HOW TO BE A BAWSE | Book by Lilly Singh

you can do this come on let me be strong you got this you can do this come on Lily you can do this be strong you can do this here goes you got this shake it off and we don’t that gets you come on do not listen to them keep going Lily you get back in there get back in there please don’t give up you said you could do this I can’t do this cheers to you cheers for being the most pathetic person you know I can’t do this you my name is Lilly Singh and that’s me knocked out life absolutely kicked my butt I was depressed I lost friends I had no goals no job I had no spark I had no fight left in me I honestly thought it was all over and then something changed come on come on and get up get up Willie get up there you go come on the car keep going you can do this job there you go I decided that it wasn’t over I decided I could do it I could fight back I just had to be a boss magazines once to overcharge corpses really is I want to teach you what I’ve learned because to be a boss you don’t just survive life you conquer it let’s overcome obstacles commit to yourself hustle aim high and make mistakes F protocol mold your failures into successes trust your heart and use your power it’s never too late to fight for your life even if it’s against your own shadow because the greatest obstacle you will ever face is you Wow

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  1. Hope you all enjoy this promo! Honestly, because I couldn't move the next day! This is really important and meaningful to me and I'm so happy I was able to share it. To pre-order my book, go to Thank you for your continuous support in everything I do. Love you xo

  2. I loved it when Lilly's mouthpiece flew out from her mouth. I love to see women's boxing when the mouthpiece flew out.

  3. Hey Lily! Is there a link between the your BAWSE and Jay Z's with Beyonce's pronunciation of the word BOSS in their new song "BOSS", it sounds similar to your.. [bau:s] …??? 🙂

  4. I'm obsessed with you u are soo cool and I promise I'll visit u on every single tour and congratulations on making a book 1 love superwoman that is a wrap and zoop like if agree

  5. Book was great!! Read and it and learned something new, check it out!!

  6. I literally nearly cried when I saw you bleed and get bruised when punched you I like had a reflex and got out of my seat I was…

  7. Lilly always makes my day, even if I had the worst day ever she doesn't fail to make me smile!!!☺

  8. Damn. This just made me cry. This, is why I love you. So damn real, so inspirational. So deep. As someone who has struggled with depression and anxiety my entire life, I really relate to this. Definitely going to be buying your book. Thank you for not giving up, thank you for being you, and thank you for helping others.

  9. love it. this is truly emotional. just really really wanna thank you for doing what your doing and i just love the fact that your being yourself. im from sri lanka and i wanna request something… how about a show in sri lanka yoo!!! really looking forward for more videos and inspirational books. love you superwoman. youre my role model. PS : indian and sri lankan cultures are pretty similar so i just love relating your videos to our parents and cultural stuggles <3 YOU ROCK!

  10. Heyyy Lilly!!! Read your book today!! It’s so insightful and kept me interested all the way!! This is the most amazing book ever!! Great work!! Love you 😘😘

  11. In what I think sounds like the words of Lilly, "That was some lit ish". With all videos of her's I have watched how have I never seen this. I really liked how she turned failure into success

  12. "mold your failures into success!"
    I cannot wait to review this book and watch how the tips I incorporate in my life create a new life and state of mind for me!
    Thank you for this book!

  13. This book is totally changing my life, i keep reading it over and over again, its ritual now thank you so much <3

  14. OMG! I cried, and Lilly, I want you to know that I'm a young girl, taking you as my biggest inspiration! Youre a true BAWSE!

  15. More than 2 years later, THIS VIDEO IS STILL SO POWERFUL, STRONG, AND INSPIRATIONAL!! This video is truly always my answer and escape from self-doubt and negative thoughts!! The visual images and the intense message never fails to re-spark my soul. Thank you so much, Lilly, one love. xx

  16. This is beautiful and inspirational. Happiness is the only and hardest thing you will ever fight for. Better make it worth it. 🙌

  17. Lilly straight up you are a superwoman and you change lives. You are the living example of what live could be and you are a BAWSE…….
    I feel that this book is starting to change my life entirely….

  18. I can't believe i haven't watched this until now! I've read the book already and it blew my mind! <3 Love you Lilly

  19. That was amazing!!! I’m sure this helped many young people battle through their problems, really inspiring.😘❤️

  20. OMG I love you Lilly 😍❤️😭
    You are such an inspiration ❤️ continue shining ❤️❤️❤️ you're superwoman indeed

  21. I have your book and so far I trust whatever you wrote. You added Game of Thrones which is amazing dude

  22. I binge read your book today.. And chapter 41 – your ex wasn't right for you, you wrote that for me.. I dated this guy in 2015, and i used to beat myself for it.. Like what if I won't find someone like him, what if he was the 'one'?

    Trust me I when I got to chapter 41, I told myself let me not read this now, and go shower. So I showered, ate and felt ready to take the punches.. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    The world has 7 billion people, it is unfair to put him as the standard of love… And after four years of self blame, I am letting him go today..

    Lily, you wrote that chapter for me.
    Thank you😭😭😭

    💜 from Tanzania

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