Holloway Series in Poetry – Alan Bernheimer

tonight's event is the last of the fall events it features two poets one is a first-year entering graduate student in the English department who will be working on her PhD over the next bundle of years and her name is Jane Gregory and she will be introduced by another first-year student poet Christopher Miller if any of you were lucky enough to hear him read at the of the last reading or the one before that one before that I'm you will be you will know who Christopher Miller is also a formidable poet and then a young poet who is an undergraduate and swept the University of California you UC Berkeley offers a number of literary prizes and you submit anonymously with just a number assigned to your submission and this gentleman swept the awards he wanted a prodigious number of of the the ones that are offered he said eight brilliant poet a musician plays with a band called butterfly bond and his name is Steve lance and he will be introducing the featured guest poet this evening who is also a Berkeley poet but at a UC Berkeley poet Allen bernheimer so I'm going to step aside and let Christopher Miller take over that Jane will read then Steve Lance will introduce Allen and Allen will read and then you will buy copies of allen's new book thank you Christopher can everybody hear me all right thanks one in a radio lecture entitled exploring the world of perception sensory objects maurice merleau-ponty provides us with a useful anecdote about our relationship with things in the world one in which our notions of interior and exterior TR collapsed or intertwined quote our relationship with things is not a distant one each speaks to our body into the way we live they are clothed in human characteristics whether docile soft hostile or resistant and conversely they dwell within us as emblems of forms of life of course such a relationship is not always immediately available spoken from the objectified match the nations of life as a means to life what we might call our punishing idiomatic loops janes poetry reminds us that such an intimacy with the world is a continuous struggle for jane it is not just a question of how everything operates but how to be occupied with these operations how to let perception enact a disposition in which we live out our frustrated emergencies as incomplete beings always reaching beyond the tired repetitive frames of knowledge jane's poems hinge on the capacity to create new forms for feeling and perceiving in language such that language can facilitate its own crossings running throughout her work there is the motif of reciprocal and repetitive motions that seem to produce their own excesses such an effect is generated not only by verbal repetition but echoes of sound and sense which turn against each other concepts and phrases get recycled and refigured you can see this at work in the first three lines of her poem beyond Thea t Eddie Eddie M dear faith this is the sound of the Sun on a loop what was the Sun is the sound of a loop on this is arranged a raid enable so the sound of the Sun on a loop is both asserted and retracted almost arrayed as an able impossibility such repetitions carry the capacity to isolate and arrest us as we see in a line from the same poem phone is demented cement cemented lament such oral play is not only comic but tragic as it is these very frames of understanding which reproduce the captivity of everyday life becomes an alienated joke we live out that place where quote i do my actions it is ultimately our capacity for transgression to go beyond the lies we use to frame situations that brings forth our deep investment within things we can see something like this in the c section of her poem alone anymore than we can where we encounter a name quote slithering about the cortex and quote back and forth seemingly measuring the quote difference between prayer and where what there is came forth these propositions do not serve as catalysts for some positivistic faith rather they seem to put in motion the chi asmik structures where one can imagine quote nothing on fire or quote fire on nothing at all jane also recognizes that to enable such an emergent structure requires the refiguring perception itself in her poem called image we see the figure of Joshua railing against the windows that refract and dismember him represent his failures to engage the world instead we must rely on this quote carriage of sight to put us out among the disk into newest jarring world of others it is in this world where we cannot close the eyes of the lion a face the lightning from the sky or erase the memory of a sister where history is always available to be exhumed the stakes are high for these poems after all for what occurs in the sphere representation has everything to do with how we organize and live in the world as we are reminded in her poem the beyond being faith as an underground begins we must quote stop miss reading imperial as empty real on the page to restore our intimacy with things in the world is to facilitate the feeling in the poem where quote all this information unorganized is by accident furred is this accidental aggregation that embodies the quote necessary unreeling of the world that spreads out the spin of it its mystery considerate thus there is a way in Jane's poetry in which we are asked to understand the unreeling or the letting go of the world as a relationship of care one in which the gestures we make undo us make us available for new kinds of commitments to the things and people which populate our world ladies and gentlemen it is my honor and privilege to introduce to you Jane Gregory Thank You Christopher that was beautiful it