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there are a lot of good novels out there but every once in a while you'll run across a great one a read so good that it pulls you in and makes you feel each and every word gives you an unrelenting thrill ride with characters so rich the lines between reality and fiction become blurred the emotional highs and low that come with attachments so deep you're only pulled into the story in a way that words on paper should not be able to do hi I'm your host Celeste Marcus and today I'll be sitting down with horror Nautilus JJ Phillips for a raw uncensored look at her award-winning novel parental bloodshed together we'll find out which is stronger nature or nurture and how events of JJ's life influenced and shaped parental bloodshed thank you so much for joining me today JJ it's always a pleasure seeing you oh it's my pleasure who or what sparked your interest in writing well I've always been an avid readers so it's kind of one of those things where it'd be such a large list I don't know that I really want to go into that but I will say that there are several like of my favorites maybe that might be more I'm I'm I love craft fan I really enjoy him and sometimes you know he gives me a break from Dancing with my demons so I can dance with so I guess I would probably say maybe that was a major influence on me as far as that's concerned he died really young so his limit his works are pretty limited but I do really really like more enjoy like horror type fiction mm-hm foreigners awesome do you remember at what point in your life you decided you wanted to be a writer or a novelist I don't remember exactly like what age it was but more like I started writing a lot of poetry that was horrible and then I basically turned it into like a little bit like anthologies little books of it and I still I don't like any of it was dumb and it was like little I'm probably probably want to say teeny bopper crap um then I guess I was like I wonder what it would be like to like write actually something real and that's kind of where that kind of sparked maybe but I wrote a bunch of stuff that was real that really really sucked so it kind of just took a long time it was this it's really a long time and like I said I told well I told you a long time ago that took like four rewrites and most of my stuff takes many many rewrites because it all sucks in the beginning was there an influence in your youth that pushed you towards your goal not in my youth really I think what really actually just made me think oh I can do this was really when I read Stephen King's book on writing he kind of gave me permission to be weird he kind of gave me permission to be somewhat idiosyncratic maybe and also he gave me permission to write things the way that I felt not what would be acceptable because he kind of let me not care what was acceptable he said forget what forget all that forget everything you've ever learned about writing and just throw you on paper and that kind of was a very inadequate says rains and lets you go and that's kind of how that works in a way and I think he's a very he's very good at being inspiring in that manner have you ever had a high school teacher that was influenced by your book well she was chidden influenced my book she influenced me more as far as kind of letting me know that you know whatever you want to write down you write down kind of like the same thing Stephen King did only I was just much younger and the funny thing was I was in her class and her name was MacPhail and she was the most amazing teacher ever and she just let me kind of be me and every creative piece I wrote she either a said that was really bad or she'd be like oh my gosh that was really good and then she'd when it was really good she would give me really great pointers and things to work on and and it was and I knew what she was doing because she was trying to shake me as a writer and allow me to feel comfortable but know that these are that she kind of gave me a little bit idea what we're looking as far as parameters are concerned and then of course then I read Stephen King he told me throw it out the window but you know but it was just really nice and she kind of was very encouraging as far as that's concerned as a sociological horror fiction author what sparked your interest in the horror genre the horror genre has always been very very interesting to me I've always liked the and sociologically speaking I've always liked the idea of the nightmare next door like the idea that you never really know somebody you only know what they're willing to let you know or they're willing to tell you or they're willing to allow to be seen in public because you never know what happens behind someone's closed doors and you never know who they are behind them do you have a favorite horror author H I really yeah when I have that issue that I want to like um I don't know take a break from my own writing and stop dancing with my demons for a while I take a break and dance with his nice when you're right is there a tool you use to help get you into the process a right from a place of tragedy personal tragedies sadness angst so a lot of times my work can pretty much drag me like kicking and screaming into recesses of my mind that I might have forgotten them for sometime and I'm kicking and screaming if I'm being drugged there but I need that to to basically event and it's part of my process so to speak and I don't know if I can say if I said that sounds funny but it's like that's that's what I need I I revel in it to to create what I do because it's not a happy place it's like I told a friend of mine it's you go to that place that you're not willing to show others because that is where the best works are made that's deep before we really get deep into parental bloodshed the packaging is incredible very unique can you tell us what this symbolizes okay that is actual butcher paper