How to Book Air Tickets Online Online? Air Ticket kaise book karte hain?

Do you want to know how to book air tickets online ? Then keep watching this video Hello, My name is Aekta Till some time back if you wanted to book an air ticket you needed to go to the airline office or the travel agent office Or you had to make multiple calls to know the best rates available And the rates used to keep changing continuously There was always a lingering doubt whether we got the best rates or not ? Were there cheaper tickets on another airline? Did we get cheated ? Now you can check the prices of air-tickets on your computer or phone and book your preferred tickets sitting at home Let’s see how to check the price of air tickets online and how to buy them Before we proceed further let me tell you about price comparison Who doesn’t like saving money and especially since air tickets are quite expensive We should re-assure ourselves that we have compared the prices of air tickets online There are a no. of websites where you can compare the prices where you can compare the prices of different airlines at one place and make your choice A no. of online travel agents (OTAs) are available OTAs have websites in almost all countries in the world, & are the popular OTAs in India Let’s see how to compare air ticket prices online ? I have given an example from Make My Trip in this video Let’s compare the prices of an international ticket on Make My Trip Type in the browser The Make My Trip website opens up You can book tickets for flights, hotels, holidays, bus , trains etc on Make My Trip In this video I shall cover flight bookings You can book both domestic (within India) and international ( outside India or coming to India) tickets here Let’s book a ticket The flights tab is pre-selected First we need to choose whether we want to book a domestic or international ticket Let’s choose International A yellow bar appears below it Next you need to choose whether you want a one-way trip meaning only one leg of the journey Or you want a round trip or a multi city trip Let’s choose round-trip here Next we need to choose the departure city Let’s choose Singapore here Next we need to choose the arrival city Let’s choose Delhi here We want to travel from Singapore to Delhi Next we need to choose the dates of travel Let’s choose the departure date as Oct 12 Let’s choose the return date as Oct 19 So we want to travel from Singapore to Delhi on Oct 12 and want to return on Oct 19 Next we need to enter the no. of passengers. All passengers above the age of 12 are counted as adults I want to book a ticket only for 1 adult . If you are booking for more than 1 passengers you can click on the + sign to choose the right no. I will leave this as 1 If you have children between the age of 2-11 then you can enter the no. here The no. of infants below the age of 2 need to be entered here Choose the class of travel here – Economy, Premium Economy, Business or First Let’s choose Economy here since Economy is the least expensive It depends on you which class you wish to travel by. In this example I have chosen Economy since my goal is to teach you how to book the cheapest ticket online Next you need to indicate if your dates of travel are flexible (+/- 3 days) If your dates are flexible it will also display rates for travel dates +/-3 days from the chosen date Let’s check the box If you do not check this box it also displays another option of including nearby airports I will leave the flexible date option as checked The form is complete . Let’s click on Search Flights If you want to book hotels along with the flights you can click on the Flight+Hotel combo button Since we are only searching flights I will click on the Search Flights button It is searching for the best airfares Airfares across airlines are displayed here This page has a lot of information At the top Flight is selected Details of flights for a round trip from Singapore to New Delhi are displayed The dates of travel are Oct 12 and Oct 19 The itineary is for 1 adult These are the fields which we had entered in the form and they are ok. If you want your flight to be at a specific time then you can make the choice here This choice is for a departure time early in the morning from 12 – 6 am whilst this is from 6pm in the evening till midnight If you want to travel at a specific time you can click here to make the choice The no. of options will reduce and only the tickets as per your chosen option will be displayed I had made this selection only to show you as an example. I will click all here since the timing does not make any difference to me . My aim is to book a cheap ticket here At the top you can see a no. of different airlines displayed This is Singapore Airlines which is the most expensive and costs almost Rs 51000 On the left side is the cheapest which is Indigo at Rs.23000 Jet Airways is approx. Rs.25000 How should we choose the airline One way is to choose the cheapest or the price that suits you The second way is to choose your price range. These tickets range from Rs.23000 to Rs.100000 You can choose your price range here Let’s move the slider to the left and reduce the price range Let’s set the price range up to a max of Rs.35/36000 You can choose to display only refundable fares Refundable fares are such that if you cancel your ticket the fare is refunded back to you This is very important. If you have to cancel your trip due to some untoward incident you can get a refund The no. of available flights will reduce The airlines on which these tickets are available are displayed here Click on “Show All Ten Airlines” All 10 airlines are now displayed here It depends on you which airline results you wish to see Let me select Jet Airways, Air India