How Much Money Do Authors Make?

how much money do authors make turns out I'm an author and this here is a letter from my publisher I mean what else could be in this letter you see I'd sold thousands of these books this is gonna be pretty exciting we're gonna open this together so stick around right in G Johnson hey it's Brian G Johnson helping you to stake your claim and amplify your message because nothing worthwhile happens until you inspire action you can publish all the content you want books podcasts videos on YouTube doesn't really matter until somebody takes action on your content now the good news is lots of people took action on my book trust funnel in fact I've sold thousands of copies I built a list without question it increased my earnings substantially it also led to speaking engagements and lots more I'm going to talk about that a little bit but first let's just rip into it Oh oh my god holy I mean pulleys oh my gosh ladies and gentlemen ladies and gentlemen inside the letter the envelope please is a letter and inside the letter now I can't I don't know how much it is for whoa two thousand two hundred and ninety five dollars that's actually more than I thought that's not really how authors make money and if you're about to publish a book I want to share some ideas and strategies that can ensure you you earn far more than a few hundred or a few thousand dollars now I've published a book to gain notoriety I published a book to increase my speaking engagements to be able to speak more to be able to get in front of people more so I could inspire action that's my whole Creed that's everything I do is to help people figure out how to inspire action and other people in being an entrepreneur gaining success is really about creating assets and here's the thing unfortunately you really don't get to decide what's an asset to somebody else however there are a few things that you can do in order to create what people perceive as an asset you see it's not up to me to decide if people think my channel here on YouTube is an asset it's up to those people that access my channel watch my videos and decide if my content is worthy of their time and it wasn't really whoa wasn't up to me need to decide if if this would be an asset but according to 99 people on Facebook they love this book and they've gained so much value from it that one of the really interesting things about where I'm at now is people seek me out all the time because I put in the work and created a great book I'm asked to speak across stages all over the country I've been asked to coach people and there hasn't been a lot of selling and the reason why as I went first and I provided value for people so the way you're really going to make a boatload of money with your book is to create truly a funnel and first to focus on the value create a book that adds value and then as you launch your book make sure you take the time to publicize it don't just start thinking about how you're going to launch your book a week prior I spent a few months with the last stages of my book launch to build an awful lot of buzz to get people aware it was coming out then the book sold it went number one across numerous categories that allowed me to get a lot of visibility and people wanted me on their radio show people wanted me on their stages people wanted me to coach them and help them out and these are the ways in which authors make money so forget book royalties unless you're Stephen King the way authors really increase their earnings as they create a book that is an asset they add value to people's lives and then when the book comes out poof pixie dust if you want to learn more about launching a book if you want to learn about my story and really see the steps I took to create a number one best-selling book across numerous categories on Amazon and then how I leverage that into the speaking deals to coaching clients and more check out the video and actually folks watching it would be check out the video in the YouTube card I hope I get this right regardless the video is there it's got great information it's based on gorilla getting for authors ryuuji Johnson

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  1. You are a great example Brian G. Possibly I too will have a book in
    the future! I appreciate your help. And I look forward to reading your book!

  2. Thanks, Brian. I just discovered you. Fun. But there was no link to your video about how to launch a book. Was the name of it "Guerrilla Marketing for Authors?" Could you please send me a link? I didn't find it on your channel. Thanks. And blessings on your ventures! I'm sure I'll be watching more of your vids.

  3. I started writing in the summer of 2009 (when I graduated 5th grade), and im still writing…sadly not as much now due my new job πŸ™ but I make voice impressions as a hobby

  4. I made the 100th like! =D FYI tho I'm watching this vid for a project at school buttttt u r funney kinda imma go now tho I feel like a creep so bye~

  5. I gone write a book it will sell millions. Then my book becomes a movie block buster I will earn 100s of millions and become filfy rich and then I will become a socialist / Liberal and talk down capitalism πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜¬πŸ˜¬πŸ˜ŽπŸ€“πŸ€“πŸ˜œπŸ˜Š

  6. The video is very helpful… really… I wanna be an author and I have idea but I don’t know how to start maybe you can give me some ideas

  7. How much do authors make? Question wasn't really answered. An ex. of an answer would be…. 99.99% of authors make less than $3000 per book. You never answered this.

  8. The book has three man characters that are Draid who is a cyborg samurai that was made for destruction but became good and Jason the main charater from first point of view and a hot girl named Lesie

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