How Brian Kelly's Notre Dame controls 2019 College Football Playoff

look I could say I have a problem with a few of the things that bill still put in his venerable football preview that you know us football fans we really love and we look forward to every single year because it means that we get to talk about college football in real way Hank comes out last week is June about and there's a couple takeaways that I could argue about like him having Sam Ella ger as a better quarterback in Jalen Hurd's or him having TCU Jalen Rhaegar as a better white out the CD lamb or even Keyshawn Vaughn who is a really good running back Radio ahead of other running backs but I'm still stuck on the whole college football playoff thing because like people ask me hey RJ who do you have in the college football playoff this year I'm going bro I got to go through some more research but Phil apparently felt really comfortable putting Alabama and Clemson in the college football playoff like the rest of us and calling you know who's the national champion shout out to well Terry Beckham man who comes up with pre feet when you're predicting a repeat of last year's college football champion gotta use that more often shout-out Terry but I see Georgia and Michigan right there's there's the Michigan man there's there's there's Patrick with you know he's happy about this but Jim Harbaugh has never beaten Ohio State so you're saying he's gonna be Ohio State and you're also forgetting that Michigan has a beaten Ohio State since Jalen Hurd's was 11 okay and I get that you can like Josh Gattis leaving Alabama to be the new offensive coordinator at Michigan to say that offense is going to fit shape Patterson in a better way cool and I also get you saying that Michigan has its big games in the big house Notre Dame Michigan State and Ohio State are all there and you might not think that Devan Bush and Rashad Gary are big losses to the defense because Dan Brown have them angry and nasty okay cool and then you look at Georgia and you're going okay you got Alabama and Georgia in the SEC title game like everybody else was making picks at this point and you got them they're going they're gonna lose to Alabama and they're still gonna get in or Alabama's good or they're gonna beat Alabama and they're both gonna get in on the strength of having played one another and I can't tell you how much people outside the Southeastern Conference hate that but okay and then I do my own schedule analysis and I go you know both of those teams get friggin Notre Dame at home and Notre Dame ain't nobody matter of fact every year Notre Dame a play nobody in yeah because they're on Georgia and Michigan schedule this year we're going another plan somebody and you looked at Notre Dame schedule cuz I've looked at Notre Dame's schedule and my goodness Louisville okay cool world-beater that that team is New Mexico garbage Georgia hey I just told you about the game Virginia we'll have to wait and see but I suspect they ain't gonna compete for any division crown Bowling Green who is Bowling Green USC garbage Michigan told you about this Bartek we'll have to wait and see but I suspect they gonna be pretty good after all they got whipped side by Old Dominion Duke garbage Navy maybe but we're not gonna be talking about Navy like either we're talking about army last year and it's the same committee they didn't think anything of army and having it had two losses one to Duke and the other ones you a team the man the college football playoffs so you really think the name is gonna be negative okay cool Boston College nah man Stanford why do people keep picking Stanford when all they do is let you down so I'm looking up going oh we really overripe and Notre Dame again through Georgia and you in Michigan like it's not a big 12th thing it's certainly not a big tin thing and it's certainly not a pac-12 thing it's a thing where I go why do people so over eight Notre Dame every year cool Ian books coming back that's great did you forget they lost you hilary huh cuz i didn't did you forget they lost first round talent and why i receive her because I didn't and more importantly did you forget that they got molly-whopped is still drugged by Clemson and you're like hey me and Clemson was beating up everybody that year yeah well we would have much rather seen Ohio State or Georgia in that slot even as coverage smart was out there stop stop stop and that his team need to be in the playoff then Notre Dame because every year people try to override Notre Dame I see one two two ranked teams on this schedule man like preseason rankings come out Louisville ain't gonna be on them New Mexico ain't gonna be on Virginia and go beyond Bowling Green they're gonna do a USC 5 SEC please Duke no like you go down the schedule that you go on you're telling me that Notre Dame is a big game for Georgia and you're telling me that Notre Dame is a big game from Michigan I got I got a much better idea I think a Michigan State is a bigger game from Michigan you know and I'm looking at Georgia's schedule Vanderbilt alright maybe Keyshawn Vaughn can run on them again but they lose Murray State all right Arkansas really Arkansas State excuse me really alright so sorry so State at Tennessee oh yeah they're world beaters this year South Carolina doesn't know if it's coming or going Kentucky maybe Florida probably not Missouri maybe Auburn iku and iku and then Georgia Tech with Jeff Collins or whatever he's gonna put out there look I don't like doing the college football playoff preview thing because I can come up with all sorts of arguments for why there are only two teams to worry about right now we're talking about winning an ass championship now Patrick I know you feel pretty good because you boys got a W last night when they weren't supposed to get a W and now for you know I'm banging on Michigan do you see what I'm coming from though yeah I mean look Notre Dame's schedule is is it worse than OU's ah how good Texas is depends on how good Iowa State is I would you know again Texas is Texas is oh use best game this year right now as we sit here and LSU Ellis no I'm taking oh yes yeah my bed Michael yes we sit right here right looking as far as his pick I guess I don't see how you right now could say Oh use not gonna be in the playoff because I look at oh you schedule and they should win every game no they probably will get tripped up somewhere but I would definitely put o you in the playoff as we sit right now the way their team is constructed without seeing what the defense is gonna be but ya know you you make a good you're making a good point right because my argument here in June is there are basically two at-large bids for the third and fourth but something crazy happens yeah well but no but like seriously everybody's pitching in and Clemson everybody's pencil in Alabama and you'd be stupid not to at this point sure but because you don't know exactly what you're getting with Ryan days Ohio State they're out there I mean you can make an argument for Oklahoma you can make an argument for Washington yeah yeah and there was a point last year you can make an argument for Washington State Kentucky LSU am people still loves in him even if they got beat down yeah you know like yeah it's not even that I'm banging on I'm banging on Notre Dame when I'm banging on Georgia or Michigan but betting on Michigan to make the college football playoff when they can't even beat basically the Texas version of their rivalry is oh yes I can't I can't sign on with that man like Phil's big thing is I'm not going to over hike players and coaches whoever played games and played before where haven't showed me that they could do something so he's backpedaling getting Tyler Murray wrong cuz he's like look nobody knew that he was gonna be that good you can't I mean and that's one of the things that he's based in his Jalen Hurd's take on but if you're gonna do that dude with the schedule – yeah not even that's a good point like I said I think Notre Dame's schedule if you look at the names is is a good schedule if you look at the names now that doesn't again USC we know is garbage is trash but generally that's a good program funny name is generally a good program but nobody's gonna give them the same sort of name Rick Nishan sure that you give SC no no of course not but and that's the other thing that really bugs me right just quite quick if Notre Dame Peach Georgia and if Notre Dame beats Michigan now we got to talk about Notre Dame being a team in the college football playoff based on going into those places and getting those WS and then you look at their November schedule and if Stanford isn't any good yeah we'll all say they didn't play anybody all right look if Notre Dame was to run that table they they'd be playing for thee well I mean if Michigan were to run the table with Georgia would run yeah I mean that's kind of like that's my issue here right is we expect two teams two teams to run the table like you're saying that you don't see a loss on Oklahoma's schedule I'm saying Iowa State walked into Norma Tran beat Baker Mayfield I'm saying that the neutral ground that we can test our annual Highlander on that is the Cotton Bowl has shown Texas can get a win you know TCU people we're gonna talk about a little bit later they could get a win and that's my thing here I can't I can see losses for everybody right now except those two teams Alabama Clemson so I guess you know you could say the fill is not wrong because he just threw to me you know threw a couple teams in there cuz you need to complete it and this is like yeah is that is that what we're doing sometimes I when you look at these magazines Phil's a businessman he's in the business yes the business is selling magazines and those are provocative kicks people are gonna want to see oh you pick Michigan that's gonna make a whole bunch Iowa State fans mad and the you know chants are they pick up the book and read it it's gonna make Michigan fans happy I'm happy bills those a smart guy in my opinion today well I mean yeah yeah I mean and again it's it's we're picking we're picking games in June and I think you make you make a great point of when I look when I look at oh you schedule I sit here and say I think they're they're the favorite in every game level with that that's fact we can look at that right now and say they are what if Jalen Hurd the player we thought what if the o-line doesn't gel you know well you can put what it's on all that yeah you could put what if some what if Trevor large breaks his arm yeah so I mean I think that he's a business selling magazines but he's also not in the business of being drug for his pics you know any more than I'm in the business of just being provocative for a provocative state I don't say anything that I don't mean yeah and I mean everything that I say because why what the life's too short not to do that

19 thoughts on “How Brian Kelly's Notre Dame controls 2019 College Football Playoff

  1. Notre Dame is going on past history.
    I agree with you that going by names the ND schedule looks good while it's not, however with rivalry games you never know.
    In recent years after getting whipped in a bowl game badly the Irish has taken a few years to get back into a good team.
    Good post.

  2. You said ND will only play 2 ranked games? Between UVA, VT, Stanford, BC, and Duke one or two of them will probably be ranked and Georgia and Michigan will probably both be top 10 and on the road. How is that not better than Oklahoma's schedule who will only play Texas at a neutral site and maybe a ranked WVU, Okie State, TCU, and Houston (all at home except Bedlam)

  3. The thing about ND is being a spoiler team, much like Boston College has been for decades…at times. Both teams have played up in the last while, at times.

  4. ND biggest games are Georgia and Michigan. They could very well lose both those games. Georgia at home opponents is gonna be very favorable. Michigan at home opponents, very favorable.

  5. By name only, if ND wins 11 games they're in CFP. I got Gators beating UGA with the gigantic Franks at qb in Mullens system

  6. Notre Dame schedule last year was all on paper and name recognition. When USC had them on the ropes I knew what kind of team they were. UCLA a team that Ou pretty much scored at will on beat USC. Notre dame is a media darling. That's it. Michigan will lose at a minimum 2 games. Book it.

  7. I had to stop when I heard he said Sam is better than Hurts LOL DAMN near spit my water I was drinking while on the stepmill

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