How to Create Content that Generates Consulting Leads

hey it's Al's a Calhoun with covenant consultant and in this video I'm going to cover how to create content that generates leads specifically how to create content that generates leads for high value consulting services so if you've been around the site for a while you've seen me draw this map before so this is a content marketing funnel and it starts with your core concept and it ends with your best client what we're acknowledging here is that there is a process there there are a series of steps there's a strategy involved with how you go from what you do to attracting clients on a regular basis so if you have it seems before let me walk it through it very very quickly just for review so it begins with your core concept and I've written some other articles that really explain how to do that so we're gonna skip that for now but your core concept is gonna be broken out into a series of pieces what you offer is transformational there are steps in that transformation and so you're gonna create standalone pieces of content about that transformation so each piece of content drives people to a landing page where you tell them about your core concept so these are symptoms of an illness if you will and it's right here at the big landing page where you tell them that you really what you have is an illness not just separate symptoms so they are aware that they really have an illness you follow up with with your autoresponder series then there is a discovery call of a free consultation we just kind of figure out where they're coming from and then as a second call which leads to a proposal which hopefully secures your best client so that's the process today in this video what we're talking about is how to get this part done how do you create the kind of content that attracts the kinds of people that who will actually will want to go through the remainder of this process so without any further ado let's get to that part so let's start here let's start with what you actually want to write so this is the most powerful part the rest of this stuff is just stuff if you don't get this part right the value of your content is is to get your best client unstuck that is the only reason why you create content is to get your client unstuck you're in the get them unstuck business your client is stuck your job is to get them unstuck so anything you create should move them along a process to being better in whatever your expertise is so it's really important that what you write if there's there's a lot of content out there to help to help create suggestions on the kinds of content you should create and I just think that provides too many options you should only crave stuff that gets people unstuck and that's directly related to your big product or service so you take that big transformational product you break it into pieces and there's your answer you create content around each one of those pieces that gets them unstuck one step at a time so there's your answer for actually what to write now how to write it and so to get to step number two I have to make an admission I am NOT a writer I cannot tell you how many years I have promised myself as a New Year's resolution that I'm gonna write more this year you know I'm in the consulting business I know that writing is important to building Authority thought leadership spreading my messages says Accenture I know all that but I can't tell you how many years I didn't do it I just didn't do it enough for my business to see the benefits so the only way that I was going to write and write at a high level and write at a consistent basis was if I put a process around how I write so I'm sharing sharing with you that process right now so the first thing I do is I take whatever topic I'm talking about in our mind map it now I mind map my first step to my map is on a sheet of paper not at some software so wherever I'm standing whether it's it's in a lunch room whether it's you know washing my hands in the sink whether it's eating lunch whatever I'm doing I will stop grab some paper and begin to do this thing and map out my thoughts to solve for whatever issue that would help my clients so I start with a very simple mind map process so it begins with the topic in the center and I just draw off to draw out a couple of major nodes you know the first major section is acknowledging the symptoms for your best so are you stuck do you have these symptoms a B C and D if you do then this article is a good article for you so then you get them you walk them through your unstuffed process whatever gets them through the first thing that that one little stuck issue you've got three four or five steps whatever they are to work them through this issue so at that point they should be unstuck at least from that part if not further along this or the next part you say well then now if you've done this process you should feel a certain way you should feel happier nicer you should be a richer you should be more peaceful whatever you should make more money to create better ads whatever you do have a better website whatever you do you should feel a certain way and then if they if they complete this process and still have issues they should call you right so if you stop follow this process you should feel certainly when you're finished if you don't feel that way maybe you should call me right so that is the outline of your great content right now at this moment this is only on a sheet of paper right and I just scribble down as fast as I can right so now it's on to paper how does that translate into these big long posts you see on the site so here's what I do so I take what's on paper first and then I put it into a mind mapping software I use mindmeister there's many of them that's the one I use so and then and then I go to my Meister and I literally talk out this mind map like I'm talking to another human being I talked it out and I record that so I wanted I'm gonna transcribe the recording and then I'm gonna use a header image I'm gonna grab a header image to put it at the top of the post so that is the that's how you rough out high level content right so that's that piece now let's move on so then creating the actual post itself because now you got a bunch of raw material but you've got an outline a post that make some sense so here's here's how the post comes together so the mind map is itself is a shareable piece of content so you can share your mind map publicly and put the link in different places if you want so then my map itself is actually shareable then when you talked through the mind map that's a video you can screen capture that and make that a video you've seen that used my site so this green cat becomes a video so now your video marketing so then when you create the when you when you create the audio that audio can be transcribed and that becomes the meat of the blogpost so that's how I get the core of my writing done is I transcribe my thoughts that's the only way I'm gonna from a process perspective that I'm gonna write like I'm supposed to so the transcription becomes the core meat written word of your blog post and then the header image goes at the at the very top of the post so people can kind of visually get a sense of with it what they're about to read and then you want to include a content upgrade because that's how you generate leads from each piece of content so now the post has come together now we can see starting with the header image then you might include the video then you have all the meat of the post then you have a content upgrade down at the bottom there you go your great post has now come together so then there's one more step how do you get that lead generation thing done so for those of you who are familiar with the content upgrade terminology that's another step another piece of content you got to create so you've made this big blog post and now you got to create some more content so here are a couple of quick ideas on how to get that done one quick easy hi valuable thing you can do is just give away a copy of the post itself so you've you've created the big post it's there allow someone to print it out or to get a PDF of it and download it so that's not a good opportunity to create leads just from that you can create a supplemental video tutorial so if you didn't include the video in the post but you just had the steps in it well then the video could be what you what you offer for leads to download you can summarize everything in an infographic you can easily include a very simple checklist summarizing each step of your of your of your process allow that to be downloaded or you can include a resource list which by the way I'm including with this there are a lot of resources that I use to get this done and I'm gonna I'm gonna put them as a link down here so that you can download them and use them for yourself so this is how you create the kinds of content that attracts high-level clients it's high valuable content now there's one one final warning because I know that's a typical objection that I get from consultants when we talk about doing this kind of stuff and that is as a I don't want to give it all away right so if I give them all the answers then they won't come to me to do the rest of the work right so remember what we're what we're giving away here and in this content it's just one piece of content at a time not the entire system okay now even and when reason we're doing that is because your client only understands their individual pain point they just know that their shoulder their hip their elbow hurts so they can't really appreciate how to get it all solved so your great content sauce for one problem at a time they're going to need some help gluing it all together because bottom line if your client could glue it all together they would right so they need some help putting all the pieces together so what you begin your format here is gonna help you create some really high level content and I'm gonna make the resource list available to you down beneath this content so you can download and begin to do this do this for yourself what'd I miss did I miss anything should I have said something please give me your feedback let's talk about it let's make sure that your content creation process is not only simple for you but also creates the high level output you're after thanks so much for your time for watching this video the guiness as a accountant with cover to consult them

