How Reading Will Change Your Life • Fundamental Benefits of Personal Development Books

this is your life here you can find everything that’s relevant to your house your job your friends your car your family and so on but your dreams and goals or by definition outside of your current life the question is how can you attract these dreams into your wife [Music] I’m sure that you want to achieve something from having a healthy life to creating your own business everyone is changing after something the good news is that you will surely find someone successful who has already wrote a book about what you are looking to achieve there is always at least one high quality book in every possible topic the authors of these books will present to you their IDs and experiences guidelines that you can follow to achieve your goal it’s a simple concept but one day is highly underrated let’s take an example on how this works imagine that you want to create financial freedom and stop worrying about money then you will have to research what are the top books on personal finances you can read the books reviews online and decide which one can help you the most let’s say that in your research you find the book Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki here is when the magic of knowledge transfer starts to happen through the book you will learn the guidelines and techniques on how to use financial intelligence to make the money work for you in this way the book works as a connection between the author and yourself between an expert in personal finances and yourself you start to receive mentoring through a very flexible channel you can consult the ideas of these mentor anywhere and anytime you need them the final step and this is where most people get it wrong it’s to take action and apply the knowledge you learned the book will give you the theory to achieve your goals but is up to you to build a bridge to go get them you have to create your own strategy in this case for example you will have to take control of your finances and create an investment strategy at the end grading can give you all the tools and intellectual resources to achieve your goals but you have to find the strength to complete all the process the first step is to be able to identify what are you wanting your wife it’s obvious but you have to question yourself what do I want the second step is to make an online research to find the best books available relate to the thing you want to achieve the third step is to take all the knowledge from the author so you can understand how they get their success and the fourth step is to apply the knowledge you gained in order to build a bridge between your goals and your life

9 thoughts on “How Reading Will Change Your Life • Fundamental Benefits of Personal Development Books

  1. Excellent video – I've wanted to make personal development videos for awhile and this is very cool and rather inspiring. What software did you use to make this?

  2. Hey Full Perception, after watching your video I checked out your website. Your project looks very promising!
    However on your Blog your have this grey text on orange background. For me this is almost impossible to read.
    You may want to ask other people on their opinion about this.
    I wish you all the best with your project. Keep going man!

  3. I found you in the comment section of practical psychology. I don't think I have ever stumbled upon a channel from a comment section with 2 videos and under 100 subscribers with such high quality videos. Good work, I hope you keep uploading and stick with it. I even clicked the bell for you.

  4. I love the movie 🙂 But a quick tip, I would try to make your voice a bit more entertaining / less monotonic. Keep up the great work!

  5. News flash you’ll never achieve what you wanted to achieve. By the time you acquire it you will want to achieve something else. News flash. Love. Move. Read.

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