Houston,Tx = Water Works Education Center

23 thoughts on “Houston,Tx = Water Works Education Center

  1. I wanna travel to Houston. Apparently I can take other peoples cams all I want there. I smell a new profession for me….

  2. I don't understand why she wasn't charged with at least assault. The lack of justice makes me ashamed and embarrassed to be American

  3. So the DA would not charge.

    So I wonder what might happen if a photographer would have grabbed at a security guard's cell phone, in like manner. Would the photographer be arrested and charged by the police? I have to wonder about that. Why would the DA not say, press charges? Do we not have the same laws, for the equal protection of all? I think there is something about equal protection in our constitution.

  4. When are blacks going to learn to use English correctly? I can’t tell you how disgusting it is to hear supposedly “adults” utter words such as: axe, dis, wif, nuffin, wanna, fi, fi (5,5) and the list goes on and on.

    For Gods Sake, people from other countries, alien cultures to ours such as India, Germany, or France don’t know a lick of English but they learn to speak correctly and we don’t need to continually translate.

  5. Most of the time black people whit guns are really stupid. They really think that they can do whatever they want to…..most of the time they are ignorants…..

  6. This just show you being a asshole I would proudly beat the crap out of you…making trouble for no reason

  7. I'm fat lost 50 lbs and still fat . How do you draw a weapon with a roll of fat like that . Easily beyond this dunces pay grade. Better job for her is lost prevention at the weave store down the block…

  8. So Felicia is on the job and using her personal phone to record? She is laughing on the phone like she is talking to her friend is this is a joke. Where is the professionalism.

  9. As a black person, I hate to see other ignorant ass black people. I promise you I would’ve slapped the taste out of her mouth if she grabbed my property

  10. Makes me frightened of my life to visit the USA if they allow cretins like her to carry a firearm.

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