HNB – 1 (Mizo Novel)

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22 thoughts on “HNB – 1 (Mizo Novel)

  1. I aw hi ka duh e…ka bialpa aw nise anuam dawn ltk…i chhiar ngaihnawm thei ltkk i aw nen hian ain mil thei sia…ka duh ltkkk☺❤

  2. Ka ngaisang hle mai che..
    Thu i thiam in i phuah ngaihnom thiam hle mai..i thawnthu hi ka ngaithla deuh vek tawh a,ngaihnawm lo ka la hre hauhlo nia…i chhiar ngaihnawm thiam bok

  3. A story hi nangma ziah nge mi zia sa i chhiarchhuak ve mai.? Ziaktu hi a zei in tawngkam a va han thiam takkk..

  4. i story reng reng hi angaihnawm hlawm a. i mizo tawng lam a dik a. i aw leh a thluk adik in ngaihthlak a nuam viau bawk

  5. I mizotawng hi ngaihthlak anuam thin e, mahni pianpui tawng ni si hi lam dan diklo hriat tur hi a tam ta khawp mai.zir thar leh hial chi ni in ka hria; entawntlak tak i ni; tang zel rawh.

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