like you can order it it actually has the very slick inside underside of the paper and it is what they wrap your meat in when you go to a butcher and the tape is actually butchers tape so it's taped with butchers tape in a piece of butchers paper with a sticker that you would normally get like if you go to a deli and they put like the price tag sticker on there well that's not a price tag sticker it's a sticker though it's nonetheless to show that it's sealed it's a piece of meat that's kind of what it's supposed to symbolize or at least the idealism is concerned from just like looking at and just vaguely to perspective without knowing what it's about right I see that it says prime choice meats and deli that's awesome how would you describe parental bloodshed to someone that's unfamiliar with your work well there's like a light synopsis which basically says it's about family female supremacists cannibals that move to a Midwestern city obviously it gets much more in-depth than that but that's pretty much the easiest synopsis I can give somebody to really give them a just a general broad view of it and then when they see that they kind of have maybe two and two together but there's always much more to every story than you know just the synopsis but it's enough to maybe get your attention to kind of look at it and maybe maybe I might get you the read the first page or two and if you like it and you know it's on parental bloodshed has some dark and disturbing elements where did you find inspiration to create this story well basically there were three versions of it beforehand but they were shit literal crap shit not anything that I would ever let the public see and then then basically I uh I endured a rape that I I was having a hard time getting over I like to the point where I had black trash bags taped on every mirror of my house so I didn't have to look at myself and for about and then I kind of got to the point where I needed to kind of have a cathartic release of some kind and the the fourth version literally came out of like I think it was like 72 hours of basically no sleep a beverage buffet and a lot of trips to the bathroom and that's that's where that came from but yeah and it came from me trying to let it go because I couldn't I couldn't get past it I couldn't let it go it was it was devouring me it was it was all-encompassing and the feeling of it was all encompassing and I didn't really know how to deal with it and so basically I kind of sat down I thought what can I do I pulled out that file cabinet I threw it a little bit we go all over the floor and I said fuck this and then I just literally sat there for like I said for that it took it took quite some time I rewrote it I sat back I cried I took the trash bags mirrors like Tibet Wow is it uncomfortable for you putting so much of yourself on the page for others to read oh yeah I make it in front of a crowd it's not really absolutely terrifying yeah and uncomfortable and uh yeah yeah I feel extremely exposed even though this dress is recovering we were very brave and I admire you for it I love you you're quoted saying that you write from a place of personal tragedy hardship and angst how does this mindset affect your writing well like I said sometimes it kind of if I'm happy like I am right now I'm pretty happy I have to actually stop myself when I'm writing to take myself back to some of those places and sometimes I don't actually get control over where that goes so my mind will drag me kicking and screaming into places that I did not want long since forgotten maybe even and I will be there and I have and I'm in that headspace and and that's where usually these things come from but it's really really great because I have a lot of people around me that support me and love me and they and they they're they're able to kind of like be like my candle that I can see at the end of that that hallway that brings me back so I never stay there for very long because it is quite um it is quite emotionally exhausting in other interviews you've talked about the characters and parental bloodshed coming from parts of your own personality how is your personality reflected in all these characters well it's basically like I explained it at one time and I tried to find a better way to explain it so um basically all the characters are literally facets of my personality they are broken apart to be different and then they are founded upon to be to create what I would believe would be an actual human being or the idea of an actual human being and each one of them is me they're just different parts of me and so like I have one character that's one part of me feels this way I have one character that's part of me that feels this way and I have another it goes on and so all the main characters are me but they're different sides how do or how does the characters apply to you such as Mary Mary is the part of my personality that is angry as fuck she's furious I'm surprised she hasn't died of a raging aneurysm she really really really is not a happy person and she is evil she's angry but I think her personality and the way it is was made and not born so she has become the person that she is through circumstance in life but yes she's an incredibly hateful angry angry person soul thing if I want to call she's a character of my book so I don't know how to call her anything other than like that's the side of me that's had enough and I'm angry about it and she's not that I was ever mad or anything like that I just became knowledgeable understood the way things were going didn't like them and I was fucking furious so I became basically that and when you become that you tried to find a way to make it to where it's understood what she is because she is pure unadulterated anger and hatred how about Heather Heather is the the the follower the part of me that really doesn't want to always be in charge of everything the part of me that is always