almost made me proud of my palms which doesn't happen very often um and thank you all for coming it's really nice to read here for the first time in Berkeley the first thing I want to do is read a poem that I didn't write it's by Jack Spicer and as a lot of you probably know he was here for a long time as a student a researcher and the Linguistics Department and as a teacher here in this building until the funding was cut so this is an early poem and it's very dark and it's just in that in the hopes that none of us will will have to write upon this dark in the near future so this poem is called berkeley in time of plague plague took us and the land from under us Rose like a boil in closing us within we waited and the blue skies arrived a while becoming black with death plague took us and the chairs from under us stepped cautiously while entering the room we were discussing Yates it paused a while then smiled and made us die plague took us laughed Andrey proportioned us swelled us to dizzy unaccustomed to size we died prodigiously it hurt a while but left a certain quiet in our eyes the first poem of mine that i'm going to read his one that christopher quoted from beyond theory idiom dear fate this is the sound of the Sun on a loop what was the Sun is the sound of a loop on this is a range arrayed and able officer I heard the sound of the Sun and it meant burn them down and was smart arson and underneath arson dirt and under that my eyes this whole road was made of my eyes many many eyes and was called for called that called vision that carriage of sight the wheels of which through motion make music then you strike a note and I decide for what it was struck say stricken say I am as I am able a donation bone is demented cement cemented lament and all motions were repetitive motions the wind in the tree the wind on a loop science was the only joke we had and we told it back and forth sometimes it went life is where I do my actions sometimes it wept and wept we were too old to listen to one another's radical music but a state was speaking in see that carriage than those tanks we were in a state we spoke of it were made native this is beyond the manifold neighborhood there is the tourists your fist tried to make when it swung around to make you face me at the table the table the witness to the integration of grapes the table to drink under to mine thirst there is everything within the tourist that is also frozen without time passing there is still a circuit to speech a gate to a green psyche there is still terror and a river only the river is arguably captured in a way it wasn't before arguably not there is still the idea to surrender to sit down at the table and say you must see the fire before you light it an attempt to measure a chariot or a distance beyond it to say what you desire second order the humans the worm the humans the black tongue of the Black Adder the coccyx at the end of the words coming out of your mouth the coccyx in the index of axes by which we proceed some others are lost hoarding skeleton and disease still at the table you have to say if you put much into it that much into the journey it goes before we have to run we should try to uncounted enclosure leaving before anything moves means that wind does not blow through the window and sound off the papers on the table that when the train that is now passing does not pass you do not say that train is only one string on the fretted tracks and this place where now we used to live is not a note to play not a fact or a mystery of that same a lot of these titles have flashes in the middle of that I'm not going to I'm not pronouncing that so I'm just pausing so this one is called nope open I make the sense the zone in which everyone is with their arms up and on that day you were speaking but I meant it if we see them waving their arms from their bodies but here no music is there any dancing among them is one doing the catastrophe dance is the other claustrophobic there in the glaston span they are in common with the room they're in but not with any noise so wasn't i speaking didn't we go outside when that time at it the law was this law is general and only in chaos be easy like an orb pinned to a visor or an ALP Oh officer do you see us in trouble and us in a mess of it and thank that mess for it for we commissioned it and it you think trouble looks like the dance in which one is walking around looking to be loyal and the other is getting work or wants to answer the asked question with both hands Oh officer when you say no your mouth stays open you just leave it open like that to look just like I'm sorry it when you say no your mouth stays open like that you just leave it open like that and at the end of yes you hiss your brief smile with that same little mouth you open and keep open to look just like your breathing do you see us getting out of here while you stand there where your open mouth said no your mouth to alone as the only thing that opens where it ends joshua is smashing all windows in which he reflects a pig and his sister is the fly on his tail and his tail is the shadow of a pig his sister watches washing windows and the light through the window does nothing to her face in this place we're scratching at the walls leaves ribbons and removing your nails ribbons of blood and this same compulsion can't remove the carriage of sight from the eyes of the lion and can't close the eyes of the lion who was still while the lightning that never left this guy was like the light doing nothing to his face and like the Sun that always buries its face in the fire that digs up the lion digs up the statue of a bird on Joshua's flesh head faith in the never beyond in