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so I've been apartment hunting for the past eighteen hundred years and I've only almost died a handful of times so that's good one of those times is whenever I was looking at apartments and I thought wow this is very nice for 1,500 a month in rent and then formed me now it's 15,000 a month in rent and I was like well then at least can I have the apartment on the top floor because that would make jumping out my window a bit more successful I did not move there the problem is that it's pilot season and so all of the actors have moved back into Hollywood and now that they've moved back they've taken all of the good and yet inexpensive apartments so after looking at like all of these apartments right here I finally found a really nice one and I was inches away from signing the lease when all of a sudden this strange man creeps up behind me and whispers whatever you do don't and before I could inquire further he disappeared so the spirit if not getting um Hansel and Gretel for lack of a better term I decided to continue my search until I found one other lovely apartment down the road only to discover that a man had been murdered there not that long ago so the choice was then between living in a place that could be infested by evil Kalib eating witches and murders ville so i geniusly chose murders ville now my rent is going up but I'll soon have a delightful little apartment of my own where I can set up my studio in my living room and the good news is my books are still selling and I'm getting a lot of million views a month on this channel here so thank you for helping pay my friends so I suppose is a good way to lead us into the question of how much money you do authors make it's kind of funny because this is one of the most often asked questions that I get when I go to book signings and I never really know how to answer it politely because honestly it's a little bit like walking up to someone and going how much money do you make are you ready oh poor why am i shaking a suit coat without a person in it but at the same time it's a very legitimate question especially if you dream of making a living off of writing one day the truth is that every author's pay is different and an author kind of gets paid to different ways when I finish writing a book my agent takes my book to publishers and then publishers if they like it make an offer with what is called an advance and advance is a bit of money that a publisher is willing to pay upfront in order to buy a book the more copies that a publisher thinks they can sell the more that they're going to offer for the book for example Stephenie Meyer got seven hundred and fifty thousand dollars for the first three Twilight books which is a little bit unusual because most advances don't go that pick especially for a first-time author but her publishers Little Brown knew that the books would sell so they knew that they could offer her a lot but publishers don't always predict correctly because JK Rowling only got about four thousand dollars for the first Harry Potter book book deals can go anywhere from nothing into millions of dollars but that's the first way an author makes money so you have JK Rowling only got four thousand dollars for Harry Potter she would actually be writing on napkins these days and probably so abysmally depressed that she'd have given up writing altogether authors also get paid what are called royalties which means for every copy that I sell I get a little bit of money royalties are usually for about 10% of the cover price so that means that if a book sells for $20 then the author gets about $2 when you have something like Harry Potter which is sold over 450 million copies that math adds up to something along among so I carry over the one a little over four thousand dollars the only catch is that before an author actually gets a royalty check they have to earn their advance back so before JK Rowling got paid any more she had to earn back $4,000 worth of book sales which considering circumstances probably did not take very long at all but before someone like Stephenie Meyer got paid more she had to earn back seven hundred and fifty thousand dollars worth of sales which probably did not take very long either considering they exploded so really how much money an author makes is dependent on what you do if you buy a book you like and then you tell your friends about it and then they tell their friends about it and then they tell their friends about it pretty soon thousands of people are buying a book and I can pay my rent and hopefully bribe away the murderers why don't I put myself through these terrible adventures hey baby its blog you wanna see his videos to help get wise make sure you subscribe

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  1. What if your book isn't successful, and you don't sell enough to earn your advance back? Amazingly insightful video By the way. I'm subscribing

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  4. With your book did you have to go through a bookstore returnable program to get your book on bookstores

  5. i want to bw an author now, im really really really good at creating my own stories. In fact i creat stories that most people like.

  6. I sent my book to about 120 agents but none replied! Anyone know how to get agents for a fantasy book?

  7. hey im 11 and im going to publish my book soon hint it starts with the fa…. thats all I can say but its 40 or 50 pages so i might need some help on how to publish it thx

  8. Humorous and truthful–a great combination. Great Share with good info. I am so out there trying to find an agent or publishing for my great manuscripts. Look for my name in the near future. Got to do this before I die!

  9. I read that J K Rowling got 100,000 for Harry Potter and that another publisher bowed out of the bidding and would not bid 101,000 and regrets it horribly. So not sure where 4000 came from although $4000 is not surprising I know a guy who was offered only $2000 then there are all the authors like me that didn't get an advance at all but get much higher royalties with my smaller pub than the big publishers offer.

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