Holly Throsby introduces her new novel CEDAR VALLEY

Hi, my name is Holly Throsby, I’m the author of a book called Goodwood that came out a couple of years ago and I wanted to tell you about my new book which is called Cedar Valley. Cedar Valley is a town nearish Goodwood, it’s mentioned in Goodwood a couple of times, and this is an entirely standalone story but readers of Goodwood may enjoy some nods to the first novel which I enjoyed writing. This book is about Benny Miller, she’s a 21 year old university student and she arrives in the town of Cedar Valley to find out information about her mother who has recently died. Her mum’s old friend Odette lives in the town and offers Benny a vacant house to stay in. On the same day that Benny arrives a very well-dressed and mysterious man
arrives in the town as well. He walks down the Main Street and sits down in front of Cedar Valley Curios & Oldwares, which is a big old antique store, he sits on the footpath and sits there for many hours. The book is is about Benny and the mystery is within her own life, her mother, and and her quest to know, and it’s also about this unknown man and the effect that he has on the town, and yeah, I hope that readers enjoy Cedar Valley as much as I enjoyed writing it and as much as people enjoyed Goodwood.

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