other words guncotton red is when the bleeding and the pressure applied to stop the bleeding are the same thing a picture of clarity is when a bone hinge does not resemble a joint or a picture of beauty can I make things here can I say the making of important things like indigence make or tectonics make I want violence to do before you because i framed a diagram to save it i mean redemption as in one axis was the perfect arrangement of the letters required to spell conduit the other conduct whatever was not lost was unreasonable and emptied out of it everything I will say something about ice that I was paid to use the word red I want to be making an argument that spontaneously breaks into a description of what obliterates the question triggers a private memory even it must be a mirror reflecting the history of guncotton true mirrors screams can you repay me directly producing an impression extracting failures without conjuring up an image of skin worms splinters now the dead remit them there repeat the point of authorizing the impossible and you will know what forgets you each time you fall asleep disasters I want to do violence before you head all I can think to do to the tree is say there is wire and its branches there is a bird and brave be brave there is brave it being being I know but nothing nothing but teach the grid to be where geometry is practiced and this is from a longer poem i'm just going to read part of it the poem is called several mornings at once it isn't morning there is nothing will make things simpler the hot wind isn't helping if I address one instead of you am I in authority how many offers officers does it take to authorize the author's arrest if I look up dictionary in the dictionary can I begin again I am the audience of the engine the revolution that carries its audience to the revolution there is a worrying and a grinding listen I admit it everything is in the dictionary even the root and the engine the engine thought far from the ground or there to get us away from it not the root in the root of oh well audience don't go come to my house for dinner I'll go to the market on their way home to its cold air limp and crisp fennel I'll say the anecdote about being related to Leopold but it's separate will be lobe because that's the truth and my friends we can't all audience all poem then the craze the brothers cray or no murders maybe let's talk about brackish living in the basement on Baker Street how they learned and we should practice a domestic that expects you it's a way to exercise what cruelty I have that I want you to choose to listen to me but only the words I say and we will turn to the world we have let happen and wish to quietly turnover not like an engine turns over like relinquish the long 20th century though not to what's next relinquish untoward the letting is the first problem unleash me it didn't happen as music let hat then released what we heard when it played I want to tell you about when we agreed to magic that image dear assembly and on what came then passed through the roomstore this one is called because we had spoken of a garden they thought we were in it actually I'm not going to read that one but that line is from Yates just so you know this one is called trip wire from now to thou attend to Here I am pure noise your mouth is then it's teets receptacle hating saying struggling to say literal literalness its litter all over us and we are on its road its way to away from us out of your mouth it came freight the wire round action the wire the horses trip for muybridge out of your mouth beyond as the moon is the long Yan of the skies mouth on white white throat throb your bald yawn of saying now mrs. the beyond a vowel that circles the only one that circles like a bird encircling nature with labor that ring of wire around the moon Oh to speak then or bereft a vowel is an ocean as everything is its own ocean everything on the shore of everything is a notion to itself near an ocean the sky is an ocean the boat is see remove what you did to the field the diagram you drew of building the boat now there a picture of the ship the plans from which you may build her the diagram and sail to that being conceivable on the road or the ocean to it fire I have fought with the fire I have lent you this bird thick and brown I have lent you this horse I have lent you this horse now spare it and now i'm going to read just a few more and they're from a new thing that in my head i call books so this is book I will not write number three this is the book I must and know how to write because and therefore it helps you it is music to your ears if you will music made of the music your ears make from what reaches them it makes us so close that way ear to ear in this book you come to see that in what use I make of language every day when I say I don't know and you know they are identical this is a book of petty kindnesses that are neither endearing nor ingratiating in essence even after this book you are alone the kindnesses are really just propositions one was the promise that if I have powers and go deaf you will only maybe become mute if in this book I am a monster what you get is the benefit of leaving it and going on to look like what you have been through rather than what you are in book i will not write seven this book has a purpose and in fact its purpose has a purpose this book will function to make you raise your hand for example at the moment you think cherry after i have given the orders of pit and stem without having told you to raise your hand when you think of a cherry the funding for this book was provided by the institute for research in the field of cognitive reflexology this