in charge of everything that doesn't want to be for everybody all the time Heather also is the voice of reason she makes the most sense always has and it's one airing out the other usually was Mary because Mary doesn't want to hear what Heather has to say Mary just wants what Mary wants she keeps Heather around probably to make her feel better in a while Sara's innocent sweet has no idea what the hell she's in for and she doesn't understand her own family Victoria Victoria is Rob from askew 'ti with the absence of sex Daryl Daryl is the part of me that wants to speak out against all the atrocities and things that happen to women all over the globe and how the oppression and everything affects every single woman girl and being on this planet knate knate is more like a moral support idea he never really left the war and he was very much so Arthur's real only friend but he wasn't really a friend so it was kind of one of those things where he was more like a hangout with Arthur out of necessity he didn't really feel loved or needed by him he felt responsible and then last but not least Arthur Arthur is the part of me that everybody thinks is crazy but I'm always right if you had to pick one character you would identify with most who would it be and why that's a really good question because they're all me so I don't know exactly how I would answer that I would probably say a lot of things about the fact that I spent most of my life feeling like I wasn't listened to like nobody hurt me they would smile and they would nod at me they might like tell me I'm pretty and that's about it and then though those note there was no other anything you know so I would probably say a lot of times or yeah I've always said probably most identify with I kind of want to say Heather but it's kind of weird to me because I'm not really Heather because I'm a little bit outspoken so it's kind of more difficult for me because that's the side of me it would be standing in a room filled with people screaming at the top of my lungs and nobody hears me that's her but at the same time my personality is kind of a little bit more dynamic too so it would be really difficult I'd really be that kind of perfect match between maybe maybe Heather and Mary in a lot of ways on a personal level did that affect the way you wrote the characters and a lot of ways yes yes because there was a need an outlet and like I said a cathartic release for the outlet and I had to create I had to create these characters based off of these feelings that I had also so each character not only was a facet of my personality and not only were they created to be all all the way down to what they wore what they looked like and everything they had to have this particular thing about them and each one of them needed to have you know different ones so it was like yeah I would probably say that's that's probably how that would come about would be to just basically add those things to that character individually your writing style has been described as cinematic was that intentional or happy accident completely flip and accident I had no idea that that was going to be the way it was going to turn out it was just the way it was in my head if that and there were a couple pieces I had to go back and change a little bit here and there but otherwise not that's it's kind of tough that's how it went in my head and it was fast and it was done and it was like that and like I said it took 72 hours so it's like my whole brain just threw away the other crap and I just started spewing it out and so whenever I did it was kind of almost I can kind of understand where it probably would be because it just kind of just happened that way it just all fell together the things from the previous works kind of made sense when I kind of extrapolated what I needed from them and then just basically just put everything together and I didn't even need to look at them because I had already written them so I know what they were I just gotta use what I needed from those just to add what I needed but by the end by the time I was done I really did not plan on it reading like a movie but I have been told several times it does and then I went back and read it myself and I was like aha be damned out of curiosity do you have any plans to maybe do a movie about this book uh how would be awesome I would really like that it you know and you've been told and it reads like a movie so it should be a movie right I would love that I have I have been and I have mentioned it to a couple people that I know I'm not gonna promise anything obviously to the general public but I would really like to an M aiming toward the possibility of making a movie because I really do think that it would be an amazing son of a photography adventure everybody help her make a movie of yes adventure I don't know just say it could be really cool and then you know most people might not like it but who cares I don't know I don't know if anybody will like it and out and I may may won't all I know is it make a cool movie absolutely what if anything would you change about the book to put it on the big screen I'd have to make it not a rated X I think I actually wrote a write a textbook I don't even know exactly how that's even possible being in the rating system but I think it did and so I don't know exactly what would we needed to take out to make it not a rated X and that terrifies me so obviously I would need to be part of the group that would be deciding to do that if there were a movie involved because I don't want to leave out anything but some of those parts are not necessarily r-rated if you get my dreams yes yes yes so the idea is obviously it would probably end up having to be like a director's uncensored cut and then that had the chopped ever living shit out of it to make it actually visible in B&R because I get really really graphic and mean and kind of yes anyway parental bloodshed builds an imagery