How I Use My Traveler's Notebook and Hobonichi As A Writer

28 thoughts on “How I Use My Traveler's Notebook and Hobonichi As A Writer

  1. I was trying to purchase the same hobonichi planner and your link is to a trace children’s book…

  2. I am an undisciplined writer, I would love to see more video's on managing your time and becoming more productive in writing. I am new to this channel and sorry it's taken me so long to find this channel. I am also new to TN's and love the idea of managing my writing and time in them.

    I love this channel and plan on spending more time here.
    A. Gregerson

  3. Hi Sarra, great videos. I'm curious where you got the clear plastic notebook covers for the four separate notebooks. Would you mind linking to those as well?

  4. This was a good watch, and good for those who are result-driven. Your journal is quite tedious, I like it! Thank you for sharing this with us.

  5. I loved your video. It was incredibly helpful, the way you plan is very cohesive and the travelers notebook is much more inclusive than an actual agenda and similar to bujo. Do you cover the A5 notebooks yourself of did you buy them like that.

  6. This was really great! I would love to "see" details. I think you should create your own Heart breathing or planner package with stickers and all. That's SO organized!
    Oh, and 5-figure word count in a day??!!!! Incredible!

  7. love both your channels! can you please do a detailed "how to write" kinda series, which covers all aspects of writing a book.. from brainstorming to plotting to character profiles to first drafts and edits etc… would love to see them! and cant wait for you to launch your writing course!

  8. I have began 3 books and published none. I get stuck at 90% when everything is all over the place and instead of editing I just start a new book. How do I self publish?

  9. So glad I found this video today! I'd stopped using my Cousin Avec for planning because half of it was going to waste (daily pages). This has really helped me figure out how to use the Cousin for realistic long and short term goal setting and planning. Now I'm off to see how you use your Happy Planner — I've turned mine into a basic discbound for chapter plotting and character creation.

  10. Thanks for this! I was watching other TN videos about planners until I finally realized I should search for someone using it as a writer, like me. And this was just as helpful as I had hoped. Lots of good ideas and food for thought!

  11. Hi there! Happy to find another self-published author on YT! 🙂 Will be checking more of your videos. I’m trying to organize my writing journal and I’m glad I came across your channel.

  12. I found your videos by typing in the phrase "Goal, Motivation and Conflict". Something of which I was not aware just 2 weeks ago. I like how you give resources and references.

  13. Years ago, I used to use a Ziggy Planner that had a similar layout. Those no longer exist. Until your video, I'd never heard of the Hobonichi Techno Cousin planner. It is EXACTLY what I like in a planner: annual, monthly, weekly and daily view. Thank you for sharing! Because of you, I am going to buy one for 2019. I've placed it in my current planner. Also because of you, I realized I was using my Weekly Planner Sheet as a to list where I was putting things on that came up for the week. I didn't realize I was doing this. Now, I am going to use my Weekly Planner to actually PLAN before the week starts.

  14. How do you make those icons? What is the tool you used? And what do I need to order from Etsy? It's beautiful, your notebook, but I am not familiar with icons and creating stickers. Would love to see a video on that.

  15. I've been wanting to see a writer using a TN and there you go. Love this and I love chic sparrow too. I have an a6 for my EDC and an A5 for my books

  16. This is all so amazing!! I’m so glad I found your channel (and blog!). I will be proud to know I’ve been with you since the beginning with this channel because your videos are just packed with great information and I know you will go far ♥️

  17. Hi Sarra! I am just getting around to commenting on your videos. I have such planner envy now, lol. My notes are in separate and varied spiral notebooks. This organization makes so much sense. Sanity-saver! Thanks 🙂

  18. I love your videos. Very helpful. If you can do one on a series bible, that would be helpful. I've tried and excell spreadsheet, but it's not convenient to use.

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