap unisex all right so we're done with the downloads and we're done with this okay so now we're going to go ahead and open up the game and if you installed it correctly you should get a message letting you know that there are mods installed so after you move your file into your folder you're going to open up the Sims and you'll see a list of mods just everything you have installed this is currently everything that I have installed just in case you guys were interested and what you're gonna do is you're going to click you know add family because all of your stuff that you created should be in the sims file so you'll say oh no so hats and then we are going to scroll down or easier filter items content custom content and we're going to see the mario hat oh it actually looks a lot better than it did in the picture that's interesting um and as you can see we can change colors I'll see that one's not very clean the first one is very clean the rest aren't so I'll probably uninstall this because I don't really like it and when my mods don't look you know top condition but everything that's going to have a mod is going to have a little wrench up here at the top which means that it's not part of the game and that it's been installed so I'm going to leave the Sims we're going to take a little detour and I'm going to show you how to get all of the matzoh I am currently using into your game there is my desktop hello so I've left a link in the description for all the months that I have it's in a folder called Meghan plays custom content for these sims 4 you're gonna click download and the mediafire link it's right down below I'll have it labeled it should be real easy to find what you're going to find it is you're going to get this little WinRAR zip file now if you don't have WinRAR already it's free it says that it's a trial period but honestly I feel like they aren't going to kick me off of it so I keep on using this if you're on PC you're going to either want win our x86 or x64 if you're on Mac you're going to want the one for the Mac OS and then the AB Linux and Android and all that stuff but I use the one for pcs obviously that's what I'm doing this tutorial on so whenever you download winrar it's totally safe everybody uses it it's free it is how you're going to ends if all the files that you have in the future and this is what you'll see you can either do it this way or you can do it straight from your Documents it doesn't matter go to downloads and you'll see that we have my meghan plays custom content for the sims 4 you can double click on it it automatically open up when RAR this is the thing telling me to buy it i'm not going to buy it sorry and then you'll see all of the folders that i have so what you're going to do is you're going to you can either select all of these and pull them out onto your desktop or you can right click this winrar file and click extract here and it'll automatically extract all of the files so what you're going to do with these is just like the other thing you're going to cut them and then you are going to go to your documents Electronic Arts The Sims 4 mods and then you are going to click paste and I'm gonna click replace in this destination for the sake of the tutorial because you guys have everything I have I don't want this mod so this side uninstall mod you just delete it and then you won't have it anymore if you guys are interested in some of the mods and you hate some of the other ones that's fine you can uninstall some of them as you can see I have them all labeled by description black lace dress and it's by April all the names in the brackets are going to be the people on the sims resource that made the content itself because I didn't make any of this it's just all what I'm using now if you install them correctly you should have a long list like me if you use all of them if you don't that's fine I'm going to click create a sim and I will be showing you guys all the content that you guys will be getting in the file that I uploaded to mediafire okay so here's our completely blank sim I'm just going to show you guys some of the bonds now that I have installed or the custom content whatever you guys want to call it I have already went through and switched everything to show custom with content only so I'm just going to give you guys a really quick tour now this first one is a skin tone umm I have I think two installed one of them is a lighter one of them is a darker okay so I have three skin comes in total they kind of do different things so I'm gonna explain that really quick um the first one is a lighter skin tone it just adds you know kind of like a shine some pores just makes it a little bit more realistic the one with this one like if you want to use this skin tone you can't have it like set to an alien for example or also the lips and the eyelids will turn blue unless you're into that that's fine so I usually just pick a lighter skin tone to go with this one if I want to use that and then um if you want to use the darker skin tone this one the lips and the eyelids they actually cover up so you don't have to really worry about changing this they both behave a little weird um oh and see this one has both of them selected so you can't even tell so this one is completely opaque um it doesn't let any detail get through I know on this one I think that it does let some of the undertones come through you can kind of see how it slightly changing each option oh and then I included this little heart mole because I thought it was cute and I don't know that's just a fun one so let's just go ahead and move on so for the hair I have a bunch of fun hairstyles um I really like this one it was like a bunch of buns you can change all the colors I don't know I thought