How I Rediscovered Books (In the Digital Age)

tell me if you can relate to this you were an avid reader of fiction as a kid the Harry Potter series The Hunger Games Bobby Pendragon Percy Jackson you ate them like ice cream you drank them like water and summertime after running around at the park you would spend hours in your bedroom in another world in another universe I was one of those kids that was my experience growing up but somewhere along the line like early teenage years that all ended I'm not sure it's a coincidence that I got my first smartphone when I was 14 years old suddenly there were a lot of other things capturing my attention you know better things to do I feel like many of us who are now in our 20s and 30s went through this I mean I went years without reading anything outside of what I was required to read at school last year though I rediscovered books and now they are my very favorite way to absorb new information I honestly think that every single book I have ever read has changed me in my perspective of the world in some way books are incredible in the sense that they are usually thousands were many thousands of hours of work and energy and knowledge condensed into a few hundred pages the author is imparting in you a piece of their lives of what they know or their imagination a part of them basically it's actually a beautiful concept if you think about it I have a few book recommendations but I'm gonna save that for the second half of this video and like I said before reading transports you to another place and I used to think that was exclusive to fiction but that's not true at all like I said it was only recently last summer actually that I rediscovered books through my smartphone actually believe it or not things always go full circle it's amazing I'm in listen to them in the morning when I go running when I'm cooking or before I go to bed but they're also wonderful to listen to when you're exploring the city or you know when I'm coloring footage I think I was really hungry for new perspectives and insights on life and now I'm just trying to make up for lost time because there's just something amazing about books and how they're able to expand your mind and perspective I think it's fair to say there isn't another medium that can go deeper on a topic honestly for much of the last decade I thought libraries were extremely boring places and my opinion of bookstores was only slightly better I just think circumstances played a big role I felt forced to be there for school projects for example maybe I was just a spazzy teenager but you know what I've realized that not all bookstores and libraries were created equal so I decided to take a trip to LA bibliothèque alcone Santos here in Mexico City is pretty well known here and you're about to find out why all right that's the building right there it's pretty big god this is craziness look at this look at that my god I like in shock right now this is insane don't focus on me all right I'm just gonna skedaddle out of the frame see you guys later beep continues check this out I came from over there that's like where I entered it continues on this side I must seem like such a typical American right now just blown away by everything this is kind of a random anecdote but I remember the first time I read an entire book in French I had to look up every other word it was a major struggle but I did it and it was a huge milestone for me mainly at this stage of my life I'm consuming self-help books or work on psychology and spirituality and it's almost entirely audiobooks but the point I'm trying to make here is that there's no right way to do it what matters is that books are in some way a part of your life learning new things has helped me with depression it's helped me with loneliness it's like it opens new doors when you think there's just no point it has never failed to give me even just a little bit of purpose in times when I have felt absolutely no sense of direction also you're looking at the work of many thousands of human beings doesn't that restore your faith in humanity a little bit look at what we're capable of my pieces are littered with book recommendations but I want this to be different I want to spark that same excitement and joy that I feel when I'm consuming a book in you so I'm gonna make this kind of like a visual and auditory experience I want to share what I felt when I was listening to four books in particular mmm-hmm here we go sapiens this book is a masterpiece nothing I've ever read has so greatly shifted my perspective on humanity listening to the sweeping prose on the origins and evolution of our race on this earth felt like I left my body and floated above the clouds from there I watched thousands of years unfold as our ancestors experienced all of the evolving wonders and horrors of what it meant to be a human something about this book just made things click for me how and why we operate and interact the way that we do the origins of tribalism religion and money and how these things exist in our world today I find these insights useful in my day to day life actually they kind of inform many of my decisions and how I interpret what occurs around me essentialism in a very confusing world where my options are now practically infinite and everyone is battling for my time and attention I needed an operating system with which to live life many times while I was growing up I felt like I was drowning never able to keep up while everything flew right by this book feels like the guide on how to handle it all Gregg McEwen defines essentialism as the disciplined pursuit of less but better when I began listening to this book I had the strange feeling that someone was describing the path that I Marty on like flashing a light down a dark tunnel that you're crawling through I could immediately see where I was headed just felt real it felt like a relief it felt like clarity on how to act and what to do one review of this piece some things up lightly less is more it's also less that's the point I can't think of a single person that wouldn't benefit immensely from this piece this way of life the dip Seth Godin is such a talented writer that several of his books could have ended up on here I picked this one because it's incredibly short and yet it was incredibly impactful for me in my career quitting for me has always been an ugly word I usually stick with things until the bitter end but this book really showed me that knowing when to quit can be an incredible skill as he said it quit or be exceptional averages for losers I listen to this while driving through the organ countryside at the very beginning of this year wondering if posting these videos online was going to work out for me all I can say is Seth you're the man Jonathan Livingston Seagull this is one of the very few books I've ever read multiple times throughout my life it's very simple and I think that's why I like it so much this book is definitely not for everybody and I do believe that it requires an open mind but for those that can connect with the story I feel like it has a lasting impact it's the story of Jonathan the seagull that is unsatisfied with just learning how to fly this is a bird with an intense desire to learn and to push limits and boundaries this book is about his journey the stages he goes through the obstacles that he faces I almost don't want to say anything else about it maybe because I don't want to get the wrong idea or to elevate expectations you could almost call this a children's book you can easily read it in one sitting but trust me when I say that it will live in your mind for far longer than that just a final note about it I highly recommend actually reading this one rather than listening to it and to get the holder version which I have linked to down below but the newer version and the audio version really kills some of the magic by adding things that are needed the original was perfect as it was in my opinion I hope that this moved you in some way I guess this is sort of a way for me to express my gratitude to the authors of these books whatever you do if books are not currently a part of your life try to bring them back they will change you there's a link to a free 30-day trial with audible in the description below which basically means that you could try the first book at no cost at all if it doesn't work for you you know audiobooks is in your thing or you don't like one of the titles that's totally cool you know it's not for everybody but all I'm saying is give it a shot and if you're interested I will be sending out more book recommendations vmi newsletter so you can sign up to that also in the description down below finally you can help keep this project going by supporting me on patreon where I upload exclusive and bonus content and you can also follow my progress on Instagram thank you guys so much for watching and you know for being a part of this whole thing I feel incredibly lucky to have you guys on this ride with me so see you soon

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    Thanks for watching! I really appreciate the support.

