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You have been asking how I do my hair, so today I’m gonna take you through all of the steps. Before I get started, I just want to thank Prose for sponsoring this video. You guys have been asking me to try out custom hair care products lately, so I’ve been trying a ton and this has become my favorite one. What I like about Prose is they take into account a lot of things about your hair. They, of course, look at the texture, the length of your hair, how thick it is, you know, they’re really looking at your hair, of course. But they also look at your lifestyle, so whether that’s your diet, whether you exercise, the environment. You can even customize your ingredients. You can say you want them to be vegan, you can say whether you want silicone or you don’t want silicone, because some people do, some people don’t. You can ask for the products to be fragrance-free, or you can add a really beautiful fragrance. You can even ask for your products to be gluten-free. The way it works is you have a consultation on their website. It’s pretty quick, they ask you some really detailed questions. When your delivery arrives, you get a pre-shampoo mask, you get your shampoo, and you get your conditioner, and then another thing I really like about it is you get this. It’s a little pamphlet that tells you exactly what they took into account with your hair and all of the ingredients that they ended up using for your formulas. And I know that we talk about ingredients a lot when we refer to skincare, but I think the same goes into haircare. I know a lot of you are very wary of what you put into your hair and what you’re using on your skin. All the Prose products are free of sulfates, thalates, parabens, and even mineral oil so if that is something that you’re concerned about, you don’t have to worry about it with Prose. One of the reasons why Prose has turned into my favorite of all the custom hair care brands is because they have the Pre-Shampoo Mask. It is my favorite product that comes with this. It’s nice to have a shampoo and conditioner that has a formula that’s customized for your hair type but what I really like about a pre-shampoo mask is a lot of the time my experience with deep conditioners or masks like this for my hair is that it makes it feel too heavy. Sometimes I feel like there’s almost like, a layer of something. You know, like a conditioner on my hair after I use a hair mask. And that’s usually because it’s the last step while I’m washing my hair in the shower. So this instead, while your hair is dry, before you get in the shower, you apply it mid-lengths to the ends of your hair and then you let it sit for 5-15 minutes, however long you need to use it. I’m washing my hair maybe once a week so I use this like once every other week probably and then you get to shampoo it. And what people don’t realize when they’re shampooing their hair is really you just want to focus on your scalp. I know I had the pre-shampoo mask sitting on the ends of my hair, protecting it while I’m shampooing and then I rinse it all out together and then apply the conditioner and it makes my hair feel super smooth. Every time I use it, my hair just looks healthy and shiny. Thanks again to Prose for sponsoring this portion of the video. Now, onto the rest. Next, I always use a microfiber towel to soak up all the water from my hair. My favorite brand is Aquis, but you can get any microfiber towel even if it’s on Amazon or you know, at Bed Bath and Beyond, stores like that sell microfiber towels and they work really well to help cut out that time for your blow dry. I take my hair out after it’s been sitting in that for a little bit and then I apply my blow dry cream. This is the Perfect Smooth Blowout Lotion from NatureLab. I didn’t expect much when I pulled this out I wasn’t, you know, for some reason it looked like it was gonna be really thin for my hair or something. I don’t know what I was expecting, but because I didn’t have high expectations, it overexceeded my expectations because this stuff is great. It’s a color and heat protectant, that’s usually why I use a blow out cream in the first place is because I wanna make sure that my hair is gonna stay shiny and healthy, it’s not gonna get dried out whenever I blow dry it because I do spend a lot of time blowdrying my hair because it is so thick if you guys haven’t noticed. And that’s one of the reasons why I only wash my hair once a week is because you’re gonna see this is kind of a process But it’s gonna last, for me at least it lasts the entire week A little goes a long way. I put it from mid-lengths to ends. I avoid my root area because I don’t want it to look heavy, but I do sometimes put a little bit on my baby hairs so they don’t stick up. Next, it’s really straight forward. I let my hair actually air dry for a good amount of time because again, it’s so thick. I don’t want to have to blow dry it for over an hour which it could take if I did start from right after I got out of the shower until the very end of my blow out so instead, I let my hair air dry a little bit, and then I will take the hair dryer. This one is by CHI, it’s supposed to be kind of like the