Houkai Gakuen 2 Visual Novel – Memory X-10 – Dirac Sea Chamber

Dirac Sea Chamber
Memory X-10S
Subtitle by: max20091 -The girl in Dirac Sea- Inside the lab, there is a floating girl. The first thing that disappearing is the hand. As if she had never grown, she was erased from the atmosphere. No! The girl already knows that the experiment has failed. It can’t be… Everything she tried to do is just disappearing. If the experiment is failed, the meaning of yourself here is completely gone. For the sake of the one you love, you have sacrificed your life, and you have already achieved this point… It is nothing but vain. She hasn’t changed anyone and hasn’t changed anything. Bronya sister… Bron… ya… In the end, even the power to call the name of loved one also lost. The last call of the girl seemed to fall into a tear in the Dirac Sea. With the ego that isn’t in the void, it turns into a paralysis of space. Until… It seems that there has never been a general. As if it never existed in general. Where are you, Bronya sister? -Laboratory in the Dirac Sea- Oh wow, what is this place?… cough… Here– First, the structure of the steel object is a wall, which is not repaired for a long time, and all of them are streaky rust. The emergency cold light on the wall seems to be flashing because the circuit isn’t very sensitive. What??… The outer wall of the corridor is made of tempered glass, and the scene outside the corridor is almost unobstructed. According to Bronya’s test, we are indeed in the laboratory of a research institution… Laboratory? But here… it should be at the bottom of the sea!! Outside the corridor is the sea. …Oh, it feels weird. Moreover, how did we come to this ghost place? How can we get in here?…I remember we were on the beach before? Yes, if Bronya’s memory isn’t lost, we did track it to the beach because it detected a very chaotic Houkai power. Then, what happened after that? Flashing through my mind, without marginal darkness, sinking down consciousness. Constantly distorted space. Distort, distort, distort, distort, distort… Ugh… Bronya speculated that because of Houkai disorder can form a Spacetime Fracture that sent us to here… Houkai, Spacetime Fracture, laboratory… What is going on here?… It’s still unclear, but Bronya feels that it’s the key to find the source of Houkai. Yes! Anyway, as long as the source of Houkai is dealt with, everything else is casual~ I always feel that thing isn’t that simple… However, there is no other way to go now. … Bronya, what’s wrong? Eh… no problem, maybe it’s just that Bronya’s system is broken… -Phantom- This is… footprints? It used to be a laboratory. Is there something strange with footprints? …but, there should be no one right now. This footprint… is new, but it is always on the other side of the corridor. Is it hard to imagine that there are still people living in this place? Well! Human life is very tenacious. Here is the area where Houkai can gather, and normal humans can’t live that long. …Very familiar. Bronya? The structure here is very similar to the previous Bronya’s laboratory, but… Could it be this lab? …No, impossible. That lab isn’t in this sea area. Maybe there are a lot of same lab in the world! Anyway, let’s follow this footstep. It’s a ghost. It’s time to know. Kiana, you can’t see a horror movie for more than five minutes… There is no light on the other side of the corridor. It seems that only this corridor can see the scene outside the laboratory and the ocean. When standing in a bright place, it seems that the end of the corridor is rusty and the decaying room is getting darker. Just hesitating whether to enter the laboratory corridor illuminated by the cold of the emergency lights… “Hey…” On the other end of the corridor, there was a strange laugh. Who!! Who’s there!! Is it a ghost? Mei-senpai come and save me!! Kiana! That isn’t a ghost, it seems… just a little girl. Black…shadow… just go through, laughing and scared me to death… Ok, okay, we are all by your side. ——! Mei sister, Kiana, it seems to be the person that Bronya had known before! Bronya, must find her! Bronya! This girl just run around again… Hurry up, let’s hurry up! Current sound [Zi-Zi-] Small explosion sound [Bang—] What happened?… Could it be that the power supply has failed? Ok, we have to hurry to find Bronya. It’s no joke to go away in this place. Huh… Hey, what happened here?… The dimly lit light, the broken petri dish, was like a fierce twist and explosion that happened here. The scene that appears in front of you can undoubtedly be called the wreckage of “laboratory”. It has been devastating to this extent, and it isn’t surprising that there are more bodies on the ground. But in comparison, it’s cleaner than that corridor. Here… isn’t our place. -Broken reunion- Her hand could not touch the back. She can’t change anyone, and she can’t change anything. Unless one of them stops, she afraid this chase will continue. Seele! It was like hearing her call, the girl is holding back, then stopped and turned around. The girl who turned around… Sister… is the Bronya sister…? She said this. Seele… It’s really you… Really Bronya sister! It’s Seele, I miss you so much! Bronya is also, since you disappeared from the orphanage six months ago… I thought I would never see you again. Half a year… I