and Garuda Indonesia here I have no issue in travelling with these 3 airlines However when I select these 3 airlines there are no options left If we cancel refundable fare a no. of options are available This means that all these tickets are non-refundable While these tickets are non-refundable they are cheap Let’s buy a non-refundable ticket However if a refundable ticket is important for you please keep this box checked These are the refundable ticket options which also includes Indigo We want the cheapest ticket so let’s remove the refundable option The next field shows connecting airports Bangkok, Mumbai, Guangzhou & Colombo These tickets are displayed for all flights .If you choose the Fastest option these will be direct non-stop flights and you will not need to stop in any city If you click on Fastest there are a no. of options but obviously they are slightly expensive If you click on Recommended it is not necessary that these may be the fastest or non-stop Let’s choose fastest and see which option is the cheapest amongst these The travel time is displayed at the bottom. For Instance with Indigo it would take you approx. 10 hours and with SriLankan Airlines it is taking approx. 11 hours With Air India or Jet Airways the travel time is between five and a half to six hours It is best to choose a non-stop flight which is also quite reasonable Jet Airways is cheaper between the 2 so let’s choose Jet Airways and click here The flight details are displayed This flight is non-stop , the travel time is short and the price is reasonable We selected all the airlines to generate available options and based on our preference we have selected the airline that suits us best The no. of stops is displayed here If you want a non-stop flight you should click on 0 stops There is a orange bar that appears below 0 stops and the other 2 options are not selected This is the best available flight . You can click on the flight details to see more details. You can see the fare details , the cancellation fee, baggage allowance, cabin baggage allowance per passenger and amenities You can book this flight easily online after making all relevant comparisons Click on the Book button It rechecks the availability of the flight in the Jet Airways system If you have a login id of Make My Trip then click on the Login and continue button to login or you can continue as a guest and complete your booking This was the process for online comparison sites or OTAs Now let’s see how to book a ticket directly on an airline website I will give the example of Jet Airways in this video Why should you book a ticket on the airline website ? Whether it is hotels or airlines , often the best rate is available on their own website Let’s book a ticket Type in the browser The jet Airways site will open You can choose the departure and arrival cities here At the top are three radio buttons. You can choose if you want a one-way , return or multi city ticket You can click here to book a flight and hotel Let’s choose the return ticket option Enter Singapore as the departure city Choose Delhi as the destination city Choose Oct 12 as the departure date and Oct 19 as the return date Enter the no. of passengers as 1 adult Enter a promo code if you have one Click on the airplane icon to proceed There is a notification that a zero penalty fee would apply if you change or cancel the booking within 24 hours A new page opens. You can see all the dates close to your chosen departure date We had chosen Mon Oct 12 so that is selected here You can also view other dates as well These are the dates for the previous week If your date is flexible you can choose the cheapest option here I wish to travel on Oct 12 itself so let me click here Now Oct 12 has been selected You can choose between Economy, Premiere and FIrst Class Economy is selected by default You can choose Premiere or First Class based on your preference We will continue with Economy This flight departs Singapore at approx 7:30 in the evening and will reach Delhi at approx 11 pm The price for the ticket is SGD 277 Let’s select this option You can see in this fare class most tickets are sold out. Even within the Economy class this is the lowest fare class There are 3 different categories within Economy class as well We have chosen LoFares over Saver and Value since it was the cheapest Scroll down to the return journey portion The date is already selected You can sort the flights displayed here by any of the options in the dropdown menu You can sort the options by time or by price You can click here to display the flight options from early to late You can click here if you want a late night flight Or you can display based on the price from low to high. Let’s choose this option since our priority is to buy the cheapest ticket The options are displayed based on the price from low to high The option we had selected earlier is again displayed on top. Let’s select it again For the return leg of the journey again there are 3 categories in the economy class Let’s choose the Lo fare category which has the cheapest fare The trip summary is displayed on the right side Details of the outbound journey(Singapore to Delhi) & the return journey (Delhi to Singapore) are displayed here The base fare, airline fuel charge , service tax and details of other fees and surcharges are displayed here The total trip cost is approx. SGD 550 Since the flight is originating from Singapore the fare is being displayed in Singapore dollars If the flight originates from India the rate would be displayed in Indian Rupees I have made this video based on requests from fans who stay outside India and face a lot of issues in booking tickets to go back to India However the process is exactly the same . You need to