How Much Time Does Creating Social Media Content Take?

lien box company asks Gary how long do you spend creating a single piece of content do you focus on video because it's more natural for you lene this is a great question and really ironic timing so obviously you know for the from 2006 to deep into 2014 every piece of content that came out came out for me then we started building this amazing team and so I assume you're asking about my content I don't think about it at all meaning I have religion of thank you economy crush it and Jab Jab right hook and I'm execute off of that clearly comes from me weirdly insanely that we're doing this question today because last night I started using Twitter's new video product where I can reply within app and so I'm replying a lot more with video and so when I was putting out content to put out it was video first in mind because I thought that was the best way that I could communicate the reason you're seeing so much more medium and and written articles is Steve and India helping me transcribe these things into written form so I think that for me I did think video first but it was hard to execute video first for a while back in oh seven eight nine I had a flip cam with me and I would tape stuff for that whole process now I can do it right from the Twitter app they made it available for verified users so if any of you are verified you can go check it out and I assume they'll roll it out for everybody soon so I don't overthink it I think way too many people overthink it we're living in a culture where kids are growing up overthinking it every 14-year old girl on the planet is taking an Instagram photo that's taking her 47 minutes because she needs the lighting just right and then if it doesn't get enough likes within the first four minutes she's taking it down I have the reverse of that rigger the the you know Mike and I were working out last night talking about like how much I've leaned down and all these things and then I were talking about people commenting and I was like yeah of course because I would take literally the most unflattering pictures of all time I could care less about lighting I don't even understand how I think only this year I realized oh the Lighting's got to come this way versus me being in the light like right I mean like I really really don't care about the angles and things that make sure I care about the substance I know I'm pretty keep the laps in I want everybody know what the three of you thought about oh you know keep the stop keep the scoffs indie-rock next question

16 thoughts on “How Much Time Does Creating Social Media Content Take?

  1. I struggled to create content until I stopped trying to create. I started documenting moments of my day and using those to feed my strategy and share on social. I started bring my life into my videos and being real.

  2. I'm in social media overload just thinking about all the things people are saying to do….I'd love to know how you get into the habit of knowing when to post because I can become so engrossed in my videos or editing or watching you for example and then before you know it, it's bed time and another day has gone by that my social media's gone out the window…Please tell me I'm not alone on this….I work hard too….time to work smart…and produce quality content.

  3. I'd say starting out is more time consuming as you get more comfortable in front of the camera. If you are looking for a really efficient way to crank out video content for social media, try out our tool: . Get creative in how you communicate with video, it doesn't need to be you talking in front of a camera, you can use pictures, text, stock video, etc to get your message across.

  4. Another video as always! I just wanted to get your opinion on cell phones and which one you use? I have the I phone I have the iPhone 5 and needing to get a new phone and ton between 6plus and maybe going android any advise would greatly be appreciated bro thanks again for so many amazing videos and the books rock going to order some for friends. Have a awesome day. ~P

  5. Gary, in some of your recent answers I see that you are missing the point you wanted to go for in the first place. Great to have in a team Steve and India to help you out transcribe what goes on in your head! Can we get some more insights that you have on other facts about how different kind of people are consuming or producing media these times? I am referring to the 14 year old behavior 😉 Keep hustling!

  6. Did you always find it easy to speak to a camera, or did it take a lot of time and outtakes to produce video in the beginning? I feel like producing a daily video for me is going to be such a time-consuming thing to commit to. Not that I'm not willing, but if it takes me hours to produce a 10-minute video I feel like I'm spinning my wheels.

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