Hoopla on iPad – Reading Books and Comics

Welcome to the Stanislaus County Library’s
video series on using Hoopla for iPads,
iPhones, and other iOS devices. In this video we will cover how to read an
Ebook or Comic that you have borrowed in the
Hoopla app from Stanislaus County Library. And remember, while watching this video, you
can pause, rewind, and rewatch any section
that you want. If you haven’t already done so, open the app
by tapping on the Hoopla icon on your iPad
home screen. Tap on the My Hoopla icon at the bottom of the
screen to access your checked out material. Tap on the title of an Ebook that you have
borrowed. Tap on the blue Read button to open the book
and begin reading. The book will open to the last page that you
had been reading. If this is the first time reading this book it will
open to the book cover. You can change pages by tapping the right
side of the screen to go forward one page or the left side of the screen to go backward
one page. Tap the center of the screen to access the
options to customize your reading experience. At the bottom of the screen you can see a
blue progress bar that shows how far you
have read in the book. Tap the Aa button at the bottom to adjust the
size or style of the font. Tap on the artist’s palette to change the color
of the screen for different lighting conditions. You can choose between Light, Sepia, and
Dark. Tap on the settings gear to change the line
spacing and the text alignment. In the upper right corner you can tap on the
bookmark icon to bookmark a page to find
later. Tap on the magnifying glass to search
through the book for keywords. Tap on the three lines to access the Table of
Contents and any bookmarks you may have
made. If you tap and hold on a word in the text of the
book you can choose to copy it, look up the
definition, send it as an email or text, or search for it in
the text of the book. To go back to the My Hoopla section tap on
the word “Done” in the upper left corner of the
screen. Reading a Comic in Hoopla is very similar to
reading an Ebook, with a few small
differences. From your My Hoopla section, tap on a Comic
that you have checked out. Tap on the blue Read button. The Comic will open to the first page, unless
you have previously been reading it. Instead of tapping the side of the screen to
turn the page you have to swipe from the
edge toward the center of the screen. Tap the center of the screen to access the
reading menu. Tap on the word “Pages” in the upper right
corner to see a view of all the pages in the
Comic. This lets you skip around to whichever page
that you want to read. You can pinch to zoom within the comic to
zoom in on a panel or section that you want to
enlarge. Hoopla has a new feature for reading Comics
that is called “Action View.” You can enter Action View by double tapping
on one of the panels within the Comic. This zooms the screen so that that panel fills
the entire screen. Now when you swipe to change pages,
instead of going to the next page it will zoom
to the next panel in order. You can double tap to exit Action View. To exit and return to the My Hoopla section tap
on “Done” in the upper left corner of the
screen. Hoopla digital is brought to you by the
Stanislaus County Library. You can reach us at our website,
www.stanislauslibrary.org. There you can explore all of the services that
are available to you with your Stanislaus
County Library card.

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