field aims to replace the concept of thinking with cognitive reflexology there by dismantling the belief and thought in a way this goal is a part of what the Institute believes to be a kind of correctness in the spirit of the differences between the words retarded disabled and challenged for instance this book is the manual by which the citizens reflexes are conditioned this book is also a test to determine if we can go on communicating this book is a problem it is important to remember that this book was not my idea nor did I foresee that as a physiological alteration of the condition of it sorry it would be classified as a drug a drug that the FDA would allow straight to and through a first in man clinical trial the results of which made the Ethics Committee take another look the Ethics Committee read the book and under there and advisement the book was not approved and therefore never published it didn't even see the light of the Internet however the committee had been conditioned the book was a success and this had the unpredicted but correct because if thought is replaced by reflex wrongness disappears effect of my arrest trial conviction and imprisonment which I did not because I could not think of although the crime itself was thought book i will not write nine this is a collection of two shorter works the first book is the one after anxiety as in on its other side this book denies that poems are themselves books I cannot write the second book is the book before anxiety both in front of it and at its face it was written out of a desire now more than ever to be what I cannot and to have the time to know what I need to this book the book of shame is dedicated to my editor please write back that's all thank you how's this does this is inaudible okay I have a bad habit of being too tall for a for lecterns um my name is Steven Lance Aslan said in order to thank you lynn for that that ridiculously generous introduction it's an honor just to be speaking here between these two poets and especially to be introducing alan bernheimer mr. bernheimer is the author of several books of poetry including the brand new the spoon light institute which is over there and which you can purchase afterwards a new yorker by birth on bernheimer studied with such poets as bill Bergson and Ted Bergen at Yale before moving in 1976 to San Francisco here he interacted closely with group of young riders seem to be known as a San Francisco language poets this is he probably known as an illustrious list of names ray armentrout Carla harryman Bob Perlman kit Robinson Ron silliman Baird wodden at our own window Jinian in the snow you mr. bernheimer acted for the San Francisco poets theatre and contributed to play particle arms to its repertoire in fact and happily for us the text of this play is included in the spoon light institute so you can now stage productions at home with your family and friends I thought actually it's also available on Penn sound you can listen to it if that if you prefer that but to be serious it's truly delightful it's totally bizarre and yet also totally human to give a sense of the play the place protagonist is a character named bunker a sort of snarling Philip Marlowe as Willy Loman as DD & Go Go who makes a living catching bullets in his teeth in a traveling stage show and I won't quote extensively from the play but i will say contains some of the most exquisite one liners in literature and i have a few examples here i have lived here for several phone books and expect more than a slap in the face with a frozen chicken i'm too light for heavy work and too heavy for light work any leisure we had we spent knitting khaki mufflers and probably my favorite only novels end when they feel like it in short I recommend it and wholeheartedly so I'll resist the temptation to quote from mr. bernheimer poetry since he will soon be doing that but I would like to speak a bit about him seriously but I would like to speak a bit about my impressions but there's a certain dance i know from masterpiece theatre dramatizations of Jane Austen novels in which each dancer is spun through an alternating circuit of partners and powdered wigs each propelled forward by the music his or her own momentum and a series of quick tugs from the arms of the other dancers the effect is like speed dating set to music or the human or the human enactment of a large-scale water slide in Allen Burnham his poetry I find something like this dance taking place I say this especially because much of the life of these poems seems to be lived in the unpunctual interstitial spaces connecting mr. bernheimer sometimes astonishingly self-sufficient lines in many of these poems each line constructs a complete and vanishing world which the next line supplants unmake sori fashions an image appears in our reading minds a half-remembered phrase flows into our ears and immediately it fades mutating as it does into new forms I'm struck by the capacity of these poems to marry linguistic precision with pure and ghostly suggestion in the ethereal word scape these poems inhabit I find myself dancing with concepts whose names I will never learn tracing images I lose even as I construct them and encountering a field of faceless dramatis persona who's speaking voices reverberate into an alighted past and evaporate these images sounds puns jokes and expressions of longing Stratasys pairs of eyes are reading gaze will never forget the poems lyrical dance will have carried us to the other side of the room by the time we become aware of them Alan burn hammers greatness perhaps consists in consists in the discovery his poems lead us to make that we love both the last pair of eyes and the