Hollow Knight- Exploring Cut Content and Secret Rooms

hey how you doing the day my name is Riley and thank you so much for stopping by today we're playing holo night and I'm gonna show you all of the cut content from the original bass game so down in the description below you're gonna see a link to this website here the mod D be calm and we're gonna get you to a whole night cut content mod one steam one point zero point three point seven so what this mod is gonna do is allow us to use unused rooms left over from development but it doesn't work for the most recent version of the game and that's because after version 1.1 point four it removed those unused rooms so fair enough we're gonna have to down patch the game to one point zero point three point seven before we use this mod so there's a link down in the description for how to down patch a hollow night and then from there you're gonna download this mod here and then once it's all installed and everything's good to go you can then jump into hollow night over here on Steam version 1.0 point three point seven jump right in and we're gonna be able to see this cut content so let's go ahead and jump right in so as you can see the version number is down on the bottom left hand side of the screen we're gonna go ahead and hit start game and for some reason it's using one of my old saved games I'm not entirely sure what this is but we'll take it so hopefully I've already got some upgrades and hopefully we've also got the wayward compass that would be awesome alright so we just loaded in and up at the top right you can see the room says abyss zero seven so that's kind of interesting and I mean obviously it looks like this looks like Hornets room right I mean of all places let's see do we have a spot on the map do I even have wayward compass I do have wayward compass on but does it show our location on the map it says forgotten crossroads which we're definitely not the Forgotten crossroads if anything we should be in this area over here our way down the abyss yeah it's it's not showing us correctly so that's fine okay it looks like there's nothing off to the side I should probably put on my headset so I can hear if there's any walls that are acting funny all right so now I can actually hear what's going on okay nothing special there so it is interesting that they've got a working bench and so wait this mods gonna work is whenever I press f2 it's gonna switch to different scenes so just kind of look around and see what's here Oh interesting look the way the walls are it looks very much like the tunnels when we are over near what is it the oh that's it the white palace this has a there's a couple of tunnels that look like this near the white palace but it also kind of looks like I don't know it looks like it's something that's been dug it's a very long room check that out that's really weird so we'll leave here in just a second I just want to kind of explore the top real quick it's interesting like there's there's drawings and stuff at the bottom but not for the top and it's not like completely done which is kind of interesting alright alright and apparently in this game file I don't have the crystal heart ability which is just kind of silly but that's alright at least we got the wall jump in the double jump do way I do have crystal heart okay it was just not working in that one spot which is kind of weird to wonder if any of these walls are breakable but it is interesting how the walls are only kind of half built see if we can get up anywhere that we're not supposed to so that would be cool just explore it to the best of our abilities alright well it seems like it's fairly tall I just love how much detail went into this room here and seeing as it's the abyss 0/7 I mean this has got to be there's got to be something with Hornet especially with all the spools of thread that are going on and the the balls are like yarn back there so many nails man it just looks really cool alright so from here we're gonna go to the next scene all right unified press and all right so the busy row seven so this is the same spot if we hit f2 again alright so now we're somewhere new it looks like a definitely like a dreamer area but if you look at the background those look very similar to what you call it the Knights horns it's clearly one of the dreamers but we can't talk to him and we can't deal any damage and this area is called Dream Guardian kind of interesting I wonder what what you would have done here I wonder if you were supposed to talk with the dreamers and maybe there was like an extra cutscene or dialogue either before or after you freed all the dreamers I don't know kind of interesting let's see I don't know how far we can go before it ends oh not very far Oh was able to make it back up nope definitely not able make it back up now or is it gonna kick me out interesting interesting that it would put me here and I kind of want to see in this older version of the game what was on the other side of that stag station right let's see all right so now we made our way over to the palace grounds and I wanted to see the other side of this wall and want to know exactly where it was I thought that the hidden stag station was still there and apparently this wall is still there it's it's before that update honestly I can't remember off the top of my head which update that was but that's just kind of interesting it's really interesting that they would have put Hornets room if that was when its room right here like why why here you think it would have been near like the Beast Den or something like that so I don't know just something too something to think about something it makes you go all right let's check out the next room all right so this one's actually fairly complete it looks like check this out let's go I would imagine this was probably a spot that you had to break once you went through the room so let's go down first okay so the walls are all built out and again look at all the details and look at the what some call it I they almost look like dream catchers but it's definitely something related to the dreamers in the background right all those little uh you have the dream catcher stuff does it seem like any of the walls are breakable and look at this right here see how it's uh it's black that that little piece right there it's like the the rooms almost complete but I don't know it's kind of interesting seeing it like both complete and not complete at the same time Oh in real quick the name of this area is the resting grounds 11 so yeah definitely oh there you go there's there's like the the moth looking things right wow what a cool area there's a lot of these guys oh this looks like it should be like a hole in the ground I wonder I don't have any I don't have any soul but it doesn't look breakable or anything I got can we come over here okay okay not really a way to jump up that wall but man again look at all the detail on the back in so many moths and it looks like we're we're looking at the back side of them I'm pretty sure so it's almost like are they looking at something in the background just a really cool area let's see if we can kind of come up a little bit more come across really awesome and it looks like these statues have been here for a very long time I'll live this little uh this little spot right here this is very similar in one of the videos I did with the secret rooms of where you could dream nail in get inside of the secret area with all of the backers right I'll leave a link to that down below if you haven't seen it yet I wonder if this was originally gonna be a secret room that then just got scrapped I mean this