18 thoughts on “How to Create Content that Generates Consulting Leads

  1. Normally, i don't drop comments on Youtube, but lately you've been an inspiration. Your contents are easily doable. Thank you Alzay

  2. I’ve taken a lot of courses and digested a lot of information online and this is worth so much!! Thank you!

  3. Alzay your are an inspiration on sending your message using high tech platforms as a whiteboard and dry erase board.
    The amount of $$$ saved on special effect videos is astonishing.
    Which is one of the ways your messages coming across as find the issue not the fluff or waving hands as the white dove appears.

    I wish you continued success in all your endeavors.

  4. Great thing to think about- dont share all your information at once or you might be giving away your services for free.

  5. Fantastic Alzay. You are providing helpful, amazing videos. They are a cut above so many–articulate, logical, and easy to follow. I am writing notes after notes…very inspiring. Thank you!
    This particular video hit a thought. I get your point about not giving away the whole enchilada here; to just address the one pain point and hope they hire you for more. Makes total sense. So I've been doing it all wrong! From my corporate operational experience, all pain points dove-tail into one another and normally, issues are not easily separated. But I totally follow what you're saying, its just a new approach for me, and its so much better than what I have been doing. No wonder I was not succeeding on several levels. I was giving it all away.

    So starting a new consulting business, I am concerned, given I talk too much. If I may ask one question: When pitching to clients, and they do ask a question about how you will unstick them from that one topic point, that clearly bleeds over into a secondary pain point, I assume this means you learn to answer that question vaguely (?) keeping the client focused, within the "Box" of the original topic point, and without sounding obvious? (You know, "Hire me and pay me first before I give you THAT answer!"). Or should we be direct with clients? Thanks again for all you provide, for all your generous expertise!

  6. Awesome, Thumbs up man. You are not just a consultant but a magician, who knows all the tricks of consulting business. Keep it up.

  7. Amazing content, very practical and directly applicable immediately! I know my expert content but not how to monetize it. That is what has frustrated me the most. Your explanations are clear and precise; I am grateful. I have a couple of other favorite others who also have great content, but there has been something missing to get me to that higher level. Your content is that missing component to advise regarding HOW TO be in the right place and mindset to market to high end clients at premium prices. I stopped marketing to people I know as many wanted free or discounted, I learned a valuable lesson by those early compromises due to the fact that people who pay little to nothing have that SAME appreciation–little to nothing. Thanks again.

  8. Alzay, just a real quick comment. Wanted to let you know that I think your content and information is perhaps THE most actionable out there. Most people I watch or read leave me feeling inspired but overwhelmed. Your stuff makes me feel inspired AND empowered. Please keep up everything you do!

  9. Hi Alzay, thanks for your video.

    When you record the audio for your mindmap, do you record the audio separately? Or through Mind Meister?

    And when you transcribe it, do you do that manually? Or through a software?

  10. Great video!
    I just have a question for a different way of doing this. I am starting up as a social media consultant for local businesses in my area. Wouldn't it be more effective to go business to business and present my "content" in power point form and then offer an application to them so I can determine if the client and I would be a good fit, instead of going through and making all this content. Keep in mind I am starting out and want to get going as quickly as possible. I would just like some advice on what you think the first step would be regarding how I approach potential clients or if I should start making content ASAP.

    You're videos have helped out a lot, thank you! Hope to hear bask soon.

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