with some pretty amazing locations what inspired them and do you have a favorite okay there are lots of locations lots and there are a lot of times they're expired by different inspired sorry have expired no there is inspired by places I've lived places I've been you know travel wise etc and so like one of my favorites of course is the library and you have library cards and they're quite lovely and that is actually inspired by about three different strip clubs and the library at Oxford University London it's a really cool like we've been there was a beautiful library the wood works amazing always wanted to go to the UK yeah so yeah and then of course some really cool strip clubs some in Vegas and some other places the vehicles you choose are almost like characters of their own can we talk about the cars oh yeah okay links is like my dream car links is a well another so beautiful it's 1916 I should do forward to do it anyway anyway it's beautiful and I love it and it's black with this look um anyway and she purrs and so yeah she's her own character and she's very much very predatorial I actually really enjoyed giving her that idea like her tires or her paws kind of thing you know and she purrs rooms really once and then there's a there's a vixen which is just basically a Jeep Wrangler that's been like altered and souped up and it's pretty cool now that one doesn't have as much of a personality comparatively speaking because Lynx is really the one with the personality and I probably didn't own it because because obviously I am obviously showing a lot of favoritism because I really want one of those I mean like that's like my dream car dream dream dream car like I'm going to get one someday I might be 92 but I'm getting one I won't be able to drive it I'll sit in the driveway I don't care the story has several characters that seem to play off each other Mary Heather na Arthur Sarah Victoria right can you talk about these characters and why they are a group together well there have grouped together because they seem to fit together because they would they would be friends or they would be knowledgeable of each other like for instance Mary and Heather are they live together and Mary and Mary is basically the Alpha and Heather is the beta and she they kind of have this dynamic between them and as far as Sarah and Victoria they're they are sisters and so basically there would be that like slight camaraderie because they've been around each other their whole lives Nate and Arthur are friends from the war Nate has a war montage to type salut and so they basically I'm gonna say it like this parts of them never left now kind of idea do you have a favorite scene or sequence you know honestly I'm very much about the car scenes I don't want to give away too much I'm trying not to but I love the cars hey I especially love links a lot so yeah anything with links in and I'm gonna say yeah and a deep voice to you what inspired your chapter titles usually the chapter tires are extremely telling and it was kind of weird because when I thought about it later on they actually did kind of shape the chapter in a way subconsciously because I had no idea that they did that it was like when I went back and read and I told you I was like whoa that's weird I didn't realize I did that you know like I didn't realize it live read like a movie I didn't realize the chapter titles made the chapter how do I do that interesting kind of cool okay we'll just go with that parental bloodshed is packed with pop-culture references was there a reason behind including so many and do you have a favorite one they were there were a lot of pop culture as you mean in like music and stuff or I had a lot of musical inspiration a lot of times I just like to sit there and just listen to different musicians and they'll put me in different moods a lot of times sometimes when I'm getting ready to write I'll have like a playlist of music that I listen to I haven't no loved Rob Zombie I did I just loved him and so I'll listen to a little bit of him and then there's the Rolling Stones and some some other stuff that is very iconic for this particular type of timeframe that I've placed this in and it makes total sense for the way that is written how does the music add to the narrative oh because it exactly tells you what period of time you're in like literally because some of these things didn't come out and so much you know some of the things didn't didn't come out I came when they came out they came out this time whereas there were a couple things I had to research and find out that they didn't come out to like years later so I couldn't use those things even though they inspired me and I enjoyed them couldn't use them but you know as far as its concerned this particular song in this particular song that is that I find inspiring and up and and motivational was there so I can totally do that and and I basically picked out of what was not only popular but what was enjoyable for me as far as inspiring like I love to listen to as well and kind of got me in that like I want a right kind of mate how long did the writing process take for parental bloodshed eight years Wow I wish I work is God dang I would have a book out every six months no I am absolutely the opposite of formulaic and I really really sometimes hate that because it took me four rewrites and eight years and yeah yeah that's a lot of time and I'm on my now going to be third rewrite of things I've been trying to decide whether what direction I really want to go with it I haven't decided I've started what I think might be a sequel but I don't know if I'm gonna go that direction I might go another direction who knows because you know usually those things aren't made up until I'm done with it and then itís I don't want any work or something like that what kind of readers feedback have you received well I've received uh pretty much everything from the spectrum of the