dance which we lose them that each configures and defines us and the neither will be ours when the music has ended please join me in welcoming Alan bernheimer thank you Steve Thank You Lynn thank you all for coming out tonight I checked on facebook before I came here and said there were going to be three guests at the event I was one of them the other two of you know who you are the opposite of Prust old families last not Three Oaks but stave off elimination with endless paper and unmatched shoes seeing film stars everywhere set big machinery in motion and never know what to do in the presence of heartbreak could success amount to nothing more than showing off particles of the world swaps caps floors and costless collars they're not real and too many eggs in that basket are not performing errors approach infinite sparseness as the Lord raptures your hand and the way up is rounded and slow with small lamps at the clearance points for the unknown relation between objects and beings that poem was written several years ago and turned out to be somewhat pression because the line swaps caps floors and costless collars of course refers to numerous financial instruments which indeed have proved to be not real as you may know this as an epigraph from Charles purse every man's senses q his observatory it may be possible to do without dancing entirely as far as time goes with tendency to have things happen look upon this plastic life of nature or the hegemony of baritones and lift the steaming heard above a still landscape engraved by Greek upon gems I've got to have results and to hide the details under and remember every time like Stations of the Cross the rabbit always thinks it is fascinating the anaconda but what is the good of making mistakes if you don't use them to distinguish former glory from sunrise in a rearview mirror or a bad day at the office melancholy is the new irony to make sense of people like off stage scenery before all this technology used an eye Widener on the sleep of reason one swing on spirit dissolve to the opening sequence the embedded itself and the epigraph here is from Charles purses friend William James no one sees farther into a generalization that his own knowledge of detail extends only that which is absent can be imagined to await the thickness of things like birds entangled by their feet big decisions should be made over little bottles and squelched the small town Inge with dark amazement he was no friend to water but let the train of events get away in a dime-a-dance world where days are numbered despite Esperanto by unwanted rest with cold awful dues to pay security isn't interested in all this confusion sleep depravity or political prongs while satisfying lifelong dreams drives a souvenir pleura verse through sleeveless errands to handle and fold my blue Hawaii every Queen loves a lobster with the nerve to kill time since it's easy to be sure in a bistro where more than dogs are turned away your mother had the particle but keywords are too brittle to warp the probity of a lifetime for a perp walk through a wafer fab if you don't pay attention to the little things the big things will fall down it's only a pay-per-view moon and slowness makes everything royal piece of cake this was commissioned and written a foreign anthology and events here at UC Berkeley several years ago that commemorated the 60th anniversary of the bomb and an anthology was edited by lynn and somebody else thank you called ghosting adams and it's called piece of cake in the opening images from a film that people of my generation at least we'll remember called your friend the atom and it was a Disney production about nuclear energy and the the nature of a chain reaction was illustrated by a room full of mouse traps all over the floor with a ping-pong balls that in each trap that had been set and then one ping pong ball was tossed in and obviously triggered one of the traps you can see what happened next piece of cake mouse traps and ping pong balls minus contravention of nemesis for that matter lint used to be your clothes and any longevity won't come from how to know the answer to everything with the defects of its qualities I hate to tell you this but beware the sweetness of things or epitaph time will strike you right between the eyes like seven more Rockettes fluorescent with ambition everyone's childhood is a psychological martini with the qualities of its defects running out into the sand sleep City squeegee words have the same consistency as images in all their in stars as if sentimental chameleons lavished thicker sunlight once the horizon disappears and powder of sympathy navigates the real world made of real words champagne and salted almonds over and over again in a hail of bullets nobody knows what kind of trope is has your name on it but glance on a great stir this then was now we can screen scrape it in prior art spray for Leno Jinian the world just appears due to the ignorance of sentient beings and the usual dachshund in dotted Swiss thickly settled for a measured mile even shapes must have a likeness how puppets dream of being human in this filmic backwater where elderly princesses sit in little pools of deportment regarding the blue of birds ideas take the place of sorrow indistinguishable as larches letting the clock run out on the you me phenomenon the crazier the people you are sleuthing out the nearer you are to an end of trouble with bunches of glum Airmen moving in diplomatic circles leaves brush open a star as the tie plants a kiss on the shore I read therefore I think grim twinkle skid in the shot the logic of the gloomy woman made radiant by artificial light was inevitably to retreat department