How to Become a Freelance Writer : Introduction to Becoming a Professional Freelance Writer

REBECCA SATO: Hi. I’m Rebecca Sato at
with And today, we’re going to talk about how to start a freelance writing
career. And it’s a lot of fun. Freelance writing is a great market. There’s a lot of work out
there. You’re going to hear people say, “Oh, you can’t be a writer. It’s so competitive.”
Well, like any other field, yeah, there’s competition, but there’s a huge market for
it. If you think about who needs a writer, it’s pretty much every company in the world
needs a writer to do their pamphlets, their media, even if it’s online they need someone
who’s writing that copy. There’s a huge market for writers. There’s a big need for writers,
so there’s definitely enough work out there for everyone who wants to write if they’re
good. So first of all though, that’s kind of the question now, “Are you good?” And I
think anyone who wants to be a writer needs to be honest with where their current abilities
are. That doesn’t mean if you’re not good right now that you can’t be a freelance writer,
but it means you need to be realistic about how good you are and what you need to do to
get better. So start with that. If you want to be a freelance writer, don’t worry about
getting jobs or getting a portfolio, figure out what you need to improve on first. And
one way to do that is to ask friends and family to read some of the things you’ve written
and let you know what they about it. So that’s a good start. And now, we’re going to find
out some of the more technical things that you need to worry about as you embark on a
career of freelance writing.

11 thoughts on “How to Become a Freelance Writer : Introduction to Becoming a Professional Freelance Writer

  1. If you have a bachelors degree in english and a bachelors degree in linguistics, do you think you are a good candidate to be a freelance writer?

  2. I wrote a book about doing this job and how to get started

  3. Perhaps one should study writing to become a better writer, instead of asking the opinions of people who don't read very much and know very little about how to make writing better.  As much as you like your friends and family, dead experts such as Strunk and White might be able to help more.

  4. Becoming a freelance writer is not hard but being a successful writer can be a challenge as well as an ongoing learning process.

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