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it's Friday June 13th where what not was ABBA oh okay looks like you had to wake me up again I got a good amount of sleep last night but I guess it wasn't enough oh right I haven't told another Sawa yet about what happened yesterday I should definitely do that after she helped us out and all she asks Mia how it went before I get the chance to tell her she was probably able to tell from how I was acting yeah thanks to all of you thanks for helping yesterday I'm glad to hear it I had fun with you too never oh you're right her fingertips are still dirty with paint but you know you've got real pretty fingers natto server right sorry anyway you should use the art club soap it won't look good to have paint on your fingers when you play piano right hmm really I guess there's no need to force the shoe if she herself doesn't mind you're unexpectedly okay with that kind of stuff I figure people who do music would be more against it could you help me out again then I want to make what we drew into reality this time your sense of aesthetics really helped us out so could you lend a hand again I figured she'd say no but I asked just in case so that was an unexpected response think it over seriously then all right that'd be great if not a server helped us out and it'd be more fun if we had lots of people working together but there's the one more thing I need to do I need to get the school to give me permission I've never walked into the school building so openly before it's because I have teach us with me today Oh God the teachers expressed surprise when they see the diagram of the stargazing aquarium put up against the blackboard I had already told them about it beforehand but I guess they weren't expecting it to be that big I knew it was a good idea to show them we made it to convince Yukimura but if it was able to do that then it might be able to convince the teachers too that was the idea ahead because just looking at this makes what we want to do obvious and you then ask that we are confident in our vision but our versions so impressive that it makes it hard to believe that we'll be able to actually make it into reality yes we can The Naturalist and astronomy clubs may not have many members but they make up for it in knowledge and more than anything both clubs are full of passion I think we'll be able to make it very legitimate that's why it's a combined plan we can focus our manpower this way and use our budget more efficiently I'm sure that we can create an entirely new experience by combining the concepts of an aquarium and a planetarium I explain myself confidently this is one of the tenets of presenting new ideas you have to make sure you seem confident we require a wide open space in order to create this and this old school building is the only place with the space we require us honey ha right and so demo tobidasu Ichigo Vega yummy – Naruto Uzumaki units cause at the grotto you sit on a political issue sooner to monitor domino game in our econ a night yeah chocolate city was the Vallecito know how do you consider like in your leav our teachers are nodding along crap things aren't looking good I need to do something Oh and that's when Yukimura just happens to show up she really seems like she just happened to wander across the scene Yukimura walk straight up to the teachers and stops in front of them you cannot connect Oshima no no I don't ask a dollar Yukimura doesn't answer the teachers question Oh Judith and then she just walks away without waiting for a response hey where are you going yukimura's at the end of the hallway in front of an old Locker Oh quarrel knots Casino mod on a good day don't go a few of the teachers look fondly added they must be the veterans among the teachers luckily he rattles bullet and it indeed doesn't open the lock seems to be stuck in the closed position what's a nerdiness Yukimura steps out and reaches out toward the locker she lifts it up and then slowly pulls logo the teachers look inside curiously I appear in s way it's it's not empty in fact it's for it it's filled with signature cards so naggy density no say Tata Minako state the Minami Tanya you go give me time there's tons and tons of signature cards some old and yellowed some still new looking they over flowing with memories and dreams discussing the fun they had at the school words promising an ending friendship dreams for the future there are tons of emotions stuffed into all of the signatures the teachers who read each and every one of the names looking touched he looks like the teachers had no idea that these existed this must have been a tradition since a long time ago judging by the amount and to their condition it might have come about spontaneously before graduating they all secretly placed to their memories into a locker in the old school building that was supposed to be torn down at some point this lockers filled with sentimentality cannot scour in a Connecticut animo docks an afterthought no more than this huh see tearing up no Sara annuity qasida too small to karate Scala Tanabata know him una guy host meningitidis car don about our tickets nahi dr. Katie mosquito it wind blows as she says so I don't know where it came from but the building Shiva's little in the wind it almost feels like the buildings responding to yukimura's words she cannot see only three towashie I cannot show green car get a cure geese the Credo Kootenay Kamata soda thought of Hosmer wrote avinasi say my Megumi toys Agra choking ah ah didn't watch it later oh it's all things to you but as Shiva doesn't seize it so sticky stay together ha yukimura's totally composed but there's also more good news Yukimura says she'll help out with the stargazing aquarium – don't be like actually I'm bored of it alright she smiles mischievously huh I didn't know she had a smile like that the Komodo Kashi yeah it really is I'm totally raring to go I don't want to let these feelings cool off while I'm forced to wait is there anything we can do right now the hand shoots up it's okie Harris and pies her eyes gleam they look like tiny little lotions it's Saturday June 14th Saturday everyone's gathered in the committee room we are here to discuss putting oh quieres my suggestion into motion and so I'm thinking since we want to do what we can now we'll go with a quieres my suggestion and start gathering up fish for the aquarium okay Aras Empire if you could explain she stands up happily her hair floating behind her desk ah she met say Komatsu consider her what she meets Cosima are you the doctor Diego it a one night so you could poop so much generally is an under set Nick Donovan and carne Sunday doing