‘Hold the Dark’ Creators on Adapting the Novel

(wolf growls) – [Woman] What’s outside those windows, It gets in you. – Well what was it about the novel that sort of spoke to
both of you as a writer? ‘Cause you took it to him right? – Yeah, and then we worked very closely, but yeah, it was just that it had this genuinely horrific, I mean, without getting into specifics, it deals with some pretty terrible moments and grief and things like this that it just grabbed me by the throat and it didn’t feel brutal for
the sake of just being brutal. It was that, but it was also very beautiful and emotional
and strange and just you didn’t really know where it was going. And so, just wanting to
sort of not take that and make it normal and make
it into an action movie. But keep that mysteriousness and not spell things out
the way that the novel did. – Macon handed it to me, I
was just so surprised by it. I couldn’t really make
to Macon comparisons to films I’ve seen like this. There are a couple out there, but they’re sort of once
in a lifetime opportunities that I couldn’t pass it up in that it was shocking,
surprising, really alluring, and I was just entranced by it. I’m not gonna really try to
figure out why I wanna do it, I just am gonna do it. And that was exciting.

One thought on “‘Hold the Dark’ Creators on Adapting the Novel

  1. This movie sucked balls. I mean it was 2 hours of my life I will never get back. It was so bad that I would not even say it had a story line. It was just bullshit.

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