follow the same steps for booking domestic or international tickets Let’s press on the Continue button A new panel will open It is asking if you are a JetPrivilege member This is a membership program of Jet Airways which is called Jet Privilege If you are a member you can enter the JetPrivilege Number and the password and login If you are not a member you can enter your email address and continue as a guest Let’s enter our email address and continue as guest Our flight selection is being processed Now we need to enter our personal details here You only have 15 minutes to complete your booking The reverse counting has already begun on the counter You need to book the ticket quickly . If you don’t book the ticket in 15 minutes the booking can be cancelled Enter the First Name and Last Name Enter your meal preference here You can choose vegetarian if you are vegetarian .There are a no. of meal preferences here. Let’s choose No Preference If you have a special request or need special attention then please indicate it here Let’s choose No Preference The next field is for Frequent Flyer details Frequent Flyers are individuals who travel often and they have a loyalty card issued by the airline If you have a frequent flyer no. you can enter it here and you will earn miles or frequent flier points for this flight Let’s leave it as blank It is asking if you want to provide advance passenger information You can click Yes and enter your passport details here Let’s leave it as No Click on Continue to Contact Details Enter your mobile phone no. here Let me enter an India no. here. This is only an example Entering the home phone is optional. It is not mandatory. You can leave it as blank Next is the destination phone no. Entering this is also optional. Let’s enter the destination No. Let’s enter the email address The ticket will be sent to this email address Click on the yes button at the end to declare any special medical condition or special requirements Since we don’t need any special attention let’s proceed Click on Continue to Extras The flight selection is being processed You can click on yes to purchase travel insurance . The charges will be added to your bill You can select your seat here Click on Add You can select your seat here The plane layout is displayed here The blue colored seats are already occupied . Someone else has already booked these The white seats are available The seats with stars are paid seats .They can be selected but there is an extra charge levied for these If you click on the paid seat it is saying that it is not available for purchase online There are a no. of available seats in the rear of the plane. Let’s choose one of these My seat selection is shown at the top – 21D This was the outbound flight wherein I have selected the seat 21D I have selected 21D for the return flight as well You don’t need to choose the same seat.You can choose any seat based on availability and your preference Some people prefer the window seat while others prefer the aisle seat I prefer the aisle seat so I have selected this seat Our seat selection is complete . Click on Confirm and Continue Our seat selection is displayed here Seats for the outbound and the return journey are displayed Click on Continue to Pay It is not allowing us to proceed since we have not agreed to the terms and conditions Check the box to accept the terms and conditions Click on Continue to Pay Enter the payment details here You can enter your credit card, debit card or American Express card details here Enter the credit card no. here I have entered a dummy Please enter a valid card no. here Enter the expiry date here Enter your name Enter the CVV code from the card reverse here Enter the email address and the contact no. of the cardholder Indicate if the cardholder is a part of the travel itineary Let’s click yes Click on Make Payment The payment is being processed Please don’t close your browser at this stage as the transaction has not been completed An OTP or One Time Password will be sent via SMS to the cardholder’s mobile phone as registered with the bank Please enter the OTP here once you receive it Let’s enter the OTP and click on Submit The OTP is being verified Please don’t close or refresh the browser at this stage. The transaction is still being finalized. The transaction has been completed The booking reference no. and the e-ticket no have been generated The flight details are displayed below You can click on the Print icon to take a print out of the ticket Our ticket booking is complete Click on Manage booking and we come to this page The e-ticket and contact details are displayed . You can update your contact details here You can modify or cancel this booking with no penalty charges within 24 hours I have also received an email and this email provides the confirmation details of the ticket The ticket has been sent in a PDF format There are 2 PDF attachments at the bottom You can click on these attachments to download them to your computer Booking tickets online is easy. Anyone can book tickets online from their phone or PC sitting at home There is no need to go to travel agents or to make repeated phone calls to airlines You can get the best rates by going to online websites and book the tickets yourself and save money. These are a few of our other popular videos. Click on the screen to learn something new Thank You for your comments, suggestion and questions. I read them daily Now you have learned how to book air tickets online If you liked the video please press the Like button in You Tube and share the video Subscribe to our You Tube channel to get regular updates on new videos Keep Watching Kya Kaise and Keep Learning Thank You

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