the Sunnah Tokyo she updated on Itachi Melendez let's mix it Sudha yo yo who you need a dis Rio masala Rito cinders Mama's mother she metronidazole get started in the CEO she wanna demo net by gloomy don't take it easy huh Jojo what are you shooting a second ago in this na na monotony Hirohito you know a falcon and a sardine e cayuga days Cara Jake in Osaka not watching up there sy system Antonio masculine decir la cara coconut engineer a big target on Mondays I see you yes it's important for us to be environmentally conscious Smith's artichokes Kumada biennial I don't know about calling them bad night okay master schemata moody talked Okanagan dr. sacani mohkumat Yamuna yo B no C so expiry mascara sir Soto Junior Schneider Jameson day then are not put on the course systemic Schneider – wall behind italiano hmm no I don't think so right I doubt the naturalist club's tanks will be enough and to most of those are stuffed full of jellyfish at this point anyway it depends on how many extra tanks she has but I don't think we can expect too much this is where the handsome and smart Shuichi son can show us all how cool he is by increasing our budget Nikita Walken I don't know no no cut up emoji okay well not any scenario you know in the plan an indignant Shuichi walks in yeah I guess I shouldn't have bothered asking this for I'd stick insect in the first place so she goes illegal and what you're here already machine madam an economist autocopter Oh madam I didn't I also mean Donna Tony Coco your thumb okay much dice night Italy well I figured it wouldn't work out I guess I should just be grateful about getting permission to use the old school building we don't have money but there are certain things we need and I adopt the water tanks will be the last of our worries Saka nano-sized abortionist Amanita moussaka survey sigh supersonic on Julia don't know date on a second America claw cocoon is built to do this for any then josh kappa yashi onus is on comma my betsy not decorate all my mascara that's true it's great that we have a specialist here with us we probably won't have any problems with a fish as long as we follow what she says then let's have a few of us go do that tomorrow okay Anna senpai will go of course and wells I guess people who are good at swimming you've got a point you might be a good fit for that then I'm counting on you for this shinozaki honest and you can leave that to me this car is not on the market is Krieger noncom Jimmy so Donna sorry but please and I bet you'll get less people trying to recruit you once they know that you are helping us out oh did I knock it off sorry but could you help out here memory will bring back lots of to take photos off man that's a blast from the past but I doubt it an so Kiara's mph in Ozaukee and i are going to the ocean tomorrow and osaka Sahaba and Yukimura are going to be preparing the water tanks it finally feels like we've started doing something I'm going to give it my all it's Hyundai June 15 shinozaki is a bit late we're supposed to meet up at my place it's almost time but shinozaki still isn't here that's rare she's usually so early and then I see her running toward me hey no need to run what if you trip and she knows a key that's why I was trying to warn you speaking of which that's not really like you did something happen so it's your house that didn't have hot water this time sounds familiar though that was just cause we hadn't gotten the gas running sure thing you can use it whenever you want oh ah that's pretty awesome I'm not kidding about that my dad put a lot of work into designing it anyway if you're ready let's get going she makes a face for an instant that tells me there's something she wants to say what's up something on your mind she looks up at the sky worried the sun's rays are raining down on us it's supposed to get hot today – you should definitely put sunscreen on it's not like she knows a keys got a tough body either there's no way the Sun would be good for her that's the time so you should put it on in my house no need to worry no one else is here anyway which means you don't need to think about it that way there's to time and your health is way more important hurry up and come in already oh you've got sunscreen right she glances my way nervously right I bet it'd be kinda hard to do with me here I'll be waiting downstairs then are you I guess I'm burying my swim trunks already – all right then just put it on I put on my swimsuit ahead of time since there probably wouldn't be anywhere to change looks like she knows a key did the same thing she takes out her sunscreen from her back and gently begins applying it to her hands and feet oh this is actually pretty awkward it's not like I'm doing anything bad but I can't help but feel like I'm watching something I shouldn't be watching maybe I should focus my attention on my phone or something hey shinozaki are you able to get your back that way she knows Aggies movements are really stiff and I'm pretty sure she isn't able to apply it evenly since she has to reach into her clothing show me oh yeah that's true sorry it's cause I'm here right my bad however you don't stay us then so you can yeah sure of course I can let me see she knows a key pulls the t-shirt up just a bit and I appear in at her back as expected there are areas she wasn't able to get you're gonna get burnt and purchased this way it won't be good for your skin unless you put it on properly want me to do it for you she goes completely red all at once I must have said something suggestive without thinking I might have been a bit too Tetris about all this the well sorry yeah that's a no-go right then yeah you don't huh okay but are you sure I know I am the one who suggested it but I still asked she knows a key gives a tiny nod it'd be weird to say no at this point right all I'm doing is putting sunscreen on her it's nothing to get so nervous about at least it shouldn't be got it turn your back toward me then she turns around again I feel like her pea skins got and just to Ted redder than earlier I'm gonna start then all right after hearing her slightly nervous sounding response I put some sunscreen on my fingertips shinozaki makes a cute sound the moment I touch her and I pull away on reflex what the heck don't make weird sounds you sure all right so it felt ticklish to her because I was being hesitant then I'll just man up and do it without thinking about anything weird I scooped up a generous amount of cream and rub it onto her back wait you're still making weird sounds Eric I don't care anymore I'm just gonna do it however I feel like take this ever listening you

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