How To Build A Successful, Sustainable Online Publishing Business That Makes Money While You Sleep

Hey everyone, this is Stefan from In this video I'm going to show you how to build a long term and sustainable publishing business on Amazon through Kindle, through paperback, and through audio books. Now, I already kind of did a lesson on my YouTube channel explaining what I'm going to show you guys right now on this video. I did it more so for building an online business with affiliate marketing but the same concept applies to a publishing business. I think this is the missing piece that a lot of people have in making long-term sustainable income from publishing. I've been through the many different changes of Amazon, the evolution of it, and I think in business you always have to evolve. You always have to stay with the trend. You've got to build an evergreen, sustainable system in your business that has a strong foundation that's going to allow you to have infinite upside, to be able to scale, to grow, to continuously make passive income in a very long term and sustainable way. I'm going to show you guys this concept in this video. This is going to be a little bit different than what a lot of people teach but this is what I believe, this is what I teach, and this is what I've seen, the people that have been able to grow and build a very successful online business. They're leveraging what I'm showing you guys right now in this video. The big mistake that a lot of people make when building a publishing business … It's not really a mistake because everybody starts doing it this way, but the mistake is they only do this and they don't grow. They don't build what I'm going to show you guys. That challenge that they have is they build what is called the one legged stool. I'm going to use an example of a business Parthenon. This is actually a concept from JD Abraham who's a marketing genius. He says you've got to build a business Parthenon, not a one legged stool. For a lot of people the one legged stool basically kind of looks like this. It's kind of like a mini- Parthenon, let's say, that it's just like this. My drawing doesn't look that great but hopefully you guys can see this. Basically, they have their book here, they published a Kindle book and they get their traffic and their sales primarily from Amazon. That's what most people do, that's what most publishers do. I teach that. That's really the first step of building your business. You've got to publish the book and then you're going to leverage Amazon. Amazon's great to leverage because they have millions of customers, they're already familiar with buying on Amazon, they might have a Kindle device where they can buy from. They already have trust with Amazon, they've already got their credit card in Amazon so you're going to get the majority of your sales from Amazon. Amazon is an incredible gift, an incredible opportunity that's available to us as publishers to be able to make money from. Now, the mistakes and challenges that a lot of publishers make is they just build their one legged stool, their Parthenon here that is kind of flimsy. It's only got one pillar, it can easily fall over, it doesn't have a strong foundation. They make some money from it. They might make some money from it, great, but then they go ahead and they do another one. They publish another book and their other book is like this. They're leveraging Amazon again and they publish their book, and you can make some money from it. Then, sure enough, they do it again. It's, "You know what? If I just rinse and repeat this process and each book is making me a little bit of money, great. I'm going to make more money and maybe it will scale up." The problem with this model, the mistake that a lot of publishers make, they don't realize that Amazon changes, the Internet changes. Things evolve and adapt. There might be competition that might come in. For example, this book you might publish, you might be making 100 bucks a month from this book but a year from now, five years, 10 years from now, because it's only standing on one pillar it's not going to … It could easily fall over. Not to say that it would but in a lot of cases it has a high probability of falling over because what are the chances that the weather's going to change? A disaster might happen or Amazon might change things in some way. Competition might come to that market and out compete with your book. Sure enough they do this and they move on and create this little one-legged stools. What happens is this book here it's making them 100 bucks a month and now all of a sudden it's making them $10 a month. This one here is making 50 bucks a month and now it's making them nothing. This one here was making them $70 a month and now it's only making them $5 a month. Right? It's because they didn't build the foundation, they didn't build the pillars, they didn't build a business Parthenon which is what I'm going to show you guys in this video. You've got to do this to start but what you've got to do, and what I teach, what I'm about is you've got to build a Parthenon. Let me show that for you guys. You've got a book, right? You've got a pillar. This pillar is Amazon. Great. Now, what a lot of people aren't teaching you, the reason why they're not making sustainable, long term income is because you've only got the one pillar, you're not building another pillar. Your other pillar is basically another way for you to send traffic and get sales to your book. For example, maybe that is building a blog. You've got a book, let's say it's a weight loss book. Why don't you build a blog, weight loss blog. Published content articles attract people to you from there. Now what you're doing is you're getting traffic from Google which is much bigger than Amazon and now you're getting traffic and sales that you're promoting your book with because you're publishing articles that are linking to you promoting your book. Now all of a sudden you've got another leg. You've got a more sustainable business that's now diversified so that if something happens here, other people compete with you, it's okay because you still have this automated system of traffic that's funneling into your book and getting you sales. Okay? Then what you're going to do is you're going to take it a little bit of a step further, you're going to build another leg. This one, for example, could be YouTube. You publish on YouTube, videos related to weight loss and you use them to promote your book. In your videos you mention your book, you promote it, et cetera. Now you've got another leg, it's more sustainable of a business, it's more long term. If something happens here, if something happens here, you've still got the other two. Then you enable another leg and this could be press releases. A press release is a statement of news. For example, you can publish press releases about your book, publish a press release that you've just launched a new book. Press release if you've updated your book. Press release if your book has now become a best seller. You could do a press release … Any news around your book or the market. A new press release about a new study on weight loss, a new food. Press release about coconut oil and that's helping people. Then in the press release you can promote