How to Become a #1 Bestselling Author on Amazon Kindle

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  1. Love the video. If you can help me with a category. Ive written a teen fiction novel like a Harry Potter type series book (first of five books) but it has teenage superheroes instead of wizards. Any category suggestions would be great!

  2. My published (Amazon – Kindle) book, Darci O, is about a casino developer and the love of his life who was murdered by the mafia

  3. I published a book on October 30, 2018, titled The Up Hills and Down Hills of the Preacher's Wife. I have no reviews and no one apparently purchased any books. I am presently doing book signings and wonder what are the strategies to get the book into the hands of the community. Audrey Linette Cockfield

  4. Hi Tom, thank you so much for this, I am loving every word. I have a novel called The Dandelion which I have revised and am resubmitting to Amazon very soon. It is based on the work of Abraham-Hicks. I thought that you as a reader of self development books you may have heard of them. The Dandelion is a woman’s journey up the emotional scale from anguish to exhilaration and I believe it has the power to become both a best seller and a source for a great movie. Thank you again for your efforts!

  5. No, I have not ever written a book before. If I were to write a book the book will be a book on Electron Devices. Ready to be a big time sharer of books. As for file modeling I have limited boundaries with most written applications. I make the most trying people my best friends. I will read 15 pages an hour and frequently read for eight hour periods.
    Six years of work will be saved by best seller map. First the published book we do a best seller list. We work other people's work.
    We help you sell your books the best books get more exposure. Amazon publisher buy the rights of the book to publish in French, China, Japan. Every one can publish your book like famous name brands. Your name if known enough is good enough. When your name gets hot on the charts study of amazon best seller rank and the number two book might become number one any given time. Scroll down to a paid book category 2,000 a month. The system 1160 amount of books sold Kindle Store Ratio 2000 divided into 1160 or a percentage number. Number 1 child category 2 parent category. Select child low level specific niche ranking research highschool medical school find these readers cause they are at the place and we know the book is already published well relevant. Two child two parent most relevant. Top 100 books promoting and books promoting your book. So many category to choose from in English most sales are national.
    Find relevant subject two you want to go with. Who are your audience? Calculate how many books. Sales needed sales ranking needed. Problems and challenges publishing your own book doesn't show you everthing. Send the category for Amazon to keep updated.

  6. my book niche (NON-FICTION) is educating my readers to understand the behavioural studies on romantic relationships & teaching couples to practice & improve their communication skills in their current or future love relationship. I am a social worker helping couples and family to amend their relationships with ongoing life coaching. it will be included in sub-category re mental health and education/communications categories. Amazing video – very helpful

  7. I want to finish listening to this, but that breathing in between phrases is unbearable to listen to another second!

  8. I'm interested in publishing a book for 16-25 year olds. My 26 & 24 year old sons expressed belief the book could become a movie. It's a science fiction adventure. I have been contemplating sending it to a publisher or self-publishing. Do you publish this genre? One of my sons designed the cover and the other edited. Both sons are pushing me to publish it.

  9. I've spent two years writing a biography of a fictitious British post Wagnerian composer, his life, his works, his eventual death in a mad house, and his strange occult powers. It is a book about Britain and how it treats her artists and creators. It is a book about Britain's relationship with Europe and her own identity. It is a book that tries to examine what music is there for.

  10. Nice informative video, l have created cover book hope it is appealing?

  11. nice video, l have paperback version how to be successful at interviews, is it advisable to create a different title on paperback using the same manuscript?

  12. I 'm learning alot from you. My book is already on AMAZON KINDLE. and I been searching for all what you mentioned AGENTS PUBLISHERES AND i'm doing self publishing so this is all new to me. thank you hope i get the luck you did.

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