How A 15 Year Old Teen Mentor Becomes A Published Author At 15

hi guys yes we just arrived in the mail today my fruit copy of my new book and if you guys want a copy it's gonna be it's gonna be officially releasing on Amazon on June 29th which is this Saturday get your copy and don't forget to get your copy guys supportive youth empowerment mission I'm excited but the truth is it's not about me it's about the number of youth the message from my book can reach you see a few years ago I had a dream about writing my first book and now that dream has become my reality it can be the same for you too whether it be writing your first book or just about any goal you want to achieve you just have to be willing to put in the work having the right mindset and connecting with the right people and those big dreams can become your reality so let me ask you this what action steps can you take today to get you one step closer to achieving your goals if you want to get yourself one of these copies there's a link in the description that you know Amazon so you could grab your copy I just created a new Facebook group where I give free mentorship and inspiration to youth and teens like myself just click the link in the description to join don't forget to like this video subscribe to my channel and share it with as many youth as possible to spread my message of youth empowerment these guys

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