scale of oh my gosh I loved it I'm gonna write you a two and a half page letter about how amazing it was and kind of compare different works of other people to it in a combination type standpoint and then I've had people tell me they were queasy and got sick after reading some of the scenes in the book it's a book I've never heard of anybody ever getting queasy let alone throwing up twice that's just absolutely unheard up to me but it I was told that it happened um I've scared the bejesus out a lot of my friends I do have men that no longer talk to me anymore that were my friends and yeah so that's been really interesting I have like one picture with this one friend I never saw him again he doesn t want to talk to me yeah cuz he read it and he's terrified of me so really not that mean it's a book it's called but sometimes you know they people have a hard time escaping our from reality other room things were like I needed to find a better editor which I totally agree with and then the person in the middle of the interview got scared for a minute and then they were like and then they turned around gave me like this great review and I kind of joked around I doubt it's true but quite honestly when you read it it's extremely knowledgeable in depth of physiology and anatomy so it can be very very visually understood especially with the definitions I mean the the words and sometimes I even define them and the descriptions of what is going on and how it's going on and who's taking what and what degree and sometimes I found bitless I found that words can scare people I didn't think they cooked I thought movies scary people yeah so I've terrified a few of my friends some of the know talk to me more and one tells me that he can't put it into his Bristow book club because they'll puke and it's not literature that would be good for that book club Wow yeah which gosh I wouldn't I mean I kind of joke around but I wonder if I could like make it a rated-r book I don't know how to do that though just put big R I'm an hour-plus there you go you decided to self-publish as opposed to going through a traditional publishing house I would love to know why that direction and what did you find the greatest benefit to be well I went that direction because I want money I'm dealing with you know the fact that I'm an unknown it's really hard to sell something to someone that they'd never heard of by someone they've never heard of so most of these houses take a substantial amount I know if you I was trying if I tried to sell on Amazon I believe it's 50% and if I tried to go through a big pub house I'd get two dollars per book up to I think is like 70 cents to two dollars a book Wow in sales so Hama and so basically I called around tried to find it because I was very specific about what I wanted and what I wanted a traditional publishing house wasn't going to give me because I'd talked to a few of them and they were not willing to do the butcher paper thing with the sticker that's a lot of maintenance that's not just printing a book that's not just printing a book and a dust jacket and throwing it together and it going on in assembly line it's not that this has to actually be hand packaged taped and stickered and there and then stick the ISBN on the back and they don't normally do all that which I totally get I had my dreams I had my way I wanted them to be and I decided I wasn't gonna compromise so basically I had to find someone that would do what I wanted them to do and that's that's basically what basically came about because I knew I was gonna have to do something like that because that was the only way I was gonna get what I want and I wasn't going to look at $2 a book or good that would make no sense to me that's a lot of hard work for nothing yeah yeah what was the self-publishing process like it was a nightmare at first and the reason why is because one you it's really hard to get editors and the reason why is because most editors are ridiculously expensive you can get one sometimes you're like 2 to 3 you know one to two dollars page two to three dollars page depending on what you're dealing with but this is a 364 page book so now you're talking about more money right and then um like I said finding editors is really difficult finding a printing press that will do this was astronomically hard because what I found out later on which is a very interesting little tidbit that's stamping the the way the stamping is in the color of the stamping and the the consistency of the stamping was not created yet they created it and made it and stamped it and so you can't get that anywhere else so it was a really cool thing and they kept whole bunches of sheets of it so like you know obviously if I'm like a major success or something that you know they'll have plenty of them for me but yeah the the printer that I went with was very much so absolutely willing to completely facilitate to anything all my needs and anything that I needed from them and they went above and beyond in a lot of ways because as she said it's been a long time since I've gotten to see an actual book and do an actual book this is the biggest joy for me I have had so much fun and this is great and I got to do new things which doesn't happen when you've been in business as long as I have so it was kind of cool to hear that from him and I was really happy to give him that kind of joy I was really happy to get things the way I wanted him because I wasn't going to settle for anything less than what I wanted so because I'm kind of that way with you as going through the self-publishing process changed her mind for how you publish future projects absolutely I love the control I love having control over my career I love having control over this I love having the copyright of this I love having being able to if I want to change a word in it and I want to submit that to the Library of Congress to make sure that the change is taken and I want