How Do You Choose Books to Read?

Ooo, that books looks good. Ooo, I think I
really need to read that. I guess I gotta add all five books. My TBR is so long! Ooo,
that book looks so good! Look at that cover! Oh, what’s this email? Oh, my friend gave
that a five-star rating? Oh, that does look good. Hello my bookish beauties, welcome to
Tuesday! This week on Tuesday Talks, how do you choose books to read? Right now, my TBR,
according to Goodreads, contains 1,070 books. Considering that I read 75 books last year,
which I think is a pretty good number, it’s safe to say that I probably will never get
to all of those books. So, it’s pretty safe to say that my TBR is a little bit out of
control. And that’s because I find books to read all the time in all kinds of different
places. I’m on Goodreads, which means I constantly get updates from all of my thousand-something
friends telling me about all of the wonderful books that they read. Not to mention the little
ads on the sides that sometimes look very appealing. And there’s always just plain browsing.
Then there’s also my email box. I get lots and lots and lots of different emails from
HarperCollins, and Simon & Schuster, and Macmillan, and all of the other publishing houses out
there. And they send me these very lovely emails saying, “Hey! These are all the new
and amazing books we have coming out, don’t you want to read them?” And yeah, I usually
do! And anytime my favorite authors have a new book coming out, of course I want to read
it. Let’s not forget word of mouth. I have a lot of writer friends, and I have even more
reader friends. And reader and writer friends… read. And talk about books. And when you’re
talking with your friend and they’re telling you all about a book that they absolutely
love, it’s really hard to not want to read that book. So, most times, guess what I do?
Add it to my TBR. And, of course, what’s possibly the biggest contributor to my TBR at the moment?
Booktube! There are so many amazing booktubers that I watch and they talk about books, obviously.
And it seems like every time I watch a haul video or a wrap up, or a looking-forward-to
type of video, or even a tag video, somebody mentions something awesome about a book and
I go click “want to read,” click “want to read,” click “want to read.” And of course
lots of books are part of series, so if you read the first one and you enjoyed it, you’re
gonna read the second one. And there’s an awful lot of trilogies, but there’s a awful
lot of longer series, too. Like, hello Dresden files? We’re up to, like, book 15. That is
a big book commitment, And if I walk into a bookstore, it’s just all over. Whether it’s
a used bookstore, or a Barnes and Noble, I see a cover that looks interesting, I pick
it up, I read the back, and if it seems even remotely interesting, I’ll either buy it or
add it to my TBR. I also belong to an in-person book club and lots of different online book
clubs. So, if they pick a book to read, I kinda have to read it if I want to participate
in the discussions. So, how do I choose my books to read? Pretty much any time I come
across a book that sounds interesting. I tend to be a pretty easy sell. Either that, or
there’s just a lot of really good books out there. And honestly, I have been reading a
lot of amazing books lately. Now, if the question is, how to choose what book to read next?
That’s usually a combination of, if I have to read it by a certain date, like, for a
book club or something, or a movie release. Availability. If I can get it on audiobook,
I’m more likely to read it sooner. And just plain excitement. For example, I just started
reading Shatter Me because I have been watching Sara Ella’s videos and she talks about Warner
in pretty much every video. And though she hasn’t said this, I’ve actually had friends
tell me that if I don’t read a certain book, they’re not sure they can be friends with
me. But, I like to talk about books. So, if I have a friend that really loves a book,
I want to read it because I want to be able to discuss it with them. Sometimes we agree,
sometimes we don’t agree, either way, it’s an awesome book discussion. Thanks for watching!
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9 thoughts on “How Do You Choose Books to Read?

  1. HAHA Denise those ads on the sidebar get me all the time! I had to do a TBR unhaul and now I am down to just under 300 books. My first priority is review books that I agree to review. And then series I want to read, and also buddy reads play a role in determining my next choice! Great discussion this week Denise!

  2. Speaking of awesome books have you read…hehe. Book tube and Facebook are my main ones that just get me going ooh I want thst one. I went to Barnes and Nobles the other day and I had to put like 6 books down cause I heard about them on book tube but can't afford them just yet (hard cover books are pricy!)

  3. Ohhh goodreads! It's such a tempting site. I end up going through my TBR list every few weeks and going through the books on there and unhauling some. I choose my books through whatever strikes my mood though or what the library has 🙂

  4. You crack me up everytime!! 🙂 I totally am with you on the way to book TBR on goodreads. I try not to do the math on how I will never read them all because it makes me very sad. 🙁 At least we know that we will be entertained for a life time.

  5. Haha I love this video! There are honestly way too many books to read and it's so frustrating that I'll never be able to get through all of them haha! On top of that, so many books are released every day, it's just impossible. I'm definitely also a spontaneous reader, if I like a book, I'll pick it up and read it. Great video! 


  6. hahaha you summed this up so well! There are so many amazing books out there and I want to read them all but I just can't!

  7. First, congrats on reaching 100 subs! You rock! And 1070 books is SO MANY! Haha, I feel you on those Goodreads ads. Book Outlet will be the death of me. I always get emails from them and see so many books I want to read. Since I joined booktube I have never NOT had something to read. I'm constantly adding to my TBR. And you were cracking me up! WARNER! You'll see, my friend. You'll see. And even if you don't see and you hate him I'll still love you. But I know you'll love him (*rubs hands together and emits a devilish laugh….muwahahahahaha!)

  8. You're energy is always so amped! BookTube has become my biggest recommendation source! All the books, all the time. Must. Read. Moar! Your TBR pile definitely wins. Mine is tiny, but I often forget to add things to it. lol.

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