22 thoughts on “HONEY (Lyrics) – BOBBY GOLDSBORO

  1. Something about this song bothers me a little. There are some beautiful lyrics, but it has a condescending tone.

    I write my own songs, and I'd never refer to my significant other as "kinda smart and kinda dumb." Couldn't it be a tad more poetic?

  2. My Honey:
    She DID wreck the car. But what the heck. She surprised ME with HER puppy. She DID cry at TV shows when she thought I wasn't looking. Now my home is the empty stage. I sit in the back yard, listening to the robins sing and looking at her garden, and the clouds do cry for her, and I miss her so. She planted this yard, and was fussy about it. She was 58 when the Angels came 51 weeks ago, July 1, 2018. But who's counting…… We were married 20 years, and 2 months, but really, who's counting….. Honey, I miss you, and I'm being good. And I'd love to be with you, if only I could. This song is so sad, but fits her perfectly…..

  3. This song makes me cry & feel guilt, but he was the asshole to her, not me.
    But why feeling guilt? Maybe it's bc all men know secretly that we've been bad at least to one woman in our lives.

  4. I missed you, Leila c. Castillo. The Makopa tree we plant is fruiting and falling like hails. I love you Leila!

  5. She died of a disease a lot of people made a comment and said she mid suicide I don't think so I don't think that song It Ain't About suicide it's about a woman that wouldn't tell her husband that she was sick and was crying about it she wasn't crying over Late Show / movie she was crying because she knew she was dying and she didn't know know how to tell him she had no idea she she didn't know how she was going to tell her husband that was the meaning of that story that she didn't she couldn't tell her husband that she was sick and she that's why she planted that tree that the tree that she planted represented life and she didn't want that tree did I and she was trying to protect it because she she news right there that she was dying that's why she was so sensitive he didn't even want to tell her husband that she wrecked the car cuz she didn't want to make you mad she didn't she never did want to make you mad listen to the lyrics She didn't want to make you mad and that's why she didn't tell him cuz she was more concerned about him then herself

  6. Thank you so much for the lyrics. It's a beautiful song, one of my father's favorite song. I really miss him.

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