  2. Hi Nathaniel. I've never seen such a beautiful way to present books. It's creative, talented and moving. Thanks for that. I'm not an audio reader but I'll probably take a look at it 🙂

  3. Those shots are incredible. I don't know about filmmaking but I'm from the dink fam and I know that you put in so much of effort behind it. I really hope that your sub count goes insanely up because you deserve it..!!!!!!!!!

  4. Maybe it is not the best recommendation of books… But I have to say Harry Potter.

    Not only, because I like fantasy that is explained as it could be real, or always imagined how amazing it must have been to live in a castle where you get taught magic. …Sure, these things are nice, but I have to say that I learned English with these books. The first book is for children and the written language is easy to understand. Book for book it gets more complicated, more intense… In the end I made it and was amazed by how much I actually learned, even though I "only" read a few books that weren't written in my mother tongue.

    Besides, I really didn't have the feeling that I got better and better with every single page that I just absorbed. Only in the end, the journey being finally over, I understood the importance of reading, or at least to try to read in a language that you barely can read or speak. You get smarter, you grow and it gives you access to an entire new world – English Countries, Language, History, Connection.

    Thank you for sharing! ♥

  5. Hi Nathaniel, I really appreciate your content. Thanks for working hard, I hope Mexico is going well for you and I'm glad I step backed right now to watch this masterpiece of your own. Thankyou

  6. You videos are really beautiful😍 can‘t say the I share your experience, anyone thinking a library or bookstore is anything other that exciting is incomprehensible to me😂 i hope more people will start loving books because of this

  7. I strongly recommend reading real literature, not only popular self help. Check out Nabokov, Dostoevsky, Ayn Rand. This WILL expand your mind and enrich your soul (and vocabulary).

  8. WoW great stuff! I’ve been living in constant pain for five years and books have literally saved my life. I spend most of my time reading and escaping into other worlds, lives, timelines, ages, experiences, and fantasies. Every book has become a part of me.

  9. I am in the process of rediscovering books.

    And I am excited to realize that many more people are doing the same or went through the same process before.

    Thank you for your video.

    I too enjoy learning new things more than anything. I love the challenge and excitement of diving into the unknown.

    Keep it up

    From Mozambique

  10. Today i met an old man and we talked about how the bookstores and libraries near us are empty all the time. Reading is now considered nerdy or useless but books are such an amazing escape from reality, I personally like reading from an actual book than a phone it really helps me focus and imagine it in real life.

  11. Did anyone read the Redwall series back in the day? That was my favorite series during childhood. Even as a young person there were stirring moments that made me tear up. Once I hit puberty it was all about Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles in High School. I guess I connected with Rice's vampires because I was struggling with my sexuality at the time. Long story. Those series really shaped me as a person and I devoured them back then. But honestly I haven't read any of them in years. This video has inspired me to crack open some of my old favorites.

  12. Hey man, I've been subscribed for awhile now and it's really awesome to see how much you've grown as a storyteller and filmmaker. This is by far your best project yet, keep doing what you're doing!

  13. Love your video man !
    My book recommandation is : "A thousand splendid suns" by Khaled Hosseini.
    Althrough the story, we can understand the women's struggle in society, mainly in Afghanistan, and how the war impacted the lifestyle there. Truly emotionnal book

  14. Evolution is nonsense brah. Check out Vox Day’s statistical analysis of it’s mathematical impossibility. Statistics, now that’s science.

  15. I just don't know.
    But by watching your videos
    make me think about my life perspective again.
    Thank you ❤️

  16. Thank you so much for using my song D i v i n a t i o n ❤️ love your videos & your authenticity as a creator ❤️

  17. I was recently thinking about getting into books. I would never thought i'd say that anyway, i'm the average teenager on his phone watching memes all day and chatting to his friend, pretty much procrastinating all day. You made my mind Nathaniel and you almost brought me in tears when you were speaking about the books in the last part, just thinking that books can give you so much others things can't.. it really makes me want to know what i'm missing. I made my decision thanks to you. Keep it up, you're a champ at what you like to do.

  18. My favorite thing about books is the fact that someone spends their whole life studying a subject then breaks down so much information of the subject for us!!

  19. You didn't rediscover books. Audible did. It's a market that has drawn in our whole generation.
    Audible controls what books we read. That's why we largely end up consuming the same materials.
    If book publishers controlled what you read before, Amazon controls what you read now.

  20. Current book: viv albertine, clothes clothes clothes music music music boys boys boys.

    Great if you have an interest in the English historical music scene.

  21. That library is insane. I've also rediscovered books about a month or two ago, it's crazy the amount of valuable information sitting in any local library and how little people make use of it nowadays. I'm trying to properly read a book a week or so, taking notes and really absorbing the content. Great video 🙌🏻

  22. to read books helps me with my depression too. Nice video. Watching u from Brazil.
    Did you ever come here in Brazil ?

  23. This is the strangest booktube video in the world. Was this an assignment for a film class or…?? The production quality is nice dude, but a little over the top.

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