nine somehow I've been convinced that department nine is a French expression for a bureaucratic black hole but I've never been able to find any evidence that that is true I've looked on the internet many times in two languages and nonetheless department nine email and epiphany target ones person to begin with all the time in the world for a band other Ilah tease the regime is koo proof we get what we need from arithmetic and flu season is ease dance like yourself on fixed abode it takes two to make eyes meet the sight of crazy instead of a spark in ether real tinsel and nonpareils in a voice full of money your socks will still disappear with used atoms and men left on gravity road there are no rocking chairs in hell I took the tour last week now I just want to browse dig tunnels build bridges move mountains let nature do the heavy work my rule of thumb is sleight of hand and long of tooth spotless is my name sensational crude essence fills the zoning envelope tab fields exit pupil they're going to bench test your dive and empty bottles absolves you of particularity one day bumps the next the things that befall words are accidents fire escapes romance the air affection unabated in any scrape say uncle who motions dismay for the time being gravity takes heart in word of art first a flicker of telepathy then screw lamot juste carefully into its socket so the electricity doesn't spill act natural it isn't all honey for people with learning and don't make excuses for rock I on curve hand on lever things on mind the rest of the subjects refer to you words make wide open spaces dissolve to perpetual motion with time off for behavior the body likes its relations embroidering inventions to say anything this music is not of my choosing the enormous sea meanest throws a textbook punch but it wasn't the stars that thrilled me specimen of an induction to a poem nature especially abhors the smell of vacuums while the spiritual cottager frescoes his crystal ball week whether for a length of time images harbour messy affinities like doctors were used to it once thaws gradually declined spring leaves trees green demonstrates words used as words one breath of air the next of smoke but the picture doesn't recognize me a unit of general signal a unit of general signal should alter fate your furniture is six days old and sleep has absorbed falsehood resting objects different as eggs shadow thoughts botanical calm slips from stills personal life a short fuse on a long afternoon twinges for concentrate as silent upholstery after illusion the one worth fainting for the other steps gingerly in today distinguishing each likelihood with a catalog of glances there is no bowling alley to the subconscious as wake up fresh made in Italy designed by God precipitates words into sight or intention to dismay every panorama does good that outlaws will ease and belief in maps out takes load the self of stardom canals on Mars break into print kiosk darkness darkness then the surface pictures a scene being with her people want to die all dreams contain the dreamer who's revolving doors refer and refer such figs to vehicular sleep as Walt sweetly into each booth exchange lip stuff and lunch on the Mississippi stop casting porosity with a body of meaning palming glances makes a party but angels can't have posterity increase exit the interior life for a stab at the gene pool as a gout as against trout ventilation service touching a drop wrought oxygen it's hard on the heels of love that unrest victims combat philosophy trapped by self and moving parts upside possibility from mouths of how the line being with her people want to die is what Arthur Miller said about Marilyn Monroe a bottle in the smoke the beach remains a tiny piece of the world who is playing opposite one feeling for objects comes down with sight fundamental granularity is so lovely why are the balconies missing enough choices don't use much virtue and little misbehavior passes through such big hands as red dots stitch fancy in blue sky the hard time is for not telling the trick is to see whose hearts gone crowding in a newspaper boat nature the field needs a window to give on to itself and of itself a view of smoke distinguishing particles as from afar as from a farm with perfect hand-wringing and dilapidated guesses who is there for who knows what season alternating earnestly in memory of special felt delicatessen genes with perfect handwriting as a charge for personality and ventures beyond the funny house so eliminate the star Kwas stranger that buffers anonymity pills that dualism is forlorn for native speakers in the first blush of omnium Apple of eye only trees keep up with memories enlargement the way gasoline evaporates miles into the landscape and we need to ask the risk out love obtained by filter loads of self pause for hold music head for Heights observe radio silence with hooks to Renoir rise the dying heart can only march across the wide museum promising dances on railroad time now that mental means modern again stolen hours are the sweetest sleep while God abhors a naked singularity in the gymnasium of wind fine doings cast future light cones between jobs and the doings of fine men alive and talking to strangers the play of fruit upon the retina is sensuous by itself billion esque anything that is not analogous is all a dream with too many cops partial to eel another life Reeve din smilax peeling off the hills those present here whispers between swiftly flowing words boarding music floor lighting I could not be like that a day Lena spar EFT of a bear suit and feathered elliptical Marquis where Adagio dancers come up for air to innovate crisply in case of rapture this car will