don’t know, I remember the last thing was a week ago… At that time, the experiment was going on, and the experiment was going to be successful… but after that, I couldn’t remember it. A week ago… Is it that the Houkai here can cause Spacetime Fracture? I don’t know… It seems that something bad happened, and every time I think about it, I feel that my head hurts. It doesn’t matter, just go out from here and everything will be fine. Bronya sister…? Nothing, On Seele’s side… there is Bronya. Is this Bronya ? Hey… you are still as naive as before, my older sister~ …hahahahahaha… Seele? It’s ridiculous. You… Oops, “No matter what, Bronya’s sister will be on your side” It’s really nice. But ah, my older sister, at that time, when that Seele need you most – In order to save you, she participated in the X-10 transformation experiment, the excessive Houkai injection can endure the pain far more than normal. In order to use the power of the stigmata that should not be used at that moment through experiments, it is even on the verge of disappearing. Even so she is still calling your name. Even so, she was transformed into a quantum state, and even her own existence can’t besustained without an observer. Seele also maintains the thoughts of you as if holding a treasure chest. Then, my older sister, when Seele needs you most… Where are you? -Gap between us- Here, it used to be a laboratory… Well, looks like it was destroyed by something. Could it be said that this is the experimental institution for the manufacturing humanoid weapons? As a result, the experiment failed, and the weapons were taken away and the site was removed. This joke isn’t funny. Having said that, what are you looking for? If it is an experiment, the experimental files and data will be stored in key areas. It should be somewhere… there it is! Experimental file? …test code X-10… experimental purpose, transform the human body to carry Houkai energy, and control the tactical mech. Five experiments failed, the experiment body… died. The last experimental body was Seele… The girl named Seele Vollerei completely controlled the Houkai energy, but the experiment failed, Houkai energy gone wild, the experiment body went violently… then transformed into the quantum state. Quantum state, what is quantum state? If she become a quantum state… it means that Seele Vollerei probably has become a cloud… This way she can only exist with a specific observer. Only by letting her believe that she is being observed, she still exists, she will not disappear. Mei-senpai, the Houkai disorder is starting to shake up… This place is about to collapse! I know, we are now rushing to the source of Houkai. Source of Houkai? ? Shouldn’t you leave here before you say it! Suddenly, the Houkai can be related to Bronya, we have to go. Ok… let me see, now the whole rupture can form a vortex… the center is in that direction! -The final vow- Only you are here, Seele can always exist, since your sister is a special person… As long as you are here, Seele will believe that she still exist, and Seele will not disappear… Please stay here forever, my sister. … The girl floating in the black shadow, the sickle in her hand is lifted high. Then, wave down- Stop!! The gun in her hand hit the outer edge of the sickle. [Sound of metal friction] In the moment of confrontation, the shadow behind Seele’s surging. The sickle that was swung over changed the direction in an instant and slid laterally. Obviously, it was an evasive attack, but it failed to achieve the desired results. The close-up bullet hit the blade of the sickle, and at the last second, the sickle was blocked with a huge impact. It’s just a slap in the face. Hey, I need a little help here… Bronya, are you stupid? The enemy’s sickle is almost on your neck, and you still don’t move? That isn’t an enemy, it is Seele. That is…Bronya’s sister. Wow, the current sister’s role so tempting to kill, and it’s a little scary. No, it’s all because of my fault, Seele become like this. If I stay, I can let Seele live… Don’t say this, Bronya! You don’t have to die today, better keep your life for another day. Mei sister… Just leave Bronya here…. In this case… Seele will also be happy. In this case, I can, I can get her completely… The black shadow suddenly spread. The Houkai swirled into a black whirlpool. However, the whirlpool suddenly oscillated. At the same time, the black shadow is also painfully twisted. Don’t… No… it can’t be…Bronya…sister… Damn, it is at this time. Do you really want to stop me? No answer. Only, the black shadow curled up a bit. It’s just that, maybe some kind of will has been conveyed. Ok… forget it, Bronya, it seems that she can only temporarily help you today, and- one day, I will let you stay with Seele forever. Seele… The figure of the girl sank into the darkness. The surrounding Houkai energy can make the wreckage of the entire laboratory start to tremble. The space is distorted, and the body feels constantly being pulled by tremendous power. But compared to this pain, the real pain comes from the deep anxiety in the heart. It’s like a dream. A terrible dream. After waking up, there is still a residual sound. The End
Translated by: max20091 The game is over, thanks you for your appreciation!

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