How Oklahoma lost and Texas A&M won Texas recruiting with move to SEC

today I want to talk about how the SEC has changed recruiting in the state of Texas and all that's coming up after the bumper what's ok folks its RJ young I am NOT on a step now consider hitting the like and subscribe button because I upload a video every single day oh you're late college football late sports really we have a good time today I want to talk about how Texas A&M has really cleaned up in recruiting in the SEC and I think in a large part because they're in the SEC but that's because they're the Texas School in the SEC and yes the SEC has got more Texas kids but not in the way you think and I kinda want to unpack this because max Olson had a really great story in the athletic and I actually wrote down some numbers here that I think give us a fuller picture of what the effects of am going to the SEC has had on the state of Texas and recruiting because we've been thinking that hey look now that ampersand U is in Southeastern Conference folks like Alabama Florida Georgia LSU the like are all going to start coming into Texas and going a look we can get these kids because we play in the conference we're gonna come back to the home state play a game and that's kind of true but kind of not so check it out from 2008 to 2012 there were 246 blue chips in Texas that means Texas signed 79 of 246 kids right Oklahoma signed 32 and ampersand you sign 29 now for giggles Texas Tech got 15 of those kids from 2008-2012 Baylor got 11 unless you got 11 and Oklahoma State got 9 right so then from 2013 to 2009 how has this changed with ampersand you being inside of the SEC and we've getting into some coaching turnover and how bad ampersand you us but follow me here there were more right almost a hundred more 327 blue chip kids and when I say blue chip I mean four star and five star kiddos according to 247 composite in Texas Texas got 69 of those ampersand you got 65 and Oklahoma got 28 now check this the next closest to those three schools Baylor got 18 tell us you've got six Alabama got 15 TCU got 14 and then Tech fall off a cliff it got seven and Oklahoma State and Ohio State each got nine and Notre Dame got eight in that same amount of time so TCU gets way more Texas kids than we think and that we you know we we'd like to think of TCU as the kind of place that needs to recruit a state of Texas to go get Talent not a select row it's just Gary Patterson doesn't always keep the guy that he we think he wants and then ends up getting a blue chip recruit 14 out of the 327 available inside of the 2013 to 2019 window it also kind of sheds light on how the kiddos view the SEC turns out these these children want to play in the SEC but they would love to do it in the state of Texas and ampersand U is capitalizing on that because we've seen their recruiting pick up tremendously I mean we're talking about going from what 29 to 65 that's more than double the amount of recruits that you were able to get just from moving from the big 12 to the Southeastern Conference now Mike Sherman also went 25 and 25 in that 2008 to 2012 window and Kevin Sumlin had Johnny Manziel and Kliff Kingsbury as his offensive coordinator and then we got Jimbo Fisher coming in there doing what he's doing plus ampersand you threw 483 million dollars into stadium renovations because they wanted people to piss in their pants when they walked on in the Kyle Field I understand that I get that that's all well and good I also think that Oklahoma was really the loser when we're talking about who got what when ampersand you went to the Southeastern Conference not just because they lost like four recruits net right but because if oh you move to the south thing the conference do you think that they wouldn't be able to out recruit ampersand you I think it would just look at the track record you know that's not shade toward am presenting you or even the homer thing that's just what it is because Oklahoma's made the college football playoff three of the five times it's been played and the last two and won the last two Heisman right and they both of those kiddos Baker Mayfield and Colin Murray from Texas you know I mean and then you're looking at the roster and you're going well okay 32 out of the from 2008 to 2012 and 28 from 2013 2019 now Oklahoma also recruits nationally but so does everybody else that I just listed out in those top three Texas Texas A&M and of course Oklahoma ampersand you would love to be able to go to California more would love to be able to go to Florida more we'd love to be able to go to Ohio more and get some of those blue chip kiddos Oklahoma's been going to Georgia Oklahoma's been going to California it could go more to Texas and get some of the dudes that we all just pills it in or going to Texas I think if it was in the Southeastern Conference I think this is all really interesting as we continue to watch how recruiting goes particularly with top recruits coming out of state your text is more and more I know that Zach Evans is at the top of the list we'll talk about offensive recruits out of Texas but that 2021 class is already really good Cody Jackson committed to Oklahoma to me say a deli a that dude is going to be a dude no matter where he goes whether it be Ohio State Texas A&M Oklahoma what have you and the more you stay around the Houston area the more you can see man they got they got the potential to just be really good if you can just get those kiddos and you can get those kiddos if you get to say that you play in the SEC because why you play Alabama you play LSU you play Georgia and if your am person you don't really have to play them all that much I mean they got this watered-down rivalry game with South Carolina it's not like they got to play Georgia every year it's not like they got to play Alabama every year you know I mean I just I just mmm well I guess you look in a schedule and they do have to they do have to play Alabama every year well I'd love to play Alabama every year that's a game that I could really recruit to would it be able to get all kinds of officials on which I think I understand you they get to do if you got LSU on a schedule like they did last year you get kids to come every time you got that home game yeah the more I look at this the more I think if there's ever realignment again Oklahoma just needs to fold this conference because everything is going to the southeast have more people in the southeast and more football crazy in the southeast Southeastern Conference has decided we're going to be football in a way that the big 12 just simply has not all right that is it for me noses

31 thoughts on “How Oklahoma lost and Texas A&M won Texas recruiting with move to SEC

  1. But, how many of these kids are going to College Station, only to realize A&M isn't what they thought or hoped and ditching? Kyler isn't the only one

  2. Rj, there is a 5star DLB from Alabama named Eyabi Anoma that is NOT enrolling again this year with the TIDE machine washing liquid! Maybe an OU look bro?

