Hitman 2: The Author Mission

you good evening 47 your primary target is at the book reading in the Sapienza church across the marina square it is invitation only so you will need to acquire one or find another way to infiltrate intercepts indicate that the cult operative has already arrived furthermore I expect them to meet at midnight listen for the church bells once the meeting is done your primary target will attempt to depart eliminate him before he can do so you must also locate and retrieve the viral weapon one of your two targets will have it in their possession it will be something small and easily moved do be careful with it though good hunting hello Caroline so sorry Buster's recognition definitely one of the more dramatic situations they'll face in the search for the shadow I'm still working with it of course but remember Cassandra is tougher than she looks that is Craig black author an aspiring mass murderer hey what's up you take my breath away love great Phil cotton crate black has been a sir this is off-limits that is brother Akram your second I'll have a team ready to take possession of the weaponized virus as soon as you extract do be careful with it brother Akram eliminated that's confirmed all objectives complete good work 47 you

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