How to Become a Film, TV, and Video Game Music Composer

hi career sighted my name is Greg Edmondson I'm a film TV and video game music composer you write the music that goes behind the dialogue and drives the action and sets the scene for the storytelling that occurs in television film or in videogames any of the music that doesn't have lyrics or vocals has to be written by a composer you sit down with the director and you spot which is to say here's where we need music watch the same over and over until you have an idea you start to piece it together and because of modern technology even though you don't have an orchestra in your house or a rock band in your house you can come close enough that you can create what we call a mock-up which is something that's close to what it's going to be like when you record it for real and then you can watch it against the picture and see if it's working when you're happy you ship it on to the director or the producers depending on the project and if it's working for everybody then you sign off on it and put that in the can to be recorded there are times where I've worked 16 hours a day seven days a week there are times when I've worked three hours a day two days a week it depends on the deadline for the project television is a more compact schedule film has a more open-ended deadline but it depends on when they give you the music they don't finish cutting the picture until six weeks before it opens in the theaters well now your schedule is just as tight video games takes about two and a half three years it's a little bit of a simpler process film and TV than it is in a video game it's fairly common now for most composers to have a writing studio in their house you were completely by yourself when you're writing then it becomes a team when the music has to be orchestrated for the orchestra and then you go in your record it's always fun to work with musicians it's always a an honor to have an orchestra and you literally just going to record the music drop it in and then go to the dub stage where they mix the vocals and the music and the effects levels if you want to be a composer learn to play an instrument have fun get any video you like pull the sound out put your music in see what you like about it see what you learn from it and then just keep doing it you're going to need to develop relationships with people who can use your services if you want to do film or TV Los Angeles is a good choice and if you wanted to do musicals then New York sure town if you are going to go to college and prepare for film and TV your two best choices would be USC or UCLA while you're getting an education you're also building contacts people who are going to film school and you're scoring their little short film have a relationship with them so that when they get a job they say you know I'm working you want to do this thing you have to really really want to do it you just always consider yourself very very fortunate to do this kind of work Thanks career side

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  1. people talk about its their dream job to do music and stuff.. Well guess what you can do music for free. Your dream isn't music it's getting validation and acceptance by a profit seeking corporation. Imagine what a shitty dream that is now.

  2. I love Greg Edmonson! Another excellent Movie, TV & VG music composer! I'm currently doing what he's doing today! V/ V/ V/

  3. I’m trying to get into making music for movies/tv/video games, here’s a playlist of my music if you’re interested

  4. this is really interesting and helpful! Thank you :)! I am a composer myself. Really appreciate this video!

  5. What if people made beats that sound like video game music and just want to sell it? Not necessarily compose like that just make beats

  6. Great advice. If you want to starve and have a bleak future, and live with rejection, then this is the field for you.

  7. HI
    My name is David Hoyte.
    I live in the Bahamas.
    FIlm Scoring is What I Love to do.
    My Problem is I am seeking Sponsor's to help me with finding gear for my composing.
    I am looking for the new roland synthesizer and the arturia synth and the roland V Drums.

  8. this is what I needed thank you Mister Greg. I will be attending university to study Electroacoustic music in Concordia. Ill just find contacts while getting an education.
    composing music for Ubisoft Warner brother Ea games it's my dream and I will make it happen
    your videos are very very important to me right now
    thank you sir Edmonson!

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