How Terry Bradshaw slammed Texas QB Sam Ehlinger on local TV

today we're going to talk about why Terry Bradshaw probably drinks for free in Oklahoma for styling on Texas quarterbacks after the bumper its RJ Jeong I am NOT on a step now consider hitting the like and subscribe button because I upload a video every single day always oh you ready college football related sports later we have a good time and today well we got to talk about why Terry Bradshaw drinks for free in Oklahoma probably permanently and how this really epic video came to be now has a bit of back story here first Terry Bradshaw made his way down to Ruston Louisiana to LA Tech which is his alma mater to give a commencement address and KTBS the local TV station there when a really cool and funny piece where Bradshaw got up looking like Terry Bradshaw looks today and put together this take a watch little long but worth your time please get ready to embark on pro careers Freeport natives stream for native Terry Bradshaw's playing days are long over Louisiana Tech legend remains a public figure all the things quarterback was interested recently and Alex Anderson as the story online he's always happy to return the king's this is my University I graduated here I worked hard here nobody gave me anything Louisiana Tech athletics has a rich tradition at this year's spring graduation the Bulldogs welcome to one of the all-time greats Terry Bradshaw to campus to deliver the commencement speech he's kind of low man when the total closed today when they would coming through with all those degrees although I did match that some soon someone soon as come on Al whatever she was three 737 and I have 365 and everybody laughs but it's cumulative you know you had that ball four years three six five and then how you do it I saw a very sharp guy myself while his accomplishments on the football field M outshine those in the classroom the four-time Super Bowl winner is making sure his stories are always remembered in reston the reason my football memorabilia and all I have is here I don't have anything else that's there for the athletes this job that you can come to a school that's not LSU it's not Notre Dame just as the Bulldogs will never forget Bradshaw the city of Reston is on his mind I really love this place I feel like just kind of a part of me that really is missed out of a lot of joy and life but not moving here to stay in here Bradshaw now spends his days on Fox talking about the NFL but is keeping a close eye on his favorite team well things are so proud of your tech it's our boys they love it that afraid of anybody and that it to me is just like the coolest thing let's know miss lock it up was loaded up the sky on the field and then that that means a lot to me a lot of you knows a lot of a lot of fight here no fear factor no luck that okay so that piece ran and was published on the interwebs on June 4th and the video that I'm about to show you came to light on June 27th so the journalist but my brain right goes says hey why are we just now seeing in this awesome video that I'm about to show you right now well it turns out CBS Austin sports director is the guy who posted the video and then I made a quip about it and I post it to my Twitter account but CBS is Austin sports directors name is Bob Ballu and he said hey I got to thank sports director at KN o e8 Aaron Dietrich's for finding this thing what had happened was Dietrich found this when he was going through the entirety of Terry Bradshaw's comments and he sent it to a guy that might be able to use it in Austin Texas because Wow Terry Bradshaw off the top row talking about Texas quarterbacks and in particular aarg Ehlinger take a listen I never understood why players would want to go and stack up like Texas we open up with Texas this year and one year they signed three five eight quarterbacks two are now gone and one that's playing anything you know ain't that good and I'm like really five eight you watch them throw the football you go man alive where they like they go there and they can't throw the football I'll take our boys any day and that my friends is how Terry Bradshaw comes to be a person who drinks for free in Oklahoma for thrashing not one not two but three Texas Longhorn quarterbacks in a very short amount of time Terry Bradshaw congratulations for being persona non grata in Austin and probably always welcome in the state of Oklahoma that's it for me ghosts

27 thoughts on “How Terry Bradshaw slammed Texas QB Sam Ehlinger on local TV

  1. La Tech beats Texas….not that big of an upset given Herman's performance against lowly Maryland the past two years

  2. Sam finished fifth in terms of QB rating in the Big 12 last year…Hmmmmm? How could anyone argue with Bradshaw, arguably the best QB ever? Sam cant hit the long ball ( I think Texas longest pass was like 48 yards!!!!) Sam would be GREAT as a FB in the wishbone…three yards and a cloud of dust

  3. It’s Six A these days in Texas. And you were a backup to Phil Robertson ( yes the duck dynasty star ). So tell us Bradshaw, who ain’t that good!

  4. Lmaooooo, did he look at the stats for the tech qb before he spoke, dude had like 15 TD's with 10 interceptions , while Sam had 5 ints all season, but yeah he'll take his boys.

  5. Terry is trippi'n talking about the kid like that. He's not a pro yet. Just a kid……Down with the shorthorns…..BOOMER!!!!!

  6. RJ, how did I know you were going to do a video on this? Is this an channel about OU football or is it a channel about your secret obsession with Texas?

  7. It's his opinion.
    Now it's true and Rj has mentioned it before the knock I have on Ehlinger is in his passing accuracy at times particularly on deep routes.
    Will be interesting to see how this plays out.
    Have a good one be blessed and Hookem.

  8. I didn't see the video where it was mentioned about mayfield and Bradshaw making Sam the most important QB college because he is a hot topic

  9. Dude was drunk. Can you name these 3 5A QB’s we signed and what two left? Sounds to me like he’s confused fro the heavy amounts of moonshine.

  10. Also RJ I wanted this in a separate comment.Although I’m a Texas fan I’m 15 and I enjoy your videos they’re entertaining even though your an OU fan.

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