Honest Trailers – The Jungle Book (1967)

from the author of rikki-tikki-tavi and the white man's burden uh-oh comes the animated classic that will get bare necessities stuck in your head and have you struggling to remember anything else The Jungle Book before you catch the latest live-action remake of an old Disney classic go inside the jungle book book movie for a barely feature-length collection of random scenes tied together by a plight as thin as an orphans loincloth as this young boy has passed from one jokey singing animal to another until a tiger finally shows up and probably burns to death the end journey deep into the Indian jungle reimagined is a swing of 1960s hipster bar to hang with a bunch of jazzy bebop and animals a couple of squares and donors and a half-naked little boy that everyone is extremely touchy with nod if we don't do that here have a banana I know what you're trying to do give us a smile stranger danger stranger danger stro aimlessly along with mowgli this illiterate unvaccinated child it really should have been eaten by now he's so stubborn and whitey you almost understand why he got abandoned by his parents abandoned by his wolf parents man-cub can no longer stay with a pack o bendin by his Panther dad I'm nah you're on your own abandoned by a troupe of elephants I've no man come in my jungle and abandoned by his builder dad again I give up until he finally gets the chance to abandon them back and do God knows what to that little girl enjoy Disney signature handcrafted animation then enjoyed again as they recycle the same shots over and over could look out for yourself can you you have the word of the year but don't just stand there young and helpless then recycle them even more in other Disney movies that's like Michael Bay lazy so forget the plot because there isn't one and besides you're only here for that great song and a bunch of others you couldn't name with a gun to your head featuring the is this even a song song there's no need to sing the long cuz it's barely is a song it's a lotta told it's a boring troll but there's no need to prolong so let's hit this boring song the time killing jibberish song booming Diaries I gotta kill some screens as long as woman as long as it otherwise my songs arise the touchy uncle song I'm REE put on trust like a van with free candy the weakened pork would were owner song you wanna lead I'll firt with you from a distance till the day that we can walk and the only song that you actually remember look Dora oh this refugee with dr. pol this refugee don't start your getting lie yes you're a liability you almost ends up killing me can be alive I would eat you to Side Story Jammu Glee the big Balu ski black panther tiger scar the exact same voices winnie-the-pooh creepy right and Louie arms long the jungle boar so wait isn't this movie supposed to set up tailspin why didn't blue just fly Mowgli back home in the sea doc this movie may have been boring but we can all agree that tailspin was freakin awesome right be sure to subscribe for more honest trailers hey screen junkies did you know we get extra honest about our own honest trailers with honest commentaries on screen junkies calm click the boxes below to watch the honest trailer for Star Wars Force awakens and to see our honest commentary on it deleted jokes bonus clips and special guests huh metal gear you are that ninja I made out of laughing taffy tell me do you bleed ah I mean do you want to join the Justice League Martha why did you say that name my butt cheeks are made of metal I will kill you till you die to death

22 thoughts on “Honest Trailers – The Jungle Book (1967)

  1. Lol, another comical interpretation!

    I don't remember the girl. Hmm. But at least Disney was able to create one of their best early 90s cartoons based on The Jungle Book.

  2. No plot? This is Disney! There is exactly one plot that Disney uses over and over!

    Kid loses parents.
    Is adopted by irresponsible strangers.
    Goofs off for a bit.
    Then kid is shoved into a closet until s/he's old enough to take their parent's place.

    Seriously, this is the plot of every movie Disney has ever made.

  3. It always drives me crazy to see Mowgli hypnotized by Kaa. In the book, Kaa is a good guy, and anyway Mowgli was unaffected by his hypnotic effect over other animals (to include Bagheera and Baloo) because he was human, see the section where Mowgli hangs out with the monkey people, the Bandar-log. Kipling very much emphasized man's superiority and dominion over animals.

  4. technically Mowgli shouldn't be alive not because of the wolves and Panthers but HOW THE HELL DID HE SURVIVE EATING RAW MEAT!!!!! PEOPLE CANT EAT RAW MEAT! IT WOULD KILL THEM!

  5. You guys should do The Rescuers Down Under. John Candy is a bird. Bob Newhart and Eva Gabor are mice and apparently agents of a global aid network comprised of nothing but animals, George C. Scott is the Evil Human Poacher, and as it turns out animals have a modern functioning society right under our noses that we never noticed, complete with medical facilities, restaurants, a mail system, and given the clothes, probably a pan-fauna textile industry and pornography.

  6. I hated this movie for one pure and simple reason: I got exposed to TaleSpin first and had no idea TaleSpin was based off this. When I saw this movie, all I wanted to know was where the hell was Kit Cloudkicker?

  7. Coz' you're a homeless refugee, red diapered homeless refugee, if you don't starve you'll get eaten alive, yes you're a liability, who almost ends up killing me, in real life I'd eat you to survive

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