be empty or deep carnation extras are called atmosphere and few expects statues the beauty of it is I am not that important either the spoon light Institute the epigraph is from Paul Illawarra days like fingers unfold their battalions this has numbered sections I'm not going to read the numbers I'm just going to pause between sections I'm tired of being so dismantled decidedly thoughtless on hidden springs when the world always has an explanation for itself going in and out of the woodwork will it hurt the picture to make the ether hideous longing leads the past around to the present and suddenly some subtle entity vulnerable to too much time as supposed to shrink your wig why monetize the enemy and still go through shoes at this age where nothing is too much trouble decisions aren't made less likely by flash bulbs less fascinating than floor shows subsiding into hygiene eliminate guesswork by speaking in the language of things as power messaging creates a hormone cocktail in your prospects courtesy of Freud the spectral getting practical for a fundamentally bad egg is this supposed to be a movie the only secrets are taken to the grave where everyone knows anything to put everything in perspective gets ironic in no time good hinges make such sad metaphors with prepositions akimbo and such nas's no stranger knows in the cosmos to alibi glamour that has a way with thugs like relativity to a railroad no matter what folded maps just barely illustrate memory all the future does is spoil the present or change your longitude to the furtive lands and look through and look into thought colored eyes the flight of geese through the drowsy mind is conducive to sleep as evening to a caveman under laps a substitute world reminiscent of mist but studded by intention to illuminate the air with eponymous bird personality is only a persistent error to mope like a monument we're cooking takes the place of thought and the Geezer keeps coming back for more we felt our names erased by peculiarities as if the mask itself were speaking about perfection of experience we moved beyond the need for fact by access to power how Nomad detectors fuel deal fever and the satisfactory in expensiveness of nowhere seemed like a hand on your heart or an outward sign of intended bleak the horizon dissolving at dusk eternity of desire is the bright side of oblivion whichever comes first since puppy love bebop madness has no lessons for the event list and things bite back when fascination wears off the early universe was perfectly fluid but there isn't as much standby as there used to be when the public preferred their screen silent and age is replaced by possessions you've picked up a lot of camping tricks in the margin of error legally blind to the nondescript fluttering home through the half-light much less fun than chain-smoking roll your owns or a slow or soiled of taking shade on borrowed time or come as your pet aversion with a houndstooth lining and no big eyes left of boom unpeel like animals but back to the inventory don't get me started on nervous sleep accelerating interest in comfort say goodbye to meticulous at humanities loading dock the imaginary future replaces the real one and delays mood episodes subtracting adverbs from used literature with epic as the new awesome walking through lightning and other people's dreams moving among gnomes out does a blind spot for irony week on verbs the familiar false as a touchstone life is short to go to work and premeditate the next thought you're not putting that Adam juice on me with a word to the wires that diminish appetite for magnitude in any kite wind the mystery of someone else or remembered wallpaper just the same as it is in Cincinnati angling for Fiasco a sentimental nature is welcome too cheap stunts that make things matter if inside know how summons the equipment to hollow victory expecting anything of a stranger too fast to live too young too happy dreamy improv lubricate the machinery of fate the way sarcasm is a little out of place in the jungle cornelis as an end in sight it's time to move the furniture but I am not the person to see about that event horizon or even think of uncertainty underneath everything since aliens ate my brain numerous sounds of English make room for occasional tables and sudden behavior the world needs pills against the worst parts almost over now that fresh pictures take steps to smooth Maps while we noodle a blood of tunage and the star boarder dreams of electric soup I am past work capital being crystallized labor so it's okay to blank out the whole kit and kaboodle one monkey don't start the show this is an idiotic see devoutly to be wished even in her chill zone a failure on my head though each optical illusion is pronounced dead in the handed down world check check check check when the abyss looks back into you very special is not very special an agency sticks out like tripwire at the limit of expression only separated by circumstance no sleep no soap no towel no breakfast all this fun is killing me with spiritual bouquets at the place near the thing never mind my malady or mistaken identity with green around the gills extreme ladies help me develop current reality tree through settled affairs and evaporating clouds of emotional experience full of words thank Thank You Alan bernheimer Thank You Jane Gregory thank you all for coming thanks also to Steven lance and see Christopher Miller for perfecting the art form of the introduction tonight hang about a bit take a look at books hopefully Allen will be willing to sign a copy if you buy it and we'll see you back here in the spring for the spring readings

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