How To Do Keyword Research For SEO & Content Marketing. Learn How To Create Your Master Keyword List

50 thoughts on “How To Do Keyword Research For SEO & Content Marketing. Learn How To Create Your Master Keyword List

  1. If you want an 'over the shoulder' video on my laptop where we dig into the actual keyword research data finding the high search volume and low competition phrases, watch this video next:

  2. How many words for each post do you think you should have? And should all individual posts link to an ultimate guide?

  3. If I am starting out with an affiliate sales focus, do I do it all under the same website to help build ranking? Like my own "Consumer Reports"? I am still learning, and want to build content but do not know if totally unrelated niches under same web page is counter-productive. Multiple websites by niche / sub-niche or everything under a "mother ship"? Thank you!

  4. Man, is it legal to show so much information in a free video? You are great! Thank you very much

  5. What a great video and SO helpful!! I’ve been doing keyword research with the tools I’ve always used with affiliate marketing and was wondering if there was a difference on how you choose for YouTube. This was great to see the actual process so I can be confident with what I’m doing, AND stay organized!! Thanks Miles!

  6. I had NO IDEA how much goes into this! I can't wait to see how this quality research impacts my business. Thank you!

  7. Thank you Miles! As a photographer, would I use basic words like Portrait, Photo, Photography or try to think of specific words people searching would use? I'm thinking from my perspective and I need to think from their search perspective. Would I also use words like Outdoor, Studio, Fine Art, Family, etc? I know that I'm thinking in tunnel vision and not broad enough. If you could point me in a direction, I would appreciate it!!

  8. Hi Miles – Thanks for your great content. I have a question regarding web niche. I love cars and I tend to write about anything that interests me. Regarding affiliation niche, I mainly just use products that are related to cars but don’t really have laser like focus as you describe here. Am I making a mistake doing it like this?

  9. Hey Miles! Is this the same system you’d use for research for someone who owns their agency? Or a client? Love the content!

  10. Miles – you're videos absolutely 'slay it'. They are enormously informative, humble and sincerely honest. They are by far, the best 'How To' videos on SEO on the web. Please keep it up. We need you !!!

  11. Awesome video! Do you have something written that shows you the exact steps do do this? Or any books you would recommend? Thanks a lot Miles!

  12. Just found your vids Miles, and I'm so thrilled that I have!

    Thank you so very much for all your hard work and energetic content!

  13. Im at 10:23 and my question is how can you apply this for local professional service businesses such as roof cleaning, pressure washing, and HVAC e.g.

  14. Hey Miles, only just come across your channel and brand but, great job!!
    Quick questions……..
    1 – You talk about creating and posting literally hundreds of pieces of content to build out your site but about what sort of percentage would you say are/would be pure information with no affiliate links (other than internals to other pieces on the site) as against pieces with a link or two in them?
    2 – Would you advocate just linking to only one product (tangible or digital) in each piece or would you consider linking to two or multiple different products throughout one piece?
    3 – At the beginning of a new site, how many pieces of content would you post before you started thinking about posting ones with affi links in or alternatively, if you were regularly posting 6/7 pieces per week, how long in time would you leave it before inserting links into your content?
    4 – With your keyword research phrases, would you create a single piece of content for every single phrase or would you pick a main phrase and sprinkle in some other ones throughout piece as semantic keywords?
    Thanks Miles, I love your presenting style….keep on keeping on!

  15. Miles you are an amazing natural teacher to your core and an awesome human being. I love your contributions.. you ROCK.

  16. That was very valuable, thank you.

    I'd like you to ask a few questions to understand better how I can apply it to my business, which is e-commerce:
    1. Would you build a blog on the e-commerce site to create those posts or rather a separate site (sites?) and link it?
    2. How long do the posts need to/should be?
    3. Are you writing this content yourself?

    Thanks again.

  17. Hey Miles thank you for the video, if I was to go google my keyword and the exact match didn't come up, would that mean I could out rank those pages? For example; If I was to rank for 'how to poach an egg with an egg poacher', but all I got on the search was; 'How to poach an egg' Could I outrank those pages with my longer tail keyword?

  18. After taking so many classes you are buy far the most outstanding teacher and I thank you for making life a little more simple about SEO. However that being said I am still confused about the meta description and title info to add. Help.

  19. Miles …just learning how to do research. If I may say, your videos are the best. Question, I'm now ready to select my domain name – do you have any tutorials OR references on how I would do that based on keyword for better ranking ….or does it matter. I'm so excited I found your videos – I'm older and you explain things so well. thanks!!

  20. Hey Miles I appreciate your content. Ive been having a blurred mind the past few years regarding my career path and what I want to do. Ive been in various personal ups and downs over the years never really having the appropriate self discipline for a number of stuff I wont go into greater detail in. Despite that Ive managed to work for a few companies doing several jobs, finally getting a marketing bachelor and serving in the military. Now that ive served my term, and dust has settled Ive been putting myself in a study program in order to become a great digital marketeer reading up loads of content and tools necessary. Your videos have really provided very useful insight and practical knowledge on how to strategize, what tools you need to use and actual hands-on experience that wasnt available to me in my bachelor course. I can relate to a lot of theories and your thought processes when you strategize and brainstorm but its excellent to see you practically tieing it up together. You are my number 1 guy when I want to look into SEO and I look forward to surpassing you in knowledge and success one day! Cheers from Greece!

  21. When I write content does that content need to be on a WordPress blog or can ClickFunnel rank in Google?

  22. Having trouble accessing the keyword planner. It wants me to firstly create an ad in adwords express, which seems to be a pared down version of Google Ads? Do I need to create a dummy ad first of all or is there a way I can simple access the keyword planner?

  23. Such a clutch video. So was 1.0 but damn, you're like the Ghandi mixed with Mike Tyson of marketing! Just laugh

  24. Hi.. your videos are great.. m a beginner and want to learn about Keywords, SEO plz share any videos u have made for beginners plz!

  25. learnt more for this video then the course i paid for… too bad i cant get a refund off them..

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