How learning German taught me the link between maths and poetry | Harry Baker | TEDxVienna

34 thoughts on “How learning German taught me the link between maths and poetry | Harry Baker | TEDxVienna

  1. German and English are in two different worlds. German has got the ability to combine words as in Sanskrit, English hasn't got it.
    So the Weltschmerz had been created. And how do you translate "bitterböse" or "spinnefeind" or "dankeschön" ? Then in the German language all substantives have got a gender: der, die, das. You have to grow up in order to learn them. Funnily the gender of the words is from a time which comes from the matriarchy time. So no wonder that the words sun, earth, world, art, music, power, strength, might and majesty are all female in the German language.
    Another fact is that English/American born persons have problems to pronounce German correctly. That is a problem with singers coming from the anglo/american world. In music the Germans had some influence in the singing areas, Lieder and opera songs are a must for any good singer and I discover always that the singers coming from an English/American country cannot pronounce the German language perfectly (there is one exception "Thomas Hampson").
    The German language has got many levels and accents. All Germans speak a dialect as "schwäbisch", which has got its own character, in a way superior to the official German taught at school. There is a huge influence from French and today from America. Hunderts of English words are integrated every year into the German language. That makes me think that one day English is fully integrated within the German language – in 1000 years.

  2. From this Talks I've learn't the English expression "to get your head around something". And I find it fascinating as it makes me imagine wrapping myself around something (a "building block") – absorbing it and turning it into a part of myself.
    Also, now I feel like doing some maths. Which – being too busy loving Humanities – I have't done since I graduated highschool.
    So yeah, this was definitely worth watching for me.

    (Also, while looking up some English words to express what this video thought me, I found out about some fun stuff about Japanese, too. How? Sometimes it's easier for me to look up and English word using a Japanese to English dictionary instead of a Hungarian one (which is my mother tongue). So I wanted to express how I was (and am still) very much into Humanities, I tryed looking up "muchuu" ("obsessed with; devoted to"​), I accidentally typed "uchuu" which means "outher space", and I just realised how those two are very similar. : D

  3. Is there a Tedxx , an off off Ted talk?
    I am old enough to remember when Tedx was edgy and controversial.
    Now it looks pretty mainstream.

  4. I was so immersed with German grammar, I was almost to make it"if" condition, like a programming. Sad story, I wad never really2 master it. Just enough to live in Germany. Very difficult language. Haha… You need to have a huge vocab, and even you understand the vocab, you need to understand the exact expression..the vocab has multiple meaning. Sound similar but very different meaning such as hören and aufhören. Maybe i am not talented or i did not put enough hours. Who knows. Haha

  5. The typical English Native Speaker is astonishes as he learn a foreign language: "Wow, it's so hard!" They don't learn a second language as the rest of the world learn english.
    I, as a German Native Speaker, found that quite naïve for a while. Yeah son, you have to put effort into it. But as I pondered upon it I realized that you only learn if you are forced to or you have a deep passion. If a English Native Speaker approaches me in 'broken Deutsch' I switch to english immediately to get the job done. And I love the chance to improve my english
    The Situation is like that for a Native Speaker. On the one Hand: Yes, you have a native tongue that is used all other the planet and that make things a lot easier for you. On the other Hand you have it much harder to learn another language because you are simply not likely to be forced to. a lot of People in the Netherlands talk four languages (Niederländisch, Deutsch, Englisch, Französisch) by the way… Why? Because they have to.

  6. I started learning German about a month ago and last night I had my first dream in German! 😄😄😄😄

  7. I heard French was good to learn to do maths and German good for physics. A word is a logic, that's especially true in German, but a language is more than words. I don't know any language that is as logic as maths, unfortunately.

  8. When you come to germany and the first thing you realize is, that there are a lot of turkish people… sad world.

  9. Germans were too lazy to think about new words so we just formed new words out of a few old ones and now every non-german thinks it’s amazing and hilarious

  10. One of the best videos I watched on youtube in a long time. Except the part with the spoon poem is hard to understand. At least for me^^

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