How to Become a Freelance Writer : About Research & Freelance Writing

REBECCA SATO: Hi. I’m Rebecca Sato with
And we were just talking about how to get new jobs, generate new leads and a lot of
that is just doing a good job, and then there’s also other resources online. Every year, there’s
a publication that comes out called the Writer’s Market. That’s good. There’s different ways.
There’s networking. That’s a big one. Make sure you’re asking everyone you know. Make
sure they know you’re a writer and you’re good–you know, network. Let people know what
you’re doing and don’t be afraid to tap into resources and contacts that you have. That’s
a big one. You have to be willing to market yourself. So–but actually what I really want
to talk about is how to do your research and to know your client. I think, a lot of times
if you’re a good writer, you’re probably good at making things up. You have a good imagination,
but you have to balance your good imagination with reality when you’re writing copy. Make
sure that what you’re writing is factual. Make sure you’ve done your homework. You know
what, you might want to sell a product for a client. For example, you’ve been hired to
do some copywriting for them and you might to exaggerate. And the trick is, yeah, you
want what you’re writing to sell, but you want it to be truthful. So do your research.
There’s always a way to sell something if it’s a decent product or service or whatever
it maybe that you’re writing about. There’s always a way to sell it using reality but
you can still use great descriptive words, and just make sure that you do your research.
And as a freelance writer, you might be writing about the medical industry one day, and then
you’ll be writing about tulips the next day–how to grow tulips. So you’re going to be jumping
a lot, and you need to know how to research and you need to know how to do your homework.
So just don’t forget how important accuracy is.

3 thoughts on “How to Become a Freelance Writer : About Research & Freelance Writing

  1. If you are planing to be freelance writer in general, research is necessary.

    Don't rely on imagination unless you are writing your first novel.
    I come from a journalism backround so research is part of the game and this means being able to navigate the internet and even look up books if necessary.
    My advice: Use internet search engines as well as you can. Look up multiple sources and as many sources as possible. Also, evaluate them for authenticity.
    This has been a tip from a smartass.

  2. You mention research, but failed to give us some suggestions for great research sites. A video with directly useful information would be great!

  3. Hi, I prepare strategy and insights for various industries  over the PowerPoint presentation. Can you please tell me something about it .

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