looks way cooler than the the one little statue that they put in the resting ground so again this is called resting grounds 11 I wonder why they decided not to go with this one and instead went with the the lone statue pretty sure it's just one statue by itself but anyway look to it let's go back up and around and see what else is in this room very interesting very ornate that's for sure oh I thought it was it looks like there should be something there all right just like that that's pretty much everything for this room let me know in the comments below what do you think that this room was used for in other than other than its being so Rocky oh I guess we should probably check to see ya see Forgotten crossroads is where it's shown us other than it being so rocky and it's saying that it's part of the resting grounds do you think that this would have been part of the resting grounds before they had it being in the back part where the fountain is you guys know what I'm talking about I don't know I feel like this should have been that room but is is what it is let's go ahead and let's check the next room I honestly I have no idea how many rooms are we'll just keep going till we run out whoa that's cool this reminds me of the hollow Knights silk song trailer where we see steel soul gin looking guys who were going around with their with their lasers doesn't this look fairly similar alright so check this out this is the hollow knight silk song announcement trailer from Nintendo switch and those are the steel soul Djinn guys I was telling you about a second ago I don't I don't know obviously the color palette is very very different and it definitely does look more underwater in that it's like more of a kelp algae seabed much more than this much more than the the other place that we're looking at it doesn't look exactly the same by any means but there's there's some similarities there's some slight similarities granted this area that we're looking at right now is more rocky it kind of reminds me a little bit more of the lake of une and moons area so let's pull that up real quick alright so this is a video I did on how to find moon and the related lore tablets and check this out this area is exactly the same I mean this is this is it it's same kind of rocks same kind of like weeds and things that are growing out of the ground I mean check it out this right here versus this right here it's the same area I mean you there's no mistaking it it's the same stuff so let's go ahead and explore it so this area as you can see up top is called a fungus 133 so maybe it was meant to be in roughly the same area let's go ahead and check oh it does say we're in green path so maybe it was supposed to be part of the lake of area very interesting nailed it all right all right so definitely not something from silk song I don't know I I just see so song stuff all over the place I I can't wait I can't wait alright so we can't get up from the sides and we can't get up over here man it looks like there's something else up there man it really does I'm gonna I'm gonna mess around with this for a second and if I can get it we'll cut over there it is got it alright alright we made our way up and I wonder how far we can go up and there's anything breakable I doubt anything's gonna be like interactive and and actually breakable but I'm just glad I was able to jump out of that pit and explore just a little little bit more so far so far nothing breakable or special or any anything like that yet but I mean this is a pretty big area there's a lot to it again another another tricky shot but not too bad it just looks crazy how many uh little vines and things are alright it's very much more a deepness like alright so let's go left first and then we'll drop down to the right cuz the right side looks like it is a lot bigger but I mean it feels like they would have put something here like it like an extra charm or something you know yes area is just massive okay so we're gonna head over to the right side now I don't want to miss anything it just seems it's just such a big area to not have done something with I guess I'm also just waiting to hear something like scary right again so this this feels like it should have been a spot where either as a charm or a chest or some sort of like forward location something like that right or no one team cherry they could have trolled with a with a little fight enemy pops up out of nowhere oh hopefully I can get back out of this area oh don't tell me I'm stuck okay we're so now we made our way to the left we made our way to the right we're gonna keep going up a little bit wow this place just keeps going okay okay again I feel like there's I feel like I'm gonna find more stuff like hidden in the walls but I doubt they built it out that much all right so it's a left and right just trying to keep mental notes of where I've been where I need to go so this is the area I didn't take fine there's just any little thing right yeah let me know down in the description below what do you what do you guys think of this area Liz this little little secret hidey holes and stuff you know like you would this would have been one of those areas where you couldn't see up in there until you until you jumped up there and then it goes ding you know that would have been a cool little spot I'm I'm legitimately surprised that this keeps going like what the heck and there's so whole nother area over to the right that we didn't get to so I wonder if this takes us up and out somewhere where does this connect to oh I wonder if it doesn't connect to anything and we just crashed it fair enough I legitimately think that just happened so we're gonna restart it and we have to go up in to the right and we'll we'll go from there all right so we made our way back in and this is the part where we went left and right we're going to go up from here okay so here we went up into the left in the last round so this time we're going to come up into the right oh and there's literally nothing else there's just that little outcrop right there and I think the only thing left is back where we were before all right so with that just making sure that there's nothing else over to the right yep just another one of these so this is this is where we crashed out before so we didn't miss anything in this room that was everything in its entirety short of me missing a breakable wall but honestly I don't think that there's anything built out enough to even have a breakable wall inside of this this area at all I highly highly doubt it so we're gonna go ahead and move on to the next room alright so this one's called fungus 3:29 and as you can see there's no I don't know if textures is the right word but it is not completely built out at all obviously it's just a bunch of squares and lines and we'll just kind of explore it a little bit to see kind of what's here I mean it says fungus let's see where we are with the wayward compass it says we're in the Forgotten crossroads which is kind of interesting does a last fungus one we're at said green paths so I think that's a little bit interesting kind of come up and around it's weird seeing the game without anything you know just just everything taken away just everything so I don't know if Linear's right word but everything is just so straight and rigid I think that's one thing that's interesting about whole night is there's actually no curves I think I remember hearing somebody say and that everything's either a wall that you can jump on like this or it's just like kind of down and over or if there are any curves it just like makes you I don't know I'm pretty sure I heard something about