History of English Literature / Anglo-Saxon Period / Old English Period

hello friends how are you I'm in own shop in this series of lectures we are going to discuss the history of English literature and language and now in this lecture we are going to discuss the Holt English periods are the anglo-saxons periods first we discuss the origin of language obviously the beginning has to be region the region of language the region of culture the region of literature and hug the whole thing scammer you will see who's a what is in power will impose their language then everybody starts reading then everybody starts writing and speaking their language so who's ever is in power will impose their language then what happens that everybody starts reading writing and speaking their language and we'll be talking about the history of England's the island of England in ancient times was warned by different tribes the earliest tribes known before the death of Christ were shells and girls so these were the tribes who ruled in England for many centuries so the language of Kells one was counted and the language of girls were galley so it would these languages which were spoken before the death of Christ and you can see that the new tribes will come they will this was his once and establishes their own language and language will change what does this mean they will new tribes time they will dislodge these new ones and establishes their own language and language will change but one thing must be really kept in your mind this but ultimately every language leaves behind his impact on the lives of the people on the culture of the people and on their literature as well so you can see that whenever it comes all the things keep accumulating that one language group Brookins the other goes out the other comes the older one goes out and each group leaves behind its impact of their language and their culture as well so if we talk about to that close or close to the end of ancient times means in the first century BC England was attacked by Romans Julius Caesar so he attached England on 54 BC first time then again he attacked on 52 BC so he invaded the island of England and hold it for many centuries and it continued up to 450 so obviously Letten became the official language of England during the time and the Bible was also in Latin language so whole Europe very quickly the Europe Trond into Christian so this rule this ruling continued up to 400 years and the alphabets will be used today or none is the Roman alphabets the ABCD up to Z so these were the alphabets which were driving from the Latin language so these alphabets are also known as Roman and focus English didn't have their own alphabets during day time so infected and these were the alphabets which were used to buy and the whole Europe infected by the French and the British so in short you can see it so the Celtic and the Gallic languages were replaced by Roman language first there were counted and Gaelic languages but when Romans captured England so legend became the official language of alien and often if what happened some Germanic tribes also invaded in England there were three tribes known a ser and use substance and the Jews so these were the tribes which came from southeast of the ratio and these were the German tribes there where Germany at the time was not discipline nation so these were the tribes which came from Germany during this time which came from the southeast Arizona east of the Russia are not Germany so you can see it in 450 BC so these Germanic tribes replaced Roman Romans so at that time and you can see that every tribe has their own accents like you can say angels had their own accents Saxons has their own accent Jews had their own accents and angels came in power during the time and the word the way were named England comes from angels is holy as I've already told you that who whose arrives in power will impose their language and replaces of other languages and impose their own language for example if we take the example of India so during the period of Muslims question was the official language of India but when witches cambiar so they replaced Persian language and they post English language and obviously English became the official language of India and still now you can see that an English is the official language of Pakistan so short you can say that in 14th century English became the formal language to be written to be spoken and to be written and the very first point now is the wolf so be wolf was the when at one point now is a big point along a narrated point so after date you can see that this point became the source of inspiration for other writers as well and if you see that a militant was in doubt when Menton was in de and 17th century and he wrote his first book in Latin language because it was prestigious birthday when he wrote Paradise Lost he uses English language as well so you can see the it and Kenan was the gentleman was the first who use English in poetry and then literature in English started coming about and it was Henry the seventh and then his son Henry the eighth they made English the official language of England and they the position of language so you can see after they be we he was the first poet and he wrote a book now is the history of English church and the people so he wrote this book in the Latin language so you can say that it was not the foster point but actually ten men was the first point who used English language in his poetry sent then the followers of ten men wrote points in English language Aslam so you can say that then there was a sign wolf and Jed you can see David in his point that there he kills the first part a monster in the second dragons so this symbolizes the two countries the Asia and America so in fact the British yourself captured these countries as well and some parts of Asia and some parts of America so during the time when was not in a runny steam so you can say that the entire point was unright in old english periods and then in the 19th and nine ninth century AD the King Alfred came into the power and day during the time prose in literature and prose and ham in English literature and because in the past there was poetry there was and there was no prose so during this time prose came in to the English literature so mousse on various fields on religion on philosophy and were written during the time so you can see there during the time and there was also a great watch and the Bible the Bible was translated into the English language so you can these are the some features in Old English periods or anglo-saxons period and the vision of language so in the next lectures we will discuss the Middle English and then the Renaissance and so and so forth so thank you for watching the video for more videos and updates don't forget to click the subscribe button

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