How to Develop Your Story Idea Into an Entire Novel

28 thoughts on “How to Develop Your Story Idea Into an Entire Novel

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  2. I know this video was 3 years old but thanks for this tip! I'm currently writing a story of "what if everyone knew of the supernatural?"[the characters are from pokemon sun and moon, they are not mine!] But im having trouble writing the 4th chapter but this helps a lot! Thanks!

  3. I love Harry Potter and I agree with you that we can not and should not take other peoples works. Dead pool is good too. 🙂

  4. I am thirteen and always had a thing? for writing. I was seven when I wrote my first short story on Word. I printed it, gave it to my primary school teacher and then the next day it was photocopied and placed around school. Now, thirteen, I am struggling with writing a novel/book.

  5. Yeaaaah….Not helping. (Nothing wrong with your advice!) I think my ideas are just too bare and I have no imagination to deal with their bareness. Honestly, I have simple stuff like "a character who is obsessed with Latin" and that is that. I have no idea what to do about it. (I know I want her to be a side character. So that complicates things since I have no idea who should be the main character. I also have actual story ideas but the problem is pretty much the same.)

  6. Whenever I get a new idea, the very first fear I have is that it's to similar or might even be the exact plot of another book. I just had this idea, and other than worrying if it's even good enough to be a novel( I have trouble asking people for their opinion of my book because I'm afraid they'll find it stupid, even if I think it's good) I also worry if there's another one like it. So when I post the story somewhere, someone might go "HeY YOu cOPieD ThIs!"
    Or I might be copyrighted or something.

  7. Great video, easy to understand and actually helped with a lot of problems I've been having with my novels 🙂
    Plus your voice is very relaxing to listen to.

  8. Oh/Ooh? This is me with my star wars story,Sleeping beauty/Sweet elegant Aurora…'s film which turned 60 yesterday,and my fantasy,Sci Fi and many other stories,my star wars story started off as a matrix like drawing.

  9. You are so intelligent, and absolutely beautiful! You should be doing commercials if you aren’t already. You have “Dove” quality skin. Love this channel and your advice is invaluable! Thank you

  10. Thank you for making this video! For months I had this story idea that I really liked, but didn’t know where to go with it!

  11. The villain part reminded me of Roman Torchwick!!! I'm so sad!!! If u watched rwby u would know what I mean!😭😭😭😭😭😭

  12. Also i swear I've ran into you on the street have you ever been to kansas city. It one one of thoes frustrating scenarios where you see someone. They are with others you try and study their face a little to remember where you could of seen them but then you have that feeling like you're staring too long and your head. screams 'Abbort,

  13. I'm working on my first draft of my novel and my question is, how long should drag the will they won't they? I state in the first chapter that they like each other, but she is dating a total A hole who doesn't even go to the school anymore and the boy she likes is one of her best friends

  14. You never shut up :'D ! I see now why you became a writer. But really thank you, once I finish my novel I would like to send you copy as a gift so you can tell me your opinion

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