there either being no curves are very few which made it kind of interesting but yeah okay so there's really not a lot to this to this room but I don't kind of fun to explore let's uh let's go ahead move on to the next one interesting so we're at another fungus room again at the Forgotten crossroads and it's interesting how many assets that they have that look like this and how much these got built out just to have them be completely scrapped like there's a lot of stuff that looks like this I wonder if like the whole the area where owned is was meant to be more more explorable oh interesting so this is a dead end okay so it's really really nothing to this room but uh kind of again just like exploring all this stuff like my imagination goes wild with what could have been or what were they thinking what what were the thoughts of these rooms when they originally put in and I have a feeling that if I go up it's going to crash it but let's go to shot your corner fir but I can't hit select and I can't get to the wayward compass and that's pretty overpowered if they can take away your ability to get to the wayward compass you've got nothing left it's kind of deep kind of interesting to think about so anyway this is crashed we're gonna go ahead and restart and with the next one so now we loaded it back up and we're in the next room and it looks like another unfinished room but it's just kind of hard to see so we're just gonna kind of jump around a little bit it didn't look like there was something up above right in the beginning over to the left so we'll go explore that here in just a second just don't wanna just don't miss anything can I keep a mental note of what's around alright this is a really big room again it's always weird seeing it without the textures and other things I'm so glad that I've got all my abilities to be able to look around the room and see what I can and can't get to so we'll try and uh we'll crystal heart off that wall to see how far over we can get like so this one's called the fungus 3:45 not I had to be a little lower did you see there was another spot that I could get to and right there as well okay any other spots we can get to I think there's one more in the middle of the room coming from the other side I just swore there's one other spot we might be able to get up and deal right there nope nope that was the same spot okay so that's pretty much the whole room not a whole lot to it and we'll just go ahead oh oh he's gonna check the map well word compass shall be my guide not just still forgotten crossroads alright next room alright so I just checked the readme file and it says that this one is fungus 346 and it's actually got a bad entrance and no texture so we will move on to the next one it's kind of silly like why even include this I III don't know I don't know next one woo this looks kind of cool this kind of reminds me of the crystal peaks and OH check that out mine's 12 yeah this looks like Oh oh I fell off the map oh and I just now heard myself fall I think I'm below the map right now I don't know how far down I am but we'll just kind of look at everything I mean definitely look like the mines and these areas kind of look like where those Pistons would have been like just slamming down kinda sorta and then you can also see in the background how there's a there's definitely little shards of crystal in the back – very interesting yet this looks like it would have been some interesting platforming and then having to worry about Oh am i I just at the bottom can i it won't let me do my double jump and won't let me come up at all but yeah I can't even walk – oh now I can walk to the right weird I can't double jump or anything but an interesting room nonetheless I wonder if there I mean there's probably would have been something at the end of the road here but I don't know maybe they just decided there was nothing worth worth putting there so alright hopefully we can get to the next room without it crashing hey look at that okay so now we are over in minus 14 and I imagine this area being near the Crystal peak I mean it just looks like the same area holy this they actually have a breakable wool excuse me look at this they actually have a breakable wall but it actually has no texture to it nothing to interact with I wonder what's down there I mean that looks like that's like a you're gonna get into a fight down there well look at what's up here real quick oh man we're gonna have to crystal heart over there okay so let's come down whoo oh yeah that's a that's a boss fight they open that up for sure wow that's kind of cool and then this will probably open that probably was even a gate maybe I think I saw you just run away oh it's only partially built check that out I wonder if this would have even been open like you can see the the crystals up above interesting I'd love exploring this stuff this is so cool all right so I don't want to leave yet I wonder okay no no not oh they've even got oh wow I wonder if this is originally how they were gonna have it so you leave the area with your crystal heart ability and they're like yeah that's cool but then they decide to make something like really big and grand you know in like the the top area of the crystal Peaks right next to a corner for when you go to leave like this is that same area just super scaled down then they're like nah fam we can do better than that that's cool they must have said they that it's just not enough let's see if there's anything not much over here okay okay are you sure that is that's gonna be everything for this room honestly I'm at the point where I figured out where it every time you try to leave a room it's there they're dead it just makes a game crash but no this is kind of cool so you can even see the same track and this is probably up in that that top left area too and they just they just scrapped it in like yeah this isn't good enough ah I love it it's like you get to kind of peer into their minds a little bit see what they're doing here alright let's check out the next room alright so another room that's not complete and this one's called the church room Church so I can only imagine that this might have been oh well I don't know originally I was thinking something with a Cruz mother but even from very early game concept art it was her own about concept art but very early on in the game it was kind of the same thing where you you Gru's mother was always in the same spot and she was always in church so for this room Church I wonder if this was maybe this was a room that you would and sure like below the church or maybe you could enter the church at some point they were thinking about it and it just kind of never came to light I don't know I mean it's completely empty so it's really hard to speculate I guess we can yet still looking at Forgotten crossroads all right so let's go ahead and check out the next room oh and so this is just a drop into dirt mouths interesting so I'm just reading online right now it says something like it makes it so you have an easy escape route if you ever get locked out you could just change scenes and you just drop into dirt mouth okay easy enough and it that was also the the last room dropping into dirt mouth was the last thing so overall I thought that was super interesting let me know down in the comments below what you thought and what was your favorite room and what you thought some of those rooms were used for cuz that was really really cool other than that just make sure to subscribe for even more HoloNet content tips tricks and how-to videos thank you so much for stopping by my name is William and I'll talk to you again more soon