it was really cute and then this one I have a bunch of rainbow ombre hairstyles for some reason I just thought that they were really cute they came in sets of three so I just downloaded them all because why not um this is one of them it's just kind of like the added pink highlights to this basic hairstyle what I like to do is I like to look for retexture I don't like to buy or I don't like to download a lot of things like this that are completely redone because in my experience um I don't know like they just see how they hover off of the chest and off of the back that doesn't look natural to me but not all of them do as bad but some of them I don't know I just like to stay away from those and I like to stay towards read textures so then I have this one with the front bangs and it's just you know basic not with the recolors um as you can see they are actually still just with the same hair color but they have added in an extra option for the hair color which is how you get to it so if you start your SEM looking like this and you want her to have the rainbow here you just click the one with the wrench or you can click the custom content filter so here's another one of the here's that I picked out that I was just explaining and telling you guys about I think it's a really cute hairstyle it's honestly really in right now in the real world like a lot of people are doing this with their hair so I thought I would include it um this one is just a simple retexture recolor of the normal hairstyle as you can see there's a lot more definition colors highlights stuff like that and then this one is a very plain hairstyle too it's just something basic I want to add and then we have the pastel lilac overlay of whatever so with the skin that I have installed right now she actually has a belly ring which i think is kind of weird but I can't really do anything about it um so another thing that I added were these sunglasses which I thought were really cool looking I don't know they're um by this one person named star-lord a lot of my custom content came from him I think he is really good at making it and then we're going to go to makeup the fun stuff I tried them all on the sim to make sure they all fit before I was showing you guys this video just to make sure you know the lines were all matched up and stuff like that so they didn't have I shadow like hanging off of their eyes if that makes sense so stuff like that and in this one the lips are just slightly off but I'm just willing to deal with it because I think that the colors that were added were really pretty oh and then I for fun I added these Harlequin eyes because I don't know I just looked fun so then I also have these Jade eyes and they just kind of change the eye color okay so now we're going to move on to clothing as you can see our sim doesn't have any sort of theme or anything going on she's kind of just doing whatever that is what okay there we go um so here are some more of the tops that I got I really like this top it was a crop top and then this one too and then I got this too I don't know how else to explain it um you know I just wanted to show you guys what you were getting in the package and for bottoms um we got these and these match with this so it's like a matching set and you can wear one or the other or you can even mix and match it which I found fun by doing something like that which is what you guys saw on the last sim in the introduction of this video so we're pants I got these jeans as well just different colors cool and then what I thought was really cool was the star-lord guy he made an accessory coat so I can add this coat over any of my sims whenever I want and um it goes with a bunch of outfits so we'll look at these dresses in a second I just want to show you guys the layering it's awesome okay so back to the dresses these are the dresses that I have downloaded right now this one barely passes my standards it looks a little cheap and you can see the lines I don't know I barely like this dress but it looks okay in the black too so then I have this one and then this one they're just all really formal really pretty pretty simple this one has this really pretty gold leaf texture on it so those are the dresses that I got to put her back in this outfit and then you guys saw the coat oh and the cup comes in different colors too so this is I think this mods can be really useful all right so now we're going to go onto shoes I only downloaded four shoes but they're all amazing so I got these um kind of French heels and you can change the colors of them I don't know how to zoom in on the shoes I'm sorry umm and then I got these wedges and then these plain sandals which I think are gonna be very useful because they come in so many different colors and then these booties which I like a lot too so I mean I like everything because I downloaded it that's just how it works so the sim is totally random she doesn't have anything going for her right now sorry about that I just wanted to explain to you guys like the mods and how it worked I hope I did an okay job explaining it because I just want you guys to be able to download something if you like it or if you see it and you want it I don't know I just want you to have I want to be able to play along if you wanted to so if you guys have any questions let me know and I'll do my best to answer them I am NOT professional tutorial maker I just wanted to make this for my viewers so if you're not my viewer and you came and you're like what is happening um sorry I just wanted to make this to kind of help people see how to do it so that's all that I have for you guys right now but I really hope to see you guys in my next video bye the

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