Holly Smale – Geek Girl – Author's Question Time:

my name is honey smell and my shoe size is seven on the top side of my birthday is decal my favorite word is metamorphosis which is kind of the key to the whole book a fake and I didn't really have the idea Jagr my friend did and I was writing something very serious for adults and I was sitting with my friend Mary coffee one day and she just said while you're doing this really serious book about you know death why don't you do a book about modeling because you did it when you were a teenager and everyone's interested in that so I wasn't really that interested went home to try and like have a batter there and didn't really want to put out another book you know I didn't want to reinforce the idea that looks are so important and for teenage girls especially I didn't want it to have that kind of you know how you look is who you are kind of angle so I sat down to write it kind of bit disenchanted and wrote my name is Harriet – and I'm a geek and suddenly it was like right I have an angle and suddenly I have a story I want to tell a character I want to tell it from so that was yeah those moments okay well the main character is Harriet – who is my 15 year old heroine she's very geeky she's very socially unaware she's very unpopular she has one best friend called NAT who she's known since she was a small girl but they've sort of separated off slightly what they enjoyed doing that wants to be a model and Harriet wanted to be a paleontologist and yeah the book is about her discovery and there's going of her as as a model on a school trip which sort of causes tension between her in her relationship with her best friend and sets her on a path that is totally unexpected and throws her into her situations that she would never in a million years know how to handle or have any idea of what to do so yeah that's that's the story and you have other characters so she has a close relationship with her father and her stepmother and she has a stalker called Toby who is so confessedly her stalker and quite proud of the fact and then there's Nick who's the beautiful supermodel who she immediately Falls and crush with and yeah it's a lot it's a lot of fun yes and yeah I think once you get your whiskey it's always going to be in you it's something that you know you don't go out of but you do learn to cover it up slightly and more importantly you do learn to embrace that and not actually worry about it so much so yes I am a geek yes there will definitely was going to be at least two so

10 thoughts on “Holly Smale – Geek Girl – Author's Question Time:

  1. meeting you today was such a privelege. I learnt so much about you from your love for the faraway tree to the weird stories about how you loved rocks and dinosaurs. Truly an inspriation!

  2. I have your signed book underneath my pillow right now- just as you had the magic faraway tree when you were little. It has been the best day of my life today, meeting you at school and I will always remember it

  3. I love this series and you keep on coming to Swindon and my bestie :Zara absolutely would be over the moon to meet you just like me

  4. I loved this book I could not put it down I read it everyday for like 3 days or 5 XD Nick is amazing in that book second one I see as him as a jerk so far but cute with Harriet- was cute with her

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