Horrid Henry's Author Visit

horrid Henry's offer visit horrid henry woke up he felt strange he felt happy he felt excited but why was it the weekend nope was it a day off school had miss battle-axe been kidnapped by aliens and transported to another galaxy to slave in the salt mines unfortunately so why was he feeling so excited on a school day and then horrid henry remembered oh wow it was book week at henry school and his favorite author in the whole world TJ fizz the writer of the stupendous ghost quest and mad machines and skillets and skunks was coming to talk to his class Henry had read every single one of TJ's brilliant books even after lights out rude Ralph thought they were almost as good as mutant max comics Howard Henry thought they were even better perfect Peter bounced into his room isn't it exciting Henry said perfect Peter our class is going to meet a real live author milksop Myles is coming today he's the man who wrote the happy nappy do you think he'd sign my copy horrid henry snorted nappy only the dumbest book ever all those giant Nucky's with names like rapine a peon zappy nappy and happy nappy dancing and prancing about and then the truly horrible gappy nappy it was always wailing I'm leaking hurry Henry shuddered he was amazed that milksop Myles dared to show his face after writing such a boring book only a wormy toad like you could like such a stupid story said Henry it's not stupid so Peter a stew is not and he's bringing his guitar miss lovely said so big do said horrid henry we've got TJ face perfect Peter shuddered her books are too scary said Peter that's cuz you're a baby mom shriek Peter Henry called me baby tell miss Henry don't be horrid henry shouted mum horrid henry sat in class with a huge carry a bag filled with all these TJ fizz books everyone in the class had drawn book covers a ghost quest and ghouls jewels and written their own skeletons skunks story henry's of course was the best skeleton skunk meets terminator gladiator may the smelliest fight our win he would give it to TJ fizz if she paid him a million pounds till it was time for her to arrive miss battle-axe cleared her throat class we have a very important guest coming I know we're all very excited but I will not tolerate anything but perfect behavior today anyone who misbehaves will be sent out is that clear she glared at Henry and we scowled back cause he would be perfect DJ Fez was coming has everyone thought of a good question to ask her I'll write the best ones on the board continued miss battle-axe how much money did you make shouted brood Roth how many TVs your have shouted horrid henry do you like fajr shouted greedy graham I said good questions snapped miss battle-axe but what's all question 4tj fizz don't know it's a beefy bird poops henry's tummy was telling him it was snack time citement it was strictly forbidden to eat in class but henry walls hey master sneaker he certainly wouldn't want his tummy to gurgle while TJ fizz was talking miss battle-axe was writing down clever Claire's eight questions on the board slowly horrid henry opened his lunchbox under the table slowly carefully silently he opened the bag of crystals [Applause] hurried Henry looked to the left rude Ralph was waving his hand in the air hurried Henry looked to the right greedy Graham was drooling and opening a packet of sweets the coast was clear Henry popped some super-spicy Hedgehog crisps into his mouth whispered rude rough no mr. Henry he moaned greedy Graham no historic Henry miss battle-axe towered over him holding aloft his bag of crisps her red eyes were like – I see – what did I tell you Headley said miss battle-axe no bad behavior would be tolerated go to miss Lovelace class so this is coming spluttered horrid henry i was just miss battle-axe pointed to the door how old him horrid henry sat in a tiny chair at the back of miss Lovelace room never he tried to block his ears as milksop miles read his horrible book to peters class hello happy clappy and yuppie can you find the leak no said happy no said clappy no said yappy I can said yappy nappy heard Henry what is his teeth he would go mad having to listen to this a moment longer he had to get out of here altogether now let's sing the happy nappy song trilled milksop miles whipping out his guitar groaned henery no this was worse than torture how could he sit here listening to the horrible happy nappy song knowing that just above him TJ fizz was reading from one of our incredible books passing around the famous skunk skeleton and showing off her ghost quest drawings he had to get back to his own class he had to but how will he joined in the same he could bellow power on us okay now yes I would certainly get him sent out the door straight to the head no but his class and TJ fizz horrid henry closed his mouth rats maybe there'd be an earthquake a power failure where was a fire drill when you needed one he could always pretend he needed the toilet but then when he didn't come back they'd come looking for him well maybe he could just sneak away why not Henry got to his feet and began to slide towards the door trying to be invisible whoa come back here little boy shouted milksop miles twanging his guitar Henry froze oh party is just starting now who knows the happy nappy dance I do it's a perfect Peter hi joe said goody-goody Gordon we all do cept ID Ted everyone on their feet said milksop miles ah 102 let's all do the nappy dance knock-knock-knock knock-knock-knock nappy miles nah be mobile pieces class dancing away desperate times call for desperate measures hurried Henry started dancing slowly he tapped his way closer closer and close to the door and freedom hurried Henry reached for the doorknob miss lovely was busy dancing in the corner just a few more steps who's gonna be my little helper while we act out the story beamed miles who would like to play the happy nappy squealed miss Lovelace class horrid henry sank against the wall come on don't be shy said miles pointing straight at Henry come on up and put on the magic happy now P and he marched over and dangled an enormous blue nappy in front of Henry it was over 1 meter wide and 1 meter high with a hideous smiling face and big googly eyes hurried Henry took a step back he felt faint the giant nut he was looming above him moment it would be over his head and he'd be trapped inside his name would be mark forever Henry the nappy Henry's a joy nappy Henry the giant happy nappy toyomi milksop miles stopped waving the gigantic nappy oh dear he said good dear said miss lovely doom be scared said miles scared hurried Henry scared of a joint nappy and reopened his mouth to scream and then he stopped what if Henry had milk soap miles looked at Miss lovely lovely miles Henry you okay piped perfect Peter Oh wheeled horrid henry cowering i'm I'm nappy phobic never mind said milks up miles you're not the first boy who's been scared of a joiner P ha I'm sure be fine if I go back to my own class gasped horrid henry miss lovely hesitated horrid henry opened his mouth to howl ran along net said miss lovely quickly horrid henry did not wait to be asked twice he raced out of miss Lovelace class then dashed upstairs a zone Skelton stunk here I come thought Henry bursting through the door the hair was the great and glorious tjf is just about to start reading a brand new chapter from my latest book skeleton stink bomb hallelujah he was in time but he's giving me mr. miss battle-axe this lovely sent me back beamed horrid henry and you did say we should be on our best behavior today so I get what I was told Henry sat down as TJ began to read the story was amazing ah side Horrid Henry happily Watson

4 thoughts on “Horrid Henry's Author Visit

  1. Horrid Henry's flavord Arthor is like R.l.stine he loves horror stories he would've loved the goosebumps books.

  2. He is so good but I am getting horrid Henry gets rich quick book but it is made as horrid Henry strikes it rich

  3. Glad he got a happy ending where he got to meet his favourite author. Reminds me of when I met The Chuckle Brothers twice.

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