Dyson hair dryer so I’ve been trying it out. It’s very lightweight, it’s not super hot, and it’s got, you know, like a really good strength to it. I rough dry my hair first and I get to about 90% dry, and that’s when I pull out the round brush to smooth my hair out a little bit more and just make sure that it’s ready to go for curling. Next, I curl my hair and you guys are always surprised whenever I tell people this. I use a cheap curling iron. This is from Revlon. I love professional hair styling tools, I really do. They do work better than something like this. But I always end up just going to like, Walgreens, or the drugstore, Target, and picking up my curling iron because I go through curling irons a lot for some reason. Maybe it’s because they’re from the drugstore, I don’t know. But what matters to me most is the barrel size more than the brand. As long as it gets hot, and it works well, and it has either a 1″ or like this one does, it has a 1.25″ barrel. And when it comes to the way I curl my hair, I take little sections and I start about 2″ away from my roots and I clamp down and I start to turn it so that the curl starts to form from the center of the section instead of starting at the ends and rolling up. I know that you’ve probably seen a lot of people do that, it’s kind of the technique that a lot of hairstylists use these days and that’s where I picked it up from, is my hairstylist. And then I just make sure I leave the ends out just slightly so it doesn’t look like it’s too smooth and too perfect. And sometimes I’ll shift the direction of the way I’m curling, so sometimes I’ll curl mostly towards the back of my head, but sometimes I’ll shift it and curl forward, especially when I focus on this area I like my hair to frame my face instead. And then when I’m finished curling my hair, I let it set, so I actually let all of the curls cool down so that they hold a little bit longer because I know a lot of you say that your hair won’t hold curl so that’s one of the ways that you get it to stay, is to let all of the curls really cool down afterwards. And then I use a texturizing hairspray. This is one I’ve been trying, it’s called The One by Frederic Fekkai. This is the One and Then Some Dry Texturizing Spray that they have. It has like, a marine complex in it so it’s helping to make your hair really shiny and smooth too What I do, is I spray it along the roots and then I spray the curls just a little bit and I let it dry. Once it’s dry, I rake my fingers through my hair. Like, even if it seems like you shouldn’t do that and it’s gonna smooth your hair out way too much, I do it. You have to do it, you have to break up all the curls. And then I use a little pump of a smoothing oil. This one is also by NatureLab, I just started using it and I’m also impressed by it. It’s very nice. This one is a color and heat protectant, as well. What I like about this is you only need a little bit. I just do one little pump in my hand I make sure it’s all over my hand, I even get it between my fingers, and then I just start to go through all the ends of my hair. I never put it near my roots because I don’t want my roots to look oily. But you have to be careful because an oil can really make you look greasy. So I just stay towards the ends and I make sure I try to even it out everywhere and that really helps to lighten the curl so that they don’t look too curly. You wanna make sure they look like they’re loose, and almost like you woke up with curls, like it’s the second day hair. That’s kind of what I try to go for. When I’m on camera, I hairspray it a lot more than I would during the day if I wasn’t on camera. And that’s more because I don’t want my hair to be all over the place. But on a normal day, I wouldn’t use any hairspray at all I would just stick with these products. And if I’m really having issues with these little baby hairs, I’ll take a texturizing paste. This one is also by The One by Frederic Fekkai. This is their dry shampoo texturizing paste. It kind of feels like a powder that’s been turned into a little bit of a paste. I take a very little amount and I just smooth down the little hairs that I have sticking up. And then if I still have to do makeup or I know I’m not gonna go anywhere for the next hour or so, I make sure that those little hairs stay smooth and stay down by using these little clips. And I really notice the difference that it makes, especially because if you’re putting on makeup, you don’t want to get your makeup into your hair and stuff and it makes you very aware of it, but it does just make it set so that when you do take the clips out, you hair looks nice and smooth. So these are a great investment. So that’s how I do my hair. I know there are a lot of steps, I know there are a lot of products, but like I said earlier, I only wash my hair about once a week, I have really thick hair that happens to get frizzy, it’s naturally wavy, so this is what works for me. If you have the same hair type, you might want to give it a try. If you guys have any questions, feel free to ask me in the comments below. Find me on Instagram, I’m @SusanYara And I’ll talk to you soon, bye.

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