How to Become a Professional Writer : The Reality of Being a Professional Writer

REBECCA SATO: Hi. I’m Rebecca with
And we were just talking about writing and self-image and how the two interrelate. And
here we mentioned this is what others view you as and this is how you view yourself and
this is reality. And reality, as I mentioned previously, is subjective. The real “you”
isn’t necessarily determined by what they think or what you think. It’s kind of what
you decide. And I think for writers, that’s really important because I personally know
of a lot of writers who initially, including myself, were kinda scared to define themselves
as a writer. When I started my writing career, I was almost embarrassed to tell people I
was a writer because when I very first started, of course, I hadn’t published anything. Everyone
starts somewhere and now I’ve published a lot. But at the time, I hadn’t published anything.
And so, my reality was others saying, “Rebecca isn’t a writer. She’s, you know, this and
that” and whatever they perceive me as. And over here was me, or put yourself in this
place, not necessarily me, but the person who’s considering writing as a career and
they’re thinking, “Can I do this?” You know, there’s confusion, there is doubt, there is
worry like, “Am I going to be able to pay the bills?” And the trick is to not let this
or this get in the way of what you decide. And this might sound really new age and out
there but it’s true. It really is true. The moment that you decide that you’re a writer,
a good writer and that you’re going to be successful, half the work is already done.
It’s really just determining that. So my main message here really is just don’t let anybody
tell you who you are. Don’t let anybody tell you what you’re capable of. You can do whatever
you want with your life and you only get one life. We all really get one life. So just
make sure that you don’t waste your life worrying about what other people think. And that’s
the main message I want out there for writers who are starting out a new career and aren’t
sure if they’re going to be successful or not. Don’t worry about that. If you want to
be a writer, then just decide that you’re a writer and there you go.

15 thoughts on “How to Become a Professional Writer : The Reality of Being a Professional Writer

  1. Well I think she's only talking about the ones that CAN actually write but dont want to admit it or there afraid to be criticized. I agree not everyone can be a writer and I do agree that you need hard work and perserverance but how can you get anywhere if you dont believe in yourself? When I started writing I never wanted anyone to know but then I deciced to tell people and the support they gave me kept me to push on. I would quite by now if it wasnt for the support.

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  3. From my experience the main thing all successful writers need is perseverance. I've seen a zillion people try to be writers, but fail once or twice and then quit. I published articles, wrote online, worked as a treatment writer and finally sold a script that was produced and got an agent. But, it took me nine years to get there and the battle isn't over yet. Many are called few are chosen. If you want to write and be successful you better be prepared to make a lot of sacrifices. Bonne chance!

  4. Yeah I figured how to become a professional writer…..once I see the odd or wild in my dream,wake up and write it down to remind me, once I wash the dishes or whatever….something interesting that appears in my mind,write it down to remind me and see something that I never seen outside and write it down to remind including my creatives… I think that it will help…uh? By the way, I am deaf..he he

  5. @jerms246 Well what she says is true. The minute you say to yourself that you're a writer, then you're a writer. Don't worry about the fame, and the money. If that's what a person is gonna focus on, it ain't gonna work.

  6. hello! this is really good advice. it helped me a lot. as someone who has loved to write since I was a little girl, I have decided that this is what I want to do for the rest of my life. the only problem is that my family doesn't see that. they want to be something else like a teacher assistant or work in a hospital or something, the thing is I don't see myself doing that. I see myself as a writer and being a good one too! the problem is my parents want me to study something else.

  7. like a teacher or something because they think that being a writer is going to take too long school wise ,that it's not going to pay the bills or keep me set financially, but what they don't seem to understand is that I love being a writer and that I would be unhappy doing something else or and they seem to think that it's a waste of my time, that it won't amount to anything and that I should do something else. how can I make them see that this is what I want to do? what is your advice on this?

  8. You are so right!

    My name is Ryan and I am a college student studying art and creative writing.

    I went back to school late and am now 30. People tell me that I am wasting my time studying writing and art. One of my high school teachers even went as far as to tell me that I am wasting my time with writing and art and should be a computer programmer because they "MAKE WAAAY MORE MONEY!"

    Thing is though I AM A WRITER/ARTIST! ..and I am damn proud of that,

  9. My stuff has been published in college publications at my school and I have been told that I have immense talent by fellow students and even my teachers!

    Still, though, I will be at a party or family get-together and when I tell people what I do for a living they say "There is no money in that! Get a job in computers it pays more. You can't make money writing poetry and drawing cartoons!" It used to really bother me and my Mom was doing her best to encourage me to chase my dreams.

  10. So when I saw your video. I was inspired! You are right YOU ARE WHAT YOU WANT TO BE! I am a writer! I am an artist! Thanks so much for being so inspirational! Thank You! Rock On Writer!

  11. Thank you this video is very inspiring. It's hard when others judge who you are. because it makes you feel as though something is wrong with you. For wanting to do something you enjoy and love.

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