your book. Press release is another leg, another powerful strategy that allows you to promote your book. Then you build another leg. Maybe your other leg is Facebook. Apologies for my drawing and writing, it's not that great. Now all of a sudden you got five different legs, you have a structure that has a foundation, that's sustainable. Of course it takes time to do this but, hey, now you've turned a book that was once making 50 or 100 bucks, now with all these legs you got a book that's making you even more money. It could be making you $500 or $1,000 or $5,000 a month just by being able to market and sell your book. That's the mistake a lot of people make. They don't realize that you've got to market and sell your book. They think that, "Hey, I published a book and because I built it people will come." Publishing is only half the battle. You gotta publish a book, great, but everyone can do that. That's why people worry about competition and saturation because the only reason why competition matters is that if you're doing a one legged stool. If you've only got one leg and you're only depending on Amazon then you're competing with every other book on Amazon. If you're actually building a Parthenon that has multiple strings of traffic that's funneling into your book … Maybe you have other books that you published that can cross promote one another. Maybe you built an email list, maybe you're using Instagram or Pinterest or guest posting on other blogs or submitting to article directories. There's so many ways that you can market and promote online, there's so many ways. Most people, they're looking for the short cut. If you're looking for the short cut I'm not for you, what I teach is not for you. Do not invest in any product, anything that I have because I don't want to work with dabblers, I only want to work with people that are committed, people that are going to be in it for the long term and that actually are serious about building a long term sustainable business. If you are serious I can help you. Sign up for my courses. My courses, all of them will help you to be able to build exactly what I'm sharing with you guys in this video. To build it up and actually make long term, sustainable income. Okay? If you're looking for the get rich quick there's other people that are going to sell you that. I'm not going to sell you that. I'm going to sell you guys on why you guys should do things the right way, this way. The mistake that a lot of people make is they think the whole game, the whole key is to get rich. That's not the key. The key is to get rich and to stay rich, to make money and to keep making money. That's the flaw, that's the mistake that a lot of people make. Anybody can make a little bit of money for one month or three months or six months but is it going to be a long term and sustainable? This is what I'm about, this is what I teach, long term sustainable online business. If you guys want to learn more about how to do this, how to build your publishing Parthenon I'm going to call it. I'm going to coin that phrase, your publishing Parthenon. If you guys want to build that I've got a great course called K Money Mastery, go to K Money Mastery is an inexpensive course that will teach you, it basically teaches you the first leg, the first pillar. It'll teach you how to publish a book, how to leverage Amazon, how to do some marketing, promoting outside of that. I've got another course called Full Disclosure. Full Disclosure will basically teach you how to build a Parthenon. I've got another course called Affiliate Marketing Mastery, if you want to leverage affiliate marketing with this as well and build a brand. Full Disclosure is going to teach you blogging, and YouTube, and press releases, and Facebook, and email marketing, and all that stuff. That's not included in the cheap course. Again, the course is inexpensive, so much value in it. For me to teach all this, because each of these are different strategies, that would be over a $1,000 course so I separated it. It you want to learn how to publish on Amazon, how to make money on Amazon, K Money Mastery will teach you that. If you want to build all of this then Full Disclosure membership will help you with that. This is the long-term strategy. This is the sustainable strategy. This is what I want for you. You don't need a course to do it but a course is going to save you time because you've got a model from someone that's already done it, that's built up a successful online business and brand. It's going to save you a lot of money and time than having to try and figure it out on your own. If you guys want to know more click the link below in the description. Go to You guys can learn more about the course there. Love to have you on board. Again, only if you’re committed, for someone that wants to build a long-term business, I'm happy to help you with that. I've got the training that's why I've created it. Had thousands of happy, successful customers that have been able to make money from the course, but if not just this philosophy, this strategy, that's what you guys have to adopt. Don't look for the shortcuts. Shortcuts they only going to work short term. The loop holes eventually will close. That's not how you build a long-term business. That's how you do it, guys. Hope you guys enjoyed this video. If you did, make sure to leave a thumbs-up, appreciate all the support that you guys can share with me. Make sure to leave a comment below. I'll do the best that I can to answer some of your questions. If you have any, leave a comment. Subscribe for more videos like this. Like I said, check out K Money Mastery, the different courses that I have if you guys want to actually implement this and take your online business to the next level. Thank you for watching and see you guys in the next video.

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  1. If I could choose between a strong mindset for achievement like Stefan's and A Million dollar, I would choose the mindset! We need more vids on mindset please! Thank you for your content!

  2. Thank You Sir !
    Very great, helpful and valuable content !
    Sorry to point out Sir, But I've observed some mistakes in the Subtitles of video, I think you've outsourced the transcription-subtitles job on fiverr, so it would be more better if it would be rectified. I am not complaining, but, I thought your content is of good quality and helpful, so it must be perfect.
    Thank You, Keep up the good work.

  3. if youre gonna create a blog, vlogs, facebool page etc. … isnt it better to create ebooks and sell them without amazon? i mean through clickbank for example.

  4. I don't know if I'm right

    Lesson 1: Don't build your business or material on one market because you don't know what will happen over time.
    Lesson 2: Keep up with the modern world basically because things change overtime.
    Lesson 3: Repeat it over. 1.more than one source 2.keep up if one of your source changes adopt to it or with it

    I just thought that those was the main key he was stating yet I'm not really sure that's from my understanding. The goal is basically a way to get rich and keep being rich. Thank you for the information it was helpful. Great video.

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