to do this or that or whatever with it maybe I want to check why don't change an editing thing I did I can do that but without me with with basically not being able to have any control over that that would drive me crazy so because I'm kind of a control freak so yeah nothing that's probably the biggest aspect as well as obviously the other things that I'd mentioned is a gigantic bearing factor because I have it's my work it's it's my brain it's my thoughts it's my it's the one place that book is the one place on the planet where I am God I want control over it because I uh I should have control over it because it's my world I created without spoiling the story ends with a possibility of a sequel do you have any plans on writing a sequel or has the story run its course that is a really good question because I'm not even there yet myself okay so I've tried to write a sequel like twice now I burned them I take I go to the Metro Park and I'm all melodramatic cuz you know me right so I go to the Metro park and a sit down with like lighter fluid light on fire and I film it it's beautiful lovely everybody loves it great yay 700 pages later and so I still I'm trying to figure out what I'm gonna do there and I'm trying really hard so basically I'm looking at my third draft now if I really want to do that I might end up taking in a different direction because I have been trying to write a sequel but I'm not exactly sure if I'm going to do that now I have had a couple ideas about something maybe different I don't know yet I have another couple little side projects that are never gonna see the light of day and they saw a currently bad and so I'm just kind of like I don't know is the first sequel that I wrote to it was absolutely ridiculous it was like 700 it was six hundred ninety eight ninety four pages I'm not that talented to write war and peace and actually keep people interested so yeah I knew that that wasn't gonna work so I needed to like burn that like yesterday so I trying she's very talented I was horrible I just like lift that thing on fire is done and so now I'm more and then I read the second one second one was not good it lacked everything that I am very very particular about so I took like about I got throughout the first paragraph of my own writing where I was like fuck trash and like animal betting or something so now trying on a third I'm gonna figure out what I'm gonna do there and I made up changing direction all together because I'm kind of unpredictable like that so I guess it doesn't really answer your question but it kind of does in a weird little circle way yeah where can people purchase a copy of Prince of bloodshed well the really cool thing is social media has done some really nice things you can buy it off my fanpage at it's jayjay Phillips and the Phillips is with 1l please do not forget it's with one L one not two one it's it's no pasta fee JJ Phillips and that's the Facebook page and you can actually buy the book on the Facebook page you can also buy it on my website at JJ Phillips calm with one else and then you can also hum you know you can contact me if you want through my Twitter its nightmare's inc and then the Instagram is like JJ Phillips one two three I'm not exactly sure and then I also have an IMDB page you can message me through to as well and that's jayjay dot Phillips and make sure it's one else because there's an actor that has two that he's really nice-looking and he's a very nice young man but he's not me as far as that's concerned this also if you're local to Dayton it's available a class Dayton which is a store owned by one of my really dear friends for many years Mary Katherine Burnside so if you get a chance to stop by there that's always great – and take a look at everything there because I call that Victoria's closet mmm yeah cuz she would have a heyday if she was given an exponential non-existent no total amount of money to spend she would buy that whole place it's awesome I have to take you there sometime Utley I was really great oh my gosh she has a great shot I love her to death and it's a really really fun place to go like even you just want to look around and there's an art gallery on the side too do you have any plans to put parental bloodshed on a digital format for eBay ders I am gonna do that kicking and screaming because I don't want to and because and this is gonna sound funny but books are starting to become like almost extinct kind of like back in the old days when they were kind of like a seinem of luxury in a way or wealth or whatever I'm just noticed that they're very few and far between now and so yes eventually I will have to do that I I will be drugged I will be dragged like kicking and screaming probably by my hair because it's long enough to do that with but I will not want to do it but I will probably eventually do that but for right now I mean these are the places that you can order it you can contact me directly obviously and then I can you know I let you know what to do there and then also the website is a great resource but ya know there's no actual I'm not looking forward to any type of digital media in regard to that but I will probably end up having to do that in the future whether I want to or not you have some very devoted readers and fans is there anything you would like to say to them before we conclude what has been an amazing interview tell all your friends buy my book and have a great day and Cheers JJ I can't thank you enough for having the time to sit down and talk to me today about your awesome book oh no I thank you it was great to talk to you too of mischief parental bloodshed is available now a phenomenal novel and an incredible backstory and one truly amazing woman for JJ Phillips and myself thank you and perhaps we shall see you again lovebirds fill the sky casting shadows of attention seeking a loan soaring half as I am you

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