How to create an automatic table of contents in Microsoft Word 2013

or Microsoft Word 2013 I'm going to show you how to insert an automatic table of contents a manual table of contents is where you would just go to references table of contents and then you would click on the manual table and then you would go in and fill in that information under the table of contents we're going to do an automatic one this time so we're going to go ahead and click at the top here make sure we get our arrangement the right way click on references now I already have a paper here that I wrote for a school project a while back so that's all ready to go so now I'm going to go ahead and add a table of contents to that so first thing I want to do is scroll down to the different headings highlight those headings that we want to make into a chapter and then click on heading 1 we can also make sure that that goes back to being centered as well and we can click here and click heading 2 and again click the center so we can make these other ones all heading twos as well because they are not main areas they are sort of sub areas now if we go down here to to us this area here is another main area so we'll make that heading one and we'll just do a couple more things here we'll do this one as a heading two and this one as well ok now we're ready to create our table of contents it's not the entire paper but it gives you an idea of what's going on so we'll go ahead and click on references table of contents automatic table you can choose either one or two and now we can see it automatically found the page numbers it grabbed the headings and the subheadings as well and put them in the correct order so if we want we can edit what we have here at the top or any of these other lines as well it all you have to do is just go down and edit down here and then it will I edited up here so this made the the ones that we're heading ones to be the main headings and heading twos to be the subheadings you can also do the same thing with headings 3 as well to make it a sub to the heading twos so that's creating a table of contents and and how you insert that in the different heading styles in Microsoft Word 2003

39 thoughts on “How to create an automatic table of contents in Microsoft Word 2013

  1. how to do that i press on table of content title (example. LAT1 Task 2 Synthesis) and it moves me to second page?

  2. Thank you, this would have come in SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO handy months ago 🙂 but at least i know for future 🙂

  3. A million thanks for your vid.
    One question, when I copy my chapter titles, and click 'heading 1', the font changes. How can I overcome that?
    Any response appreciated.

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