  3. OU has gotten the top offensive players the last couple years out of Texas. Have had trouble getting the top defensive players because of how the league and OU is viewed and guys like Bobby Tre Brown, Leon O’Neal, etc go to A&M because the SEC view. Gotta change that narrative somehow.

  4. RJ I've always said that was one of the biggest mistakes Oklahoma made not going to the SEC when they had a chance the Big 12 is look down on all the great defensive players go to sec can U imagine Oklahoma playing Alabama Georgia and LSU every year you talk about the DEFENSIVE recruits coming to Oklahoma well Oklahoma had their chance

  5. the sec needs to be ou's next conference! iron sharpens iron! if you want to be the best you need to play the best! while i know this statement will be unpopular with ou fans. but its true!

  6. You really honestly believe that OU can out Recruit jumbo fisher ??? In the SEC ??? Your a numbers guy Lets talk numbers , jumbo fisher first recruiting season under the Aggie he got them to a top 5 recruiting ranking . Jimbo only had less than 3 month to sign recruits ? And he did that in 3 months. Lmao so tell me again how can OU out recruit jimbo????

  7. The big 12 is weak compared to the SEC and the Big Ten but no one talks about Clemson and the ACC, which in my opinion is the least competitive conference right now if you disregard Clemson

  8. It is what it is as Bob Stoops would say. I think the Big12 is a strong conference and at some point will pick up a couple of premium Universities and then become a dominant conference. Lincoln understands the young men he coaches more than most coaches and OU will continue to be greater than the sum of its parts.

  9. Big 12 conference is fine, Texas is getting its share of the state as usual. Landthieves problem is no defensive blue chips don't want to go to Norman after the past two seasons. If ou went to the SEC, prepare to get Arkansas'd. Bama, GA and Florida run that conference. Don't let aggy fool you.. Fisher is never winning a championship there. Watts and Manning decommitments aren't a Big12 problem, it's a grinch, my current team sucks problem.

  10. "Sell the sizzle, not the steak." ESPN has created a lot of SEC sizzle and A&M is using it to get recruits to buy their Spam.

  11. Honestly the big 12 dying just makes me sad. I miss all the old rivalry games like ou-nebraska, ou-missouri, baylor- texas a&m, kansas-missouri and so on. I know its inevitable, but I feel like with another realignment only more would be lost.

  12. They are out of Texas shadow… Texas would always be the big brother as long as they was in the same conference…. They get to be a solo act as the only Texas school in the SEC… it definitely helps.💯💯💯

  13. The SEC is the best conference and has been for a while. If OU gets into the SEC they will play, Bama, Georgia, LSU A&M , Auburn etc on their schedule in the regular season. Maybe not all the same year. But, some combination. Stating that. What if any scheme changes will OU have to make to play in SEC?

  14. Aggy has recruited great, but this wont have any bearing on them winning. They continue their mediocrity. Texas and OU will continue to take over Texas recruits.

  15. Texas A&M has always recruited well.
    Sumlin and Jimbo are great recruiters.
    What they do with it on the field is mid-pack, pretty much what they did while in the Big 12.
    If Jimbo has another lame 500 season, recruiting will suffer.
    R.C. Slocom recruited well, but couldn't beat anybody when it really counted.
    A&M, one of the most over rated programs in College football.

  16. I agree with Rj on this one.
    Texas A&M really helped themselves by going to the sec because the B12 is a sinking ship.
    Football wise.
    The writing has been on the wall for a long time.
    Plus they would've never been able to hire Fisher away from Florida State if still in the B12.
    In business you hear location location location A&M has Houston pretty much as a backyard that not only hurts Ou but the other big schools in Texas.
    The Aggies are in a really great spot to be in.

  17. Give Riley the talent at Aggy, Texas, Alabama and he wins conference championships. Of course he does that anyway. My point is coaching is the difference maker in todays game. OU has a long history of targeting talent from smaller high schools and developing those kids. Back to Aggy – they (like Texas) recruit from a handful of big, successful high school programs. Personally, I think lots of those kids are (based on history) more hype than legit 4 and 5 star players.

  18. Aggy has a long history of great recruiting and doing nothing with it. Playing in the SEC means zero as Aggy doesnt compete in the SEC…

  19. I really think is on how you use the players and their ability knowing their abilities, if you don't your players you don't really your ( kids)

  20. They play, LSU, Bama, and Auburn every year…if you want OU to win title why would you want them to go to the SEC? Ya'll have been to the playoffs the last 3 years. Just win thats it. Easier path to the playoffs is literally in the Big 12.

  21. The minute we join the SEC is the minute we get our financial heads handed to us on a platter. The good old boys down there got all the money on lockdown. BTW, how many great Qb's did they get with all that recruiting?

  22. I ultimately think it plays out on the field. Texas A&M has been recruiting well, yea. But playing in the sec west is a meat grinder. Chances of winning the SEC west is slim. Yes that could change with the Jimbo Fisher special sauce. I just think the lack of championships will ultimately work itself around in recruiting. But yea I know, it’s the SEC:/.

  23. As an Oklahoma traditionalist, I am not for OU leaving the Big 12. Oklahoma was the Big 6; Oklahoma was the Big 8, and Oklahoma is the Big 12. Oklahoma under Bob Stoops did not recruit the blue chip talent that well. However, Lincoln Riley is beginning to bring 5 star talent into Oklahoma. When Oklahoma start getting top level talent, as Barry Switzer and Bud Wilkerson did; Oklahoma will dominate once again. Oklahoma does not go somewhere were things are centered around Alabama. Oklahoma stays were things are centered around Oklahoma. Once OU has the talent and the scheme; things will be back to normal. Where Oklahoma never bowed out to someone else's dominance. We built this league on our dominance before and we will do it again. Boomer Sooner young man!!!

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