How Re:Zero Changed from Light Novel to Anime – Adapt or Die

38 thoughts on “How Re:Zero Changed from Light Novel to Anime – Adapt or Die

  1. I tend to watch any anime from a reaction video or with a friend/family member.
    I don’t know why, but I don’t usually watch anime by myself instead of watching someone reacting to it.
    However, I do enjoy reading Light Novels and Mangas by myself in my free time.
    I’ve only watch and finish watching a reaction for Re:Zero last week, but still interested in reading the Light Novel for this.

  2. Idk why when people say anything good about re zero people jus start bashing the show, it’s seen all over the comment section. “Re Zero was the anime that made me cry the most”<——“nah, it trash bro, you obviously haven’t seen good shows”. “Re zero is one of the best shows aired recently”<——“Nah it’s garbage, trash mc, xxxx show is better”

  3. "subversive"

    Not really, it uses subversion as a subversion… It still commits to the tropes it pretends it subverts.

    Want an example? Ignoring the "death" being hit by a car, as it's not exactly… obvious that the idea is Subaru wouldn't actually know he got hit if he died instantly so he just walked into the middle of the street and "poof"

    Lets look at the alley scene, it introduces us to the trope of a heroine coming to save him in the alley, subverts the trope by having the girl leave him as she's running away with her stolen goods. "Subverted" right? Well then immediately after that another Heroine shows up, and this heroine lets on that she's too busy to help him and will leave him behind without helping him, which subverts the same trope… up until she subverts that subversion by helping him anyway leading to a lap pillow scene.

    This anime is cool and it does a lot of original things and plays really well on a "video game power" being a psychological horror. Who knew respawning after death constantly having watched friends and loved ones die over and over before getting it right would not only turn you into a selfish ape, but also an emotional wreck.

    It's a good anime, but I'm damn well sick of hearing people say that it "subverts" anything, as most of the time it simply recognizes something is a trope, might make a subversive gag about it before returning and saying "but seriously though the trope we're making fun of is what actually happens"

  4. 18:56 That bit about them talking bad about lord clown face is actually a big change from the anime. In the anime they never show Emilia having any distrust of lord clown face, so you're left assuming they're allies since they work so closely.

  5. Why would you say "impressive sakuga and choreography" instead of "impressive animation and choreography"? It doesn't even mean animation in Japanese, it apparently means drawing. Just looks like incorrect forced usage of Japanese to me that just makes you look more like a weeb.

  6. For the ones that are mad at Subaru for not choosing Rem, imagine this: You found a super beautiful girl who is the kindest person, and treats you better than anyone, you fall in love with her and even tho she is not in love with you she cares deeply about you and doesn't see you as a just a friend, meaning that you have a fair chance with her, along the way of you trying to get the girl appears a girl that you really care for, but only see as a friend and tells you beautiful things and that she loves you. You'd think it's a no brainer because you are not in that situation, but if you choose the girl that you don't love instead of the girl that you love, even if the girl that you love is cute and loves you, you'll always regret it. Subaru would always be like, damn I got Rem, she fucks good, but in my dreams all I see is Emilia, she never turned me down and I just chose the open option that was there. I mean if she had rejected him, had a relationship with someone, was a bad person with him or say that she would never be with him, then, of course, he should be with Rem, but that's not the case. If you have chances with the girl of your dreams, would you conform with the first girl that shows love to you?

  7. You know I’d consider this the greatest anime of all time of Emilia rejected Subaru at the end of all this . I’d laugh for weeks until my soul completely evaporated

  8. OK this is a two years after you posted but please SUMMARIZE. What are the differences in general? We don't need 24 minutes of listing every tiny difference between the two. Just say "they're really similar" and give a few examples.

  9. I was gonna subscribe but then you said "Second best grill rem" leaving me the choice to only like the vid… .

    The video was good,keep up the goodwork :'))

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