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  2. I was scrolling down the comments on a video and it said there was supposed to be a primal aspisd boss idk if thats true

  3. Did anyone ever thought that they should have add Infected Hunter boss fight? Like in Godhome or something? He does mention that sometimes he thought about becoming infected himself to be stronger

  4. What If there was a boss in hollow knight silksong Where you fight against the main character of hollow knight.

  5. U should do a reaction video for the speed run of the pantheon of hallownest, he/she does it in under 20 min

  6. The lake of unn area you call its a swimmable acid where you go under acid and I think with acid background

  7. So excited for Silksong! I bet they realized they had so much extra content that they could use for the next game. Can’t wait to see!

  8. Neat to see this again. I played it awhile ago but it was a refresher of what we missed out on in the full game.

    …I was hoping for a Path of even more pain but you get what you get.

  9. Sharp shard: like SS but instead of shade, it's Crystal heart.
    Crystal spike: turns howling wraiths/abyss shriek into a large volley of spikes.
    Shard summon: summons a small shardmite that can help the player.
    And now, to the descriptions..
    Sharp shard description: a small module inside all mining robots, it helps cut through even the hardest stone.
    Crystal spike description:lost in time after a failed exploration that left many trapped. Now burrowed through and made a creatures lair.
    Shard summon: a large, ancient shardmite was hibernating in their pit, a small Crystal broke off, and fell into a small, narrow light.
    After a few years. The Crystal was found and enchanted by the shamans. And was placed in the same tomb the shardmite was left in.
    These are my theories. Hope u like em.

  10. It's a funny idea, but what if every time you defeated a boss, there'd be a message or just words popping up somewhere in the corner "Nailed it"

  11. i think that area who looks like lake of unn was meant to be an area from the hollow knight trailer where he could swim, that's why it's hard to climb it

  12. Wow It wasn’t to long ago that you had your 10k stream and know your almost at 20k! That’s just insane you make such great content you really deserve it, on the side note do you think hollow knight has spiked in popularity because of its recent attention from bigger youtubers I mean game theory’s video on hollow knight was trending.

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