How to add Visual Composer template in Gutenberg

hi everyone its Adam here in this tutorial I'll show you how to insert any visual composer template in your Goldenberg layout would be visual composer block the first step is to download gutenberg template block add-on from the visual composer hub so open the hub locate the add-ons tab and here it is to insert a template in Goldenberg you need to have it made in visual composer I have this pre-made section template here so this is what I'm going to use next step is to open the guttenberg editor the visual composer block works like any other native block click on the plus icon here and search for a visual composer now simply add it to the page let's click on choose template and that opens a window on the right with a drop-down where you can choose any template you've created in visual composer I'm obviously going to choose the section template from before now you can see that the template is added let's move it to the top and check how it looks as our template be exactly like in visual composer and now you can add any visual composer templates your golden Berg thank you all for watching and enjoy

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