How to Cite Web Site APA No Author No Date No Page Number

hey there this is rocky from serious gal calm and today I'm going to show you a live example of how to format a website and APA style when there is no author publication date or page numbers on the website which is a pretty common situation so I quickly found a website here that doesn't have that information you know for your paper you should be citing scholarly content articles organization sites and things of that nature but just for sake of example I've got this one here so the first thing you want to do is if there's no author we have to use the article title in place of the author so we've got a main title here and it looks like this is basically a subtitle so I'm going to use both so you want to copy that with ctrl C or if you're in a Mac I think it's contracted command C when you go to paste it use this little gnome then use this little paste here to keep text only or when you if you hit control V or command V to paste in and you get some funky formatting this little clipboard will pop up you can choose this keep text only option and click the HOME key to jump to the beginning of the line and the type in Ecuador just manually here but a period after the title notice that I use sentence style capitalization for the title that means capitalized the first word the first word after a colon and proper nouns and then you lowercase the rest put one space after all punctuation the references list even though APA 6th edition uses two spaces after punctuation in sentences in the text APA requires one space after all punctuation the references list so here we put our date you know if it was a day we would we would just put it like that but we don't have a date here for this post so we put in period D period for no date we put another period after that one space and then we put the by the way you can jump back and forth between your windows if you hold the Alt key down on your keyboard and while you're holding it down you hit the tab key one time you can even cycle through different windows like that it's pretty cool so where was I oh yeah me the organization's name that publish this so down here we see there's an organization called selects Latin America and if you can't figure it out from that page go to the you know to the main organization link if you still can't figure it out go to an about page you know you don't want to be lazy and just not put it in there because there's pretty much always a way to figure out what the organization site is so you can paste this in choose just the text only select Latin America and then put website and you should use the merriam-webster spelling of website because APA files merriam-webster even though they do it incorrectly in there and manual you want to italicize this merriam-webster spelling is to capitalize web and put a space in it but say you don't want to italicize your punctuation your periods and commas like that so leave that without italics put one space and then put your retrieval information APA six doesn't use retrieval dates for most web sites so you've got retrieved from know : get your URL and paste it in now APA six does use retrieval dates for webpages in which the information might change so if it's a PDF or a news article or you know something or history com article or something where it's you know more established or it looks like the article is probably not going to change you don't need it that's most cases cases like this or maybe you have an organization's mission or value statement or something can change over time then yes you would want to put a retrieval date so we'll put here retrieved 6 2012 there's a copper comma after before and after the year from no punctuation or period goes after the URL so it doesn't get confused with the URL these are all IP requirements from the guide now this we want to get rid of we want to keep the link but we want to get rid of the blue text and you have to click the underlined twice to get rid of that highlight it give yourself a hanging indent here okay it should be double-spaced for copy manuscripts if you're doing a thesis or a dissertation just for examples sake if we had a few different references here we wanted in your school Laos where you have to check your guide you could single-spaced your references and to do that right click and click paragraph or go to the page Layout tab click this little arrow to get the paragraph options single spaced add 12 points of space after each create your hanging indent of a half-inch assuming that's what you used for your regular and dense throughout the text which you should be using go to line and page breaks take off the widow and orphan widow Norfolk control I like to put keep lines together so that my individual references don't get split across pages click OK and you've got your got your nice formatting there so I'm just going to get rid of those for now let me make another video on splitting URLs in in a separate video here because this will get too long but I want to move on to the the citation that we use in the text so let's find something here that we can just quickly ok there's something we can cite here so 14-digit scoops for a side and Ecuador we would put a parenthetical citation like this so first we have no author so we put a quotation mark use the first two or three words of the title now in this case we can just use one assuming that you know wouldn't get confused with anything else also if for example just for example this isn't correct but if we did history and culture we would actually capitalize the word culture even though we didn't in the references list because it's in the text so again just a couple words here in our case it's Ecuador put a comma put quotation mark put your year or for us it's no date another comma and then you would put a paragraph if you don't for you would put a page number if you have a page number if you don't have a page number then you put a paragraph number with this abbreviation para maybe the fourth paragraph but in our case we actually have section titles so APA prefers that we use the section title to the culture section so we put culture section the word section is not capitalized comma it's in the yeah the second paragraph of that now you this is even if we're just paraphrasing we're not using quotes so all this goes in and that's how you would do it an in-text citation the only other thing I would say is that if you have a long section title that happens where you have a long title in Section subtitle APA does allow you to just use a shortened section title just make sure that it's something that allows the reader to find where you're talking about easily in the website so that's how you make a references list entry and cite a website in the text when it has no author no date and no page number hope that was helpful and actually have more examples that you can maybe even copy and paste it and then modify to your needs at the serious scholar website so head on over and see you over there all right thanks a lot bye

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  1. Spent 20 minutes searching for this information and your video captured everything I was reading off multiple sites. Thank you for the informative video!

  2. This greatly helped me while I am finalizing my research paper/APA – I wish the manual would describe it as simple as you do. Thanks a million!!!

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  4. Awesome tutorial. I have had a lot of problems with my formatting. A quick tip for removing the hyperlink is to right-click the mouse on the hyperlink and "Remove Hyperlink" from the options. This will keep the link but not keep it as a hyperlink. Thanks Rocky Citro!

  5. That's all good, but how do you cite it in-text? If your title is long, do you use a shortened version of the title? Or, the name of the website publisher?

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  7. Clear guidelines. Thank you.
    Are they still up to date?
    Also what do you do if you reference a website of a school? Would the title still be the title of the page and not the name of the school?

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  11. Thank you for sharing this. I recently wrote a paper that used only Internet based citations. I misunderstood the format in which he desired my citations, so I am using the information you posted to correct these mistakes. Thanks again!

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