How Authors Get Blurbs For Their Books

21 thoughts on “How Authors Get Blurbs For Their Books

  1. I'm one of those people who sees blurbs on books and completely skips them. If a book has all blurbs and no summary on the back/inside of the cover? Then I'm not buying it.

  2. This was helpful. As a matter of fact, I don't care about blurbs in a book. If Stephen King is printed on the cover as saying, "This story really kept me up late," I have no idea if he actually read it or if he's just being kind as a personal favor to someone. Blurbs from unknown people don't impress me at all. Ultimately, what matters to me is whether I like the book, not what some other writer or critic thinks. I've read plenty of bestsellers with awards and glowing reviews plastered across their covers that I couldn't even finish.

  3. Thank you so much for this Miss Donne. I have now started my (super completely realistic) blurb wish list…and you are so on it.

  4. I know you mentioned they can say “I don’t have time” when really they read the book and don’t want to blurb (nice way to say no if they didn’t like it)
    But you also indicated the request may say something like “If you have time, I can send you the manuscript…” Isn’t that already indicating they have the time? And then we send them manuscript and then it’s a no? Should we send manuscript along with the request?

  5. So… what exactly is the difference between blurbs and forwards? And do forwards carry more clout than blurbs? Because they seem like they could be very similar to me, only different in length.

  6. you are abousetly the women❤ i really look up to you, im currently writing a piece and i hope someday we can get in touch. from: daisy♡

  7. I feel like a lot of people asking how to write a blurb really meant how to write the back cover summary.

  8. Do you need blubs from people in your exact genre? For example if you wrote a SF adult can you reach out to a YA SF author since the topic is still Sci-fi?

  9. Thanks for your charm and candor! One fun video I would like to see is how you make these videos. Is that bookshelf behind you a set? Do you video edit everything? Do you brainstorm a lot for each video? Do you have a list of future videos that you are working your way down? Is there someone videotaping you? Do you have cue cards in front of you while you are talking? What is your view as you're talking? Thanks!

  10. I think for me, I don't notice the absence of a blurb, but if I pick up a book I'm interested in and it says "AUTHOR YOU ADORE says EXCELLENT THINGS ABOUT THIS BOOK" you better believe I'll be far more inclined to take a risk on it and buy it.

  11. It's funny some of the differences between the indie and traditionally published world. A lot of indies I know call the back book description the blurb, and the endorsement from other authors an editorial review. Interesting video as always.

  12. Disclaimer: I have only worked for small independent publishers thus far but I hope to move into the bigger arena in a couple of years. My question is why do traditional publishers feel like they need to have authors reach out to have someone else write the blurb? That doesn’t make sense to me because I feel like writing a blurb is very similar to writing the cook part of a query letter…

  13. I’ve been following your channel for a while now Alexa and I’ve finally gathered up the courage to comment, and I just wanted to so how much I appreciate you and your videos. They are incredibly insightful and well structured and they’ve helped me so much in furthering along in my writing career- well what I hope will be a career lol. Thank you so much for creating such inspiring and helpful content!

    Also I’m soooooo excited for Brightly Burning! I read the sample of it a while back and I adored it. It’s one of my most anticipated books of the year and the fact that it’s purple (my favorite color) and written by such a splendid